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George Floyd Protests in the USA are proportionate to the pain of the people – The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless – Read and share the love

The majority of the people disagree with violence. And so do I.

Further, sometimes I think that even Marx was wrong in saying that “Material force must be overthrown by material force.”

“No,” I say, “that’s wrong, Marx was wrong.”

So sometimes, I think that police brutality, different forms of murder by state power, choking people to death, like they did choke George Floyd, manipulating, bullying and intimidating the oppressed and the weak, and every state evil action can be opposed peacefully.

 Yes, can we, or can’t we always achieve this peacefully?

The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless. For over 8 minutes the knee of the police officer was over the neck of an arrested man that was pleading for help and couldn’t breathe. That was a murder in cold blood and brutally and cruelly done so. 

In the USA, a continual form of injustice against minorities of all kinds had become the new normal. Black people were killed and endured abuse because of their skin colour, immigrants of all nations were threatened to be sent back, Hispanics were taunted by Trump. And the media keeping the side of their favourite political party. So the level of pain before the protests erupted was deep..

In short, the oppressed and the weak of the USA have been misled and abused by the leaders and the politics of a highly capitalist continent called, the USA.

Further, there is a white supremacist at the head of the USA state glorifying violence and greeting and respecting white supremacists. 

So here then is a case where injustice has been accumulated and accumulated for years. And people have had enough.

So, they want to make their pain and their voices heard. And they do not want a CNN or Fox News to... (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog)

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Why Hate Speech is a Matter of Thinking for anyone but of Action for Police and Law Only

It seems that the task of the philosophers of each time is to defend with reason and truth the “big human values” that exist in each time.

Values like what? Values like Freedom, Free Speech, Social Justice etc. 

But how do we do that? Because, there still may be people who doubt their own existence!

So what philosophers do is put the thinking of each time in a weighing machine. And afterwards weigh and measure this thinking through the ideals of good and evil.


Now, I ask, “Why Hate Speech is a matter of thinking for anyone but a matter of action for police and law Only?”

Let me first explain this by beginning to say that we should be free to think and speak and act. For hate speech and any other human problem or theme or ideal is a matter of thinking and discussion for anyone. 

However, when it comes to actions, and punishment and other consequences of actions. Then we should answer for our thinking and speaking and actions only to a...
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Think Different – The Journalists of the billionaire U.K Media are Bullying Dominic Cummings, like they bullied Caroline Flack, for a reason… Read and Share!

Once you stop doubting the thinking and doing and the innermost intentions of the rich of your time, and of the corrupt. Of the hypocrites of this society, of the mind-controllers of this society, and of the intelligent manipulators of this society. 

It is then and there, that the rich, the corrupt, the mind-controllers and the intelligent manipulators have achieved to brainwash you and control you as a people like a puppet. 

So, I suggest to never stop doubting the thinking and doing of the rich and those who are paid by the very rich – their lackeys. 

For one VALUE that the lackeys of the rich, media people in this case, left, centre and right, demand to have and that they never had, in their writings and speeches, has been and still is, – “HONESTY.

Be patient, please. For I will be short and simple. And make you think different if you as a reader believe in human values. For if you don’t believe in human values, then please stop here and go in your way. 

Maybe here is a case of much ado about nothing?

So, scores of media journalists had door stepped Dominic Cummings, crossing his personal space and bullying him with their high screeches and screams and vicious vitriol like they did to Caroline Flack. And even more than that. (Watch the media videos and photos to see it for yourself here.)

Dominic Cummings door stepped and abused by Media Monopolies.

So, first of all, here the journalists themselves had to be held accountable for flouting the lockdown rules. 

For they were obviously not keeping the social distancing while photographing and making questions to Dominic Cummings.

 Or are the today journalists different from the rest because they work for a billionaire U.K Media?

Secondly, the fact that Dominic Cummings is part of the government that makes the rules didn’t make him excepted from these rules. For he was responsible to a law for his actions not to media monopolies. And Dominic was reprimanded and questioned by police. And this had to be left there. 

And if the police had acted in an immoral and corrupt way, then this matter had to be taken with the police organisation. Not with Dominic Cummings. 

Further, when the British guns and British war tactics, used behind the war scenes of course, were killing innocent women and children and men in Yemen and Syria and Palestine. Then here I ask: “Was any media organisation or journalist door stepping David Cameron, Theresa May and… (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog.)

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Why is the Control of Information a Necessity for the Rich and the Corrupted Powerful of each time?

Whether it is the past speaking through a barbaric brutality or the today speaking through the money power. Where millions and even billions are thrown into the promotion of the ideas of the rich. There is logically a necessity and a reason for the control of information for the rich.

What is this reason and this necessity worth for? One may ask.

In this blog, I am.. (subscribe to read this philosophic blog)

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Forgive but don’t forget in a way that you….

The faculty of memory in the human mind has made humans a million times worse than all wild species on earth.

Through memory, people have been able to remember past wars, past hatred, past fights, and repeat a history of evil and violence forever.

So, shouldn’t we... (to read this philosophical blog please subscribe)

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Why the Artist is the God of Earth

When I say the artist is the God of earth, here I take into consideration the entire thinking and doing of the artist. Including the philosophy that the artist sets new trends by thinking differently from others and leads the world with his thinking. 

In this essay, however, I will try to strictly confine my thinking to the answer of this question, “Why the artist is the god of earth?” And why do I think so?  

Now let me begin this essay with this universal question, “Can one ever think of creation or creativity without one achieving first to raise his or her soul to the creative level of the artist?

Yes, sure, you may say that one can inspire oneself and think to cre...
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Stay Alert! Covid-19 is killing people, Mainstream Media appeals for attention! – I bet that most of you in the U.K consciously think what Sensationalist Piers Morgan-like Billionaire Media think – Hearken why!

The majority of the people in the U.K think what the mainstream billionaire media thinks. And they do it consciously, because their subconsciousness has ever since been hijacked by the billionaire media. 

Their subconscious thinking becomes conscious usually a while after they have read in full the daily billionaire papers. And thus what these papers say are reflected in the people’s thinking and daily expression.


Now here I ask, “Why is the Billionaire media making a big deal about the phrase of Boris Johnson, "stay alert, control the virus, save lives?"

The Guardian called it “a divisive muddle.” Metro U.K said, “It’s all Greek to us!” The Daily Mirror called it a “crisis.” And so on, we saw a rich media full of hysteria and hypocrisy!

Now I ask again, “Is this U.K billionaire media perhaps a sensationalist Media thinking for their own interest? 

A billionaire media that even in times of pandemic is all out to grab attention and sell as much as possible online blogs and daily papers?

A billionaire media that sows division, creates confusion, increases anxiety and abuses truth for the sake of money even in times of great pain. This U.K media then is but a disgrace.  Isn’t it?

Now to begin with my philosophy, here is an ideal that is called logic. Some know about it. And some others don’t. 

However, I think that one should be able to first perc.. (please subscribe to read the full blog and support independent thinking)

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How 9 Thuggish Members of Metropolitan Police abused me, Dr ACactivism, in Hammersmith London

Pic taken by Dr ACactivism when the police left after abusing his human rights.


On 9th May 2020, I had parked my car in a park in Hammersmith, opened its door, and I was sat with my bottoms on the car seat and feet on sidewalk. Looking at the sky above, reading some ideas of Tolstoy and drinking a beer. 

Suddenly, a van full of police officers stopped.  9 police officers got out of it. And one of them came close to me shouting, “get out of the car.”

 Here my night was on its way to be destroyed for nothing.

 (Note: here the law is a different thing from the abuse of power. Still it is true that an illogical law in itself is an abuse of human freedoms. And for further explanation of the idea of law and police powers please read the full blog.)

Why? I said.

The ignition of my car was not turned on. And I had only sipped one quarter of a small beer. And it was a proof that I was reading. Because he found me with my head on the computer reading. So?

The police officer, who came shouting and yelling at me, he didn’t wait at all. But grabbed me by my arm and took me out of the car by force. Like a thug. And suddenly all of them rushed surrounding me like a group of thugs. 

And that moment, one of them shouted and screamed at me, “don’t move.” Even though I wasn’t moving.

Bear in mind this was a provocation towards me. For if I moved slightly, they would use their evil powers and abuse me with physical power. But I didn't move. So I left them gobsmacked.

And thus the provocation continued with another police officer going where my beer was and kicking it with his feet while saying, “you drinking a beer, hahaha!”

Also that time another police officer went to my bag to check it. And threw my bank cards in the street. Plus, he scattered my other things around the sidewalk. So continuing their provocation in maximum.

Then feeling offended and abused by the police officers, who were acting like thugs, I said, “Can I take my phone please?”

“No” replied one of them. You are under arrest. So I could not film them. I could not defend myself. While they abused my rights! Funny!

However, this was not all of what happened, but just the beginning of an action made by the thugs of Met police U.K. 

After they began...
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