Brexit or Celebrities? What do you want to eat today, dear CATTLE? The UK MEDIA Everyday Agenda to control people like Cattle in Stables


Every day in the news of the U.K Media we have either Brexit or Celebrities! Or other ideas and things that suit to the U.K MEDIA Agenda to control the today British and non-British people like different sorts of cattle in stables!



Hello there! Dear people but why when we say, “Brexit,” why don’t we say loud enough or simply mention our values that we stand for? Don’t we stand for freedom? And to stand for freedom doesn’t it mean to stand for a free world? And to stand for a free world doesn’t it mean to stand “For Free movement?”



So then, here the truth is crystal-clear, U.K Media is thinking and acting as a Medium that has as an intention to control the people. Their Agenda is to control people through ideas.


However, the ruling classes stand ready for action. When these hypocrites, these intelligent MAFIA people of media lose power, then you will see the true face of the U.K government that will bring harsher laws. And why not big boots at the faces of the ordinary citizens to obey like cattle in stables.




We have here more important things to speak of in our everyday thinking and doing. We have here a U.K government that has sold arms to murdering nations. That means to nations who have used the arms of the U.K to kill innocent people. But not only arms, the U.K has supported these independent nations with military tactic in exchange for money and power. So we have a MAFIOSI STATE getting away with crimes against humanity while the today sheep people bleat and repeat in unison what the Media says.


Is any sane human being sane enough to admit that selling arms and teaching military tactics to nations, that kill innocent people and invade other nations or keep other nations under siege, is JUSTICE?


 And if what I said is not JUSTICE, then where is the CORRUPTED LEFT AND RIGHT U.K MEDIA TO SHOUT OUT THE IDEAS OF JUSTICE UNTIL JUSTICE IS DONE? Where is justice and where are those that are supposed to hold up these ideas – the media?



The everyday thinking and doing of the today U.K Media is like this then, “What do you want to eat for today, dear CATTLE? So we control you. That is through our ideas, Media’s ideas.


Dr ACactivism

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Gaza under Attack again by Israeli Terrorist Warplanes! But is it really Israel or UK, France, Germany and USA that is killing innocent Palestinians and keeping Palestine under siege?


One must be a fool to not see the truth that Israeli State Politics are breathing, existing, oppressing and exploiting Palestinian people with the full Western Support.

Israel can not keep Palestine under oppression like they are doing today without Western support. And these facts can be seen from the U.K politics that continually sell the latest arms to Israel, that makes its money by killing innocent Palestinian people, to keep them equipped with the latest guns to kill and oppress. These facts can be seen from the clear and open support of the USA politics for Israel. And lastly, these facts can be seen in the silence of the European and American people in front of this great injustice. A silence of the today Western people that is more evil than the silence of the Germans who supported Adolf Hitler.

Why do I think so? One may ask. I say this for the simple reason that today you are not sent to prison in the same way that the Germans were sent to prison for helping Jews. So the silence of today western people is simply capricious, thick, feelingless, animalistic, criminal and above all UNACCEPTABLE.



And if you want an example, then let me give you one. What is going on between Palestine and Israel is like saying “Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany, to kill Jews with the support of the German people. However, officially, the German people to not accept their responsibility in supporting GESTAPO. This example fits to the today Western people. In short, today Western people are the same ones who supported Adolf Hitler.


Here is a small a difference, of course, we, the German GESTAPO and the Germans who supported Nazis, are not killing anymore the French and the English or each other. No we are now killing others, supporting Israel to kill innocent Palestinians, arming Saudia Arabia to butcher Yemen and so on.


In the case of Israel, we can not even say that Israel is a State for as long that this state is breathing, existing and thriving with full Western Support. So at the end, we can easily conclude that ISREAL is simply a GESTAPO organisation supported by the Western Politics and the Western people. And now the Germans who supported Adolf Hitler and Gestapo are the entire Silent, Piggish, “sluggishly creepy” Western people.


So then ISRAELI POLITICS are simply a GESTAPO ORGANISATION political unit, supported by Western Politics, Western Media and Western People.


Therefore, the ones who kill, and shoot, and oppress women and children and innocent people in Palestine are the today New Nazis Western Politics with the Western Media and the Western people. So only a FOOL or owl  here would blame Israeli politics for the oppression and murder of the Palestinian People.


1984 exists in the LONDON CITY where I live.


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Left Wing in Imagination but Fascist in Thinking. Andrew Adonis, many other Labour MPs, and Left Wing Thinking in general in the UK Prays for Oppression not Freedom – Arron Banks must be banned from speaking on TV! Madness itself!


When one attacks the idea of Freedom, then one attacks more than a single person or a single doctrine. For at this point one attacks the ideal of human existence. And that’s what Andrew Adonis, a very sensitive person, made by attacking the right of participation that Arron Banks and any other human being has as a HUMAN RIGHT. For the simple reason that one is a human being.


And it is a human virtue to be able to participate through ideas, be heard, defend yourself, and tell to the world and to your nation your ideas and philosophy.  However, what I just said can’t be a “virtue” if you live in the today U.K that follows 1000 years of English thinking that says, “OPPRESSION and SLAVERY are FREEDOM!


So Labour MPs and many Left wing writers have made a stir on twitter in the recent days. Tweeting angrily against the decision of the BBC to invite Arron Banks, who is being investigated by the National Crime Agency, (NCA). And bellowing with great pride, like being Pigs not humans, against his right to participate through ideas and the freedom of speech. For maybe they are so thick as to not be able and perceive that to speak against the right of participation of your political opponent means to speak against the right of participation in general and freedom.



And in attacking the right of participation and freedom, they show to be but a joke, obviously! A British joke that prays for oppression, monopolies of all shapes and a Will to Political Power. Instead of demanding freedom and fairness in our corrupted politics.




And do we make media more open when we demand oppression of people’s voices and thinking or do we make media more close-minded? And in the same time push for MEDIA MONOPOLIES?


With the idea of participation through ideas and taking your right to speak is nothing wrong. However, to call for oppression of people’s voices means to make MEDIA belong to certain people and certain doctrines. And so push for the MONOPOLIES of Media. That means a media that belongs to certain ideas, doctrines and people! Hence, Andrew Adonis, the lefties and left wing thinking show to be totally wrong when they scream for the oppression of the voices of their political opponents. 


Now let us analyse the thinking of Andrew Adonis on this issue.


Andrew Adonis said in an article for the monopolies of the Guardian, “I don’t criticise the BBC lightly or with any joy. I do so because it is getting it badly wrong – for itself and for us all. If the BBC expects to continue to enjoy public funds and public trust it needs – urgently – to examine its conscience and its output. It is not “balance” to invite contributors to mislead your audience. It isn’t “public interest journalism” to offer Banks a platform to attack his accusers and investigators. “



His article, that was written for the Guardian, was clearly against the right of participation. And he was unconsciously, maybe because he is led by the idea of Political Power, thinking and writing against the idea of Freedom.


But one who participates has no power except a responsibility for what he says and does. And a right to participate through ideas and speech.


Therefore, if we say that something is wrong here, then “the wrong thing” here is not the right of participation . However, wrong here is SOCIAL POWER given to people who mislead and spread hatred into the public. As such example is the sickening nationalist and hypocrite Nigel Farage that is provided with his own show by the news monopolies of the LBC. And the latter is a nationalist and New Fascist radio that has for years promoted ideas against immigrants and minorities.


So then, what I said above shows that Andrew Adonis had his thinking wrong from the very beginning of his article. Thing which had begun much earlier on his twitter account. For he criticised the BBC for having invited Nigel Farage and Brexit campaigners disproportionately often at Question Time. And across its airwaves.


Nevertheless, he appeared at the Show of Nigel Farage at LBC instead of refusing to be in his show. (However, he and anyone should accept to face Nigel Farage or those who disagree through ideas in other shows. For to appear on Nigel Farage’s show means to respect Nigel Farage and LBC’s disgusting nationalist agenda. As to accept to face someone with ideas means to be able and have the capability to win over an evil ideology through a good ideology – if your ideology is good. )



So then, when a left wing writer or MP thinks, it seems that he thinks with his political interest on his mind. And that’s the plain truth as my existence on earth. That means he wants his opponent in politics to be in prison or down or oppressed at all costs. And that was what Andrew Adonis demanded.


But to see your opponent in politics in this way, it is a dangerous thing. Why so? You may ask. I think so, first because this way of thinking prays for oppression not freedom. And secondly because it is a Will to Power way of thinking. That means to see others oppressed and see yourself and your thinking succeed and flourish.


Wow! But is the latter sentence what we mean when we say “Leftie or Left Wing?”


The latter way of thinking though is not too different from the right wing way of thinking or nationalist and narrow thought. For it is a way of thinking that makes sense only in a dog eat dog world or highly developed capitalist society. Where humans see to eat other humans alive in different ways.


Hence, philosophically thinking, this way of thinking where ideas of oppression succeed instead of communication and free speech. This way of thinking, where greed for power and hatred for your opponents prevails instead of understanding, love and fairness, does not belong to a true thinking humanity. But rather to an alienated humanity that thinks based on egotistic and Will to Power political ideas.


So I am sorry to attack Andrew Adonis, whom I follow on twitter because I like some of his ideas that appeal for social justice, with a bomb of truth and reason. But in attacking the right of participation and the right of speech instead of attacking News MONOPOLIES and the oppression of ideas, he shows to think and speak and write based on ideas of Will for Political Power. And OPPRESSION.


Maybe in his mind, he thinks he is a humanist, the truth shows that he at this point is just a fascist appealing for oppression of ideas and Will For Political Power.


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What Does it mean to be a working class Man in London and today world? Read to Learn how U.K Media abuses Working class people by calling them out every day as criminals, and describing Ruling Class people as Heroes!

People of the media whether on the left or on the right, they are entrusted to train perception and the judgment of the people. So that’s how they train the perception and judgment of the working class masses.
Today is shame, is fear and is a horror movie to be a…

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Jeremy Hunt appeals for war with European Union at Conservative Party Conference! As Andy Street speaks the truth through humour “local workers are making the weapons systems for the F35 fighter! Blood-curdling rhetoric of British Politicians that bring to the mind the past war horrors

Foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, appealed for war with the European Union at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

I felt terrorised and terrified when I heard his blood-curdling and war-like rhetoric! And all of this just because some British….

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Justice is not made by LAWS that support today Rich Cronies or that have supported the past rich Cronies. Read to Learn what do I mean by the Concept of “TRUE JUSTICE?”

  When we say “True Justice or Justice (Justice ideal here is the concept of today and past ruling classes. As “true justice” is the way I perceive and conceive the ideal of “justice.”) we really put a very big word in our minds. The problem here, however, that makes the “Justice ideal” confusing, to…

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Why it is not We, the people, who must follow the Big Tech and Big Media terms and Conditions but they must follow our Human Ideals with their Rules

It is utterly disgusting and ridiculous for us, the people of today, to follow the terms and conditions of the big tech and big corporate rich media. How can this even be conceivable that we follow them like sheep and allow them to oppress a few voices among us that have achieved through very hard, hard work to be heard in front of big media giants? For the latter can drown out even the biggest philosophers. And we all see that and their power.
So what shall we do? Is the question.
We as human beings stand for certain ideals. And for as long as we human beings stand for certain human ideals such as…

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Only Death Can Take you Out of the BBC and UK Media Power – Rachael Hodges, aged 40, died from Breast Cancer and so she gave up the BBC’s power

It seems that only death can make you give up the power that an Imperialist U.K media gives to you as a journalist. The power to control information, get paid well, oppress the ideas of the other people, train human perception and judgment. Influence laws. And so at the end, lead us, humans of today, by the nose like we are…

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The U.K MEDIA Artists or Journalists LIVE in Fear that They Will Lose their MEDIA POWER

Justice is impossible to be even conceived in one’s mind for as long as the very intelligent people are the most corrupted people. We saw in Rumania a few days ago bloody protests. We saw people fighting for justice and freedom. We have seen as such protests and wars all around the planet. And we still see every day people fighting for freedom and justice around the planet.

In London, however, corruption is a million times bigger and deeper. Monopolies of the rich media and corporations. And the link of the U.K politicians to the Russian dirty…

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Alex Jones Banned from Facebook, YouTube and Apple Stores. The Freedom of Speech is Dead. But why did they really ban Alex Jones?

Long lives the Freedom of speech! In silencing some voices that state power dislikes and highlighting and allowing those that they like. Today state power or the #1984 can establish a new form of Nazism and censorship in our world. Where the lambs of Big Media, Macbeths and Tartuffes like Russell Brand, James O’Brien, Andrew Neil etc., are heard only. And so we are brainwashed everyday and controlled like sheep and slaves.
But these people who control Facebook, Apple and YouTube show to be a joke. For they get orders from…

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