Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

, Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

If you call yourself a writer and use your pen to defend murder and murderers, then what is the point of writing?


Of course that here is a point of writing, you may say. We all have seen this point of writing and still see it.


Here is the point of those writers who rush to join the Monopolies of certain media organisations. And use their pen to advance their careers and protect as much as possible their MONEY and POWER interests. While silencing and drowning out independent voices in the most criminal, mafia-like and unjust way.


They forever are heard. As we are forever silenced and drowned out. Wow? Why? Because they work for MEDIA MONOPOLIES, right?



, Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

And this is Patrick Wintour, this is Owen Jones, and these are all the left and right wing barbarians, who think and act like MAFIA, still they pretend that they are doing good to humanity in front of the sheep’s eyes that can’t differentiate between a wolf and a human.



And this is gentlemen the point of this form of writing. I call it wolf-like, new Nazi and new fascist form of writing.



If you are a right wing, nationalist and imperialist hypocrite this way of thinking, like defending British and European imperialism and their murders, fits to you.


Well, but what when you call yourself a left wing writer and defend murders and murderers, then what do you call this?


We all have eyes to see, gentlemen, that what makes one fascist and Nazi is not the action of seeing them beat their “breasts” like chimpanzees. Claiming that they are not Nazis nor fascists nor imperialists at all. Claiming to be humanists and left wing thinkers who fight for what is right and change! Ej?



Who do you think that we are, sheep, who take shepherds for wolves and wolves for shepherds?


So, I think that if you call yourself a writer and use your pen to...

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