Movement for Social Justice by Dr ACactivism

What is the philosophy of the “Movement for Social Justice” idea?

 Albert Einstein said that mankind makes sense by working for a better world. Well, but the question here is “how do we work in order for us as humans to make sense?” By thinking, creating and moving for a better world, we make sense as human beings. We give value to our human essence. And so we make sense in a senseless world.

So to fight for social justice is not only a way of working to make a better world. But it is also a way of making sense by thinking, creating and moving for a better world. This is why I call this idea, “Movement for Social Justice.” Well, but here one may ask too “Why shall we work or fight for social justice?

History has told us that Justice is not an idea that must be left on the hands of those who make the laws – the politicians. Or those who speak about laws and the good of society – the public speakers. Or those who influence the laws – the media and corporations. In short, history has told us that justice is an idea that can not be left on those who control the social power or have social power. That’s why we must fight for social justice. 


And justice then, like Freedom, is an idea for which the humanity of each time must fight for in each time. And for as long as humanity exists. And this “fight” mostly belongs to those who don’t have social power and to those who want freedom and justice to prevail on earth by historical and philosophical definition.


For those who do not have social power are the ones that historically are oppressed and abused by those who have social power. And those who demand freedom and justice to prevail on earth have been in the same boat with the oppressed.


But why shall we fight for justice and freedom then, one may ask? Isn’t it better to just mind your business and live in peace?

I would begin the answer of this question with a question. Is there any human being who does not want to live in peace here? So we fight then because we want to live in peace and freedom. And therefore we fight because we want to live in the house of justice not in the house of injustice and murders. That’s why we fight.


And the reason of why we should fight or think, create and move for social justice consists in this historical fact that “Social power corrupts the humanity of each time.” And those who control the social power of each time tend to move towards oppressive ways of thinking and doing in order to keep their social power intact. And so they oppress the humanity of each time by trying to protect their own social power.”


Further, as time passes we see that this 600 years capitalist mode of production is giving forever more economic power to the few and throwing the many in the streets.


So we must fight not only against oppression and violence and wars, that is for freedom, but also we must fight for equality too. That is against poverty and hunger. And all what we said above is part of the fight for “social justice.”


In short, I call this idea “movement for social justice” as a movement for freedom and justice. And our united Europe and America needs more than ever this movement. For we have turned into a new imperialist evil power that oppresses people at home and through the same people we wage wars on other nations around the world.


The Philosophy of participation in the Movement


This movement is the movement of the thinking humanity and of the humanity that wants to participate through ideas and movement. So in this movement everybody can participate and is important. Everybody can raise his or her voice and can write for justice. For “the blog of the movement’s website” would be open to all kinds of told injustices. And it would be open to all ideas that people have for justice and a better world.



So the Internet age gives us this opportunity. And therefore all we need here is ideas and a will to think, move and create for a better world.

For this is a movement of participation where every single human being of ideas is welcome to participate. And every single human being, that wants to listen and learn from those that have ideas and wants to be part of the movement, is welcomed too.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of this movement! And let us think, create and move for a better London, a better U.K and a better world.


Dr ACactivsim

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