Yahoo U.K back to Hatred against Minorities linking the origin of a person to all Asylum Seekers and Minorities and Immigrants


Yahoo U.K on 3RD of July 2019 had written a small headline in their front page with the title, Asylum Seeker Stabber ‘asked people if they were English.


But this is the same like saying, a white stabber, black stabber, or English Stabber. I mean this form of expressing a certain idea or truth is a universalization of truth and link of a particular case with a universal case.


That is, in this case, it means linking purposefully the particular case of a violent person with a universal case of an asylum seeker of Afghan Origin, right? And so logically linking violence with immigrants and minorities.

But why? Because you as a journalist have a mean and cruel heart? Or perhaps because of the fact that you as a journalist want to catch attention by hating and sniffing for stories that hate minorities or link the latter to as such feeling? The latter sounds more true, no?

Then the headline of the MONOPOLIES OF YAHOO U.K was changed once you clicked in their link. And it said in a more detailed and universal way, “Afghan asylum seeker ‘asked people if they were English before attempting to stab them.’

Without even delving to see what is inside, this online article was typical of the last decade British-USA-European Media articles that attacked immigrants in the last decade and created all the New Nazi movements.


But how? When an English man attacks, kills, stabs or murders, they do not they say “An English person killed, stabbed or murdered. So? So why do they use the country of origin when a foreign person happens to do something?


Perhaps because by hating the weak, minorities and the oppressed it is easier to win the heart of majority, catch the attention of millions and make more money?


That’s the only reason why the U.K Media Journalists spread hate. They do it to sell their stories to as many people as possible, or their stories to be read by as many people as possible for the sake of online promotion, and so make BIG MONEY. 

No. They are interested in truth, you may say?

But Truth here is truth in itself. Like that one person in a certain place and at a certain time did something. What do you want with one’s country of origin, color of skin etc?


And even when we delve into the article of Yahoo U.K, we do not speak of written or recorded truth, we speak of truth that is claimed to be truth.


That means that  the accuser simply alleges that he says so, but he has no facts. And the defendant denies it.


So the only logic answer that is here remains this that the Yahoo U.K is back to Hatred against Minorities linking the origin of a person to all Asylum Seekers and Minorities and Immigrants. And they can’t wait to do this.


And the answer is simple. Hatred against minorities sells. And that’s what all the NEW NAZI, POWER HUNGRY JOURNALISTS want. They want a form of human attention that sells en masse.

And the only form of attention that sells en masse is hatred against the weak, the oppressed and minorities.

Asylum seekers in this instance are the most oppressed and weak part of any society. That’s why the intelligent journalists and Editors of the Yahoo U.K decided to attack asylum seekers and people of Afghan origin, immigrants and minorities in general.