100 Innocent Muslim Letter Boxes Killed in Yemen by Saudi Coalition Airstrikes – U.K, USA, France – No U.K MEDIA Coverage for these Letter Boxes!

CNN reported that 100 people were killed in Yemen by multiple Saudi-coalition airstrikes. And this Saudi Coalition we know is made of U.K, France, USA.


Now we also know that Yemen is over 90% of the population Muslim. So here the silence of the U.K MEDIA is the silence of the happy and content U.K Media journalists who are pro war and pro murder. And get LUXURIOUS Salaries thanks to the MONOPOLIES AND corruption of MEDIA.


So what the U.K MEDIA journalists are doing is logical if we bring into mind the glorious past of Nazi and fascist Journalists who rallied around Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in glorifying murder and wars.


So then, when we speak of Muslim people today we speak of Letter Boxes. Or Muslim Letter Boxes. And it is our great prime minister, Boris Johnson, a former journalist and now a politician, that described Muslim women as Letter Boxes. And coined this great phrase that peddles hatred.


Anyways, Hitler, for example, would have said, “Jewish Letterboxes” but now instead, and thanks to the great job of the U.K, USA and European media in linking Muslims to terrorism, we have “Muslim Letter Boxes.” Like our great U.K prime minister thought!


However, if we leave sarcasm for a second and be real. Then when we speak of 100 human beings we speak of a great deal of human pain. But even an innocent human being, that is killed by our taxes, is a great deal of human pain. For if you lose the guilt of this pain, then you have lost any human feeling.



For what on earth, shall I call you a human if you do not feel any pain or anything about innocent people that are killed by your taxes? For partying in Paris, in Soho and Mayfair, London, Ibiza, Miami or Marbella?



Is this why you should be called a human, because you know how to party and dance and drink?



You see then, a silent media follows a silent people – U.K, France, USA.