EUROVISION 2019 Explains to us the ADOLF HITLER-LIKE ARTIST versa the KARL MARX-LIKE Artist

“…Right at the heart of the murk were France’s intellectuals and artists. Even before the war, their German and Soviet counterparts had been largely silenced, imprisoned, killed, or enlisted as totalitarian propagandists.   …everyone knew that cultural life in occupied France amounted to much more than a “show.”   The New Normal by David A. Bell written at The New Republic on February 2011.  …

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Assaulted by two Fascist Spanish Police officers in Ibiza, while two others were watching. Slapped on the left and on the right cheek. My Story with the Spanish Fascist Police

When a thug assaults you, then you can call police. But what when the police assaults you for nothing? Whom shall you call? Especially in Spain where you do not have even an independent police force to report the crimes made by the police themselves.   That’s why we as people must demand justice and police to not abuse our laws. Because the police in…

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Is our U.K a Democracy with a Crooked MEDIA or An Aristocratic State with a Corrupt Corporate Media? The Palestinian Question Contains the Answer

  I have been participating in at least last three big Palestinian Rallies for Justice and Freedom. Facts: Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded by the Israeli army since the Great March of Return back in 2018.   Facts: We also know that the U.K government has supported the Israeli politics by selling arms to Israel behind the scenes. And our U.K…

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The Racist Journalist of the BBC, Danny Baker, showed the true Racist face of the British Journalists and their inner feelings. My Albanian Origin and a decade-long Oppression of my Voice because of my Origin Tells the Story

How can you understand the inner Imperialist and RACIST thinking of the journalists of the UK MEDIA? They don’t allow you to sit on the same table to speak and take your right to be heard. Yet they do not say it openly. They simply never invite you to take this human right of being heard. They don’t allow you to enter at BBC’s studios,…

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Why Prince Harry? Why Royals? Why Brain-dead Celebrities every day in the News MEDIA? How the Big Brother or the U.K MEDIA Mind-Controls People

Hey is our time a time in the human history where people are mind-controlled like sheep by the AUTHORITY and REPUTATION of the Mainstream Rich U.K Media?   For example, before people beginning to speak on Twitter about “Royal Baby” preceded by a hashtag, the Mainstream U.K MEDIA, like BBC, Sky News, ITV, Daily Mail, The SUN etc, had been writing and speaking all day…

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AWARENESS For Trump’s Psychopathy. Why Donald Trump is nearly Equal in Crimes and Thinking to Adolf Hitler?

  Donald trump and Adolf Hitler have some parallelisms in thinking.   FACTS Adolf Hitler came to power by appealing to the nationalist feelings of Germany. Donald Trump did the same. Adolf Hitler Promised to the Germans of the 1930s to fight against big corruption in Germany! Donald Trump did the same. He said let’s drain the swamp to the American people, even though he…

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Knife Crime has become a PLAGUE in London. Why do I, Dr ACactivism, blame the MONOPOLIES of the U.K MEDIA again?

  In London we have a concentrated Media Power that the only thing it does is report at least half of the knife crimes that happen every day in London. And knife crime has become but a PLAGUE in our London city.   So I hear of people being stabbed and killed by knives almost every single day in London. And at times, I hear…

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The Murder of Mariam Moustafa is an Example that shows that FOREIGNERS are WORTHY Only as OPPRESSED SLAVES in the U.K

  “Mariam Moustafa, 18, was left in a coma after she was attacked by six teenagers last year in Nottingham. And she died nearly a month later.” Twitter news and the Press association said.   The Press Association also said that the father of the murdered Mariam Moustafa have said that authorities in the U.K have showed “no respect.” By not informing him of a…

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U.K Media, The Daily Mail and Sky News, Promote Terrorists to Catch Human Attention and sell their Ideas to People. And Twitter supports them! Dr ACactivism explains their Mean and Evil Thinking

  When I went into Eurovision 2018 and took the microphone from Surie’s hand, that was the British contender in the Eurovision, what did I want?     I wanted my “Anti Media Corruption Ideas” to be heard. Nevertheless, I never achieved to have my ideas heard because the U.K Media is louder than myself, Dr ACactivism, all the time. So the U.K Media drowns…

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Ideas and productivity – How to keep ourselves productive at all times?

, EUROVISION 2019 Explains to us the ADOLF HITLER-LIKE ARTIST versa the KARL MARX-LIKE Artist

Great artists prize craftsmanly ability above all else. Before everything else they demand its careful cultivation based on complete command. More than anyone else they are at pains constantly to renew their grounding in a thorough craftsmanship.

 Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art.


Have you ever asked yourself curiously, “How do we mirror our world? Or how do we make art? Why art? Or why do we create? Or why should we create in the first place? What’s the point of creating? What’s the point of thinking and creativity?


And at last, I ask, why ideas and why productivity? And how can we keep ourselves productive at all times?

So in this essay, I will answer to the above questions through my speculative thinking and examples.


“What is art?” one may ask. Art in a sentence is no more and no less than the....

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