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BRITISH MEDIA has Metamorphosed British People’s perception to a Doggish Perception. When British Media barks, British people bark. When British Media keeps barking, Brits keep barking! When British Media is silent, people are silent too! Read How!

When you see Dominic Cummings or Piers Morgan or the royals or the today celebrities trending on twitter or in our social media,  do you ask yourself, “Why does this happen?”

And why aren’t stabbings and murders and deaths and homelessness and domestic violence and injustices of all forms and kinds and manners never trending? And people never thinking that there should be a creative solution to our problems?

So, dear reader, I want to be as candid with you as a ray of sunshine is when it fills our hearts with light and warmth. 

For the depth of sadness to me in this moment is as deep as that sadness of living in a world of the dead. Or say in a world where only animals exist. An absurd world. 

They say that truth is painful.

And so is the fact of today that show the British people, the people of the nation where I live, being metamorphosed into a doggish people.

To understand this, I suggest you bring into mind a human and a dog or a dog owner. 

And now think how a human achieves to incite a dog to bark against someone else. Or how a human makes his dog imitate his actions.  And finally, how a human achieves to appease dog’s feelings by throwing to his dog something that the dog likes. 

So, nowadays, when Media barks, British people bark. When Media keeps barking, British people keep barking! And when British media is silent, like they are in things that really matter, the British people are silent too.

Left, right and centre, these people and this nation thinks like their favourite media headquarter thinks. And hence in this nation, the philosophy of thinking and doing is, media think, people follow.

Wow! What a humanity and what a people! Damned, let this doggish and sheepish existence be. 

FACTS, please? How is it possible that British people have metamorphosed into a DOGISH PEOPLE?

To prove these facts, it is enough to see how thou...

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WAKE UP! War CRIMES against Palestine and Palestinian people are always perpetrated with the CONSENT of British and American Media Monopolies – Read and Share the Truth

In our western world in general billionaire mainstream media has hundreds of years of authority and reputation. And so their power over people is gigantic and monstrous. 

And their power over people comes but from these centuries-old values of reputation and authority.

So, through their power, they have turned into a BIG EVIL for us who demand change.

For when we shout, and when we scream and when we beat our chests in pain. And say that we demand a Free Palestine or an end to the bombing of Yemen by the British allies. Or an end to Homelessness and discrimination in our western world. Still we are not heard.

While some crocodiles of the mainstream media, like Andrew Neil, Adam Boulton, Robert Peston, etc., speak once and the world pays attention.

So, how comes that the Crocs Media are heard forever? But we are not heard at all? Because we are never allowed to participate with our pains and our ideas on the studios of the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc? Right?

So, now you see the difference? You see the big injustices of today? And how, we, independent writers and dreamers of today, are suffocated by a billionaire, monster-like MEDIA?

So, in short, journalists and media owners, who have billions and trillions of money in their banks, are controlling INFORMATION. And they are claiming a birthright in relation to INFORMATION. Here in our western world.  

Say that INFORMATION belongs to them from the moment that they put their hands on media to the moment that they die. 

And thus MEDIA, by controlling INFORMATION twists and turns the perception of the masses as it likes. 

And one example of this twisting of human perception in our U.K and western world is in the Palestinian question.  

For example, the BBC and the CNN, and FOX News, or in general U.K and USA media pretend to not know the values of humanity. When it comes to crimes committed by the Israeli occupation on Palestine and against Palestinian people. 

And, when Palestinian protests happen in London or in the U.K most of the time, the BBC, the ITV and even the Guardian st....

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Reading Attack – We suffer from pain, but the U.K Media sees an opportunity to…

Once the news of the Reading attack came out. And police said that it was a terrorist case. Then the U.K Media, like Sky News, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun etc., began a saga of hatred.

And as always using their mythical, great skills of language and writing for bad and to attract human attention. Of course, they have learnt this in their famous educational institutions!

So, British journalists found a great pleasure in portraying the person, who committed the crime, as a terrorist and alien and so on with their excellent descriptions. Like they always do..

And as always, they fabulously link terrorism to one’s origin. Making the very oppressed of this nation feel happy like pigs. And making themselves become as rich in their hearts as misers.

Do you think the headlines of the mainstream UK media link the Reading attack to Asylum seekers and refugees by mistake? Or perhaps they do it because they know that this pulls the attention of the natives like magnet?

See pic below.

So, we see again and again that in every as such painful case, where people are killed and we suffer from the human pain of the human loss, the U.K Media journalists see a great opportunity for themselves.

For what opportunity am I speaking here? You may ask.

The U.K Media journalists in the Reading attack see the opportunity of...

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The FREEDOM of Speech is Dead – I shall tell you the Murderers of the Freedom of Speech

In the recent years, famous people like Oliver Darcy and Rachel Raley have campaigned hard to ban people from participating on big billionaire media.  And out of jealousy for others, they have preached the same thing to happen even on our social media. 

Here let me conceptualise the truth to you by mentioning a few names that have been banned from Twitter and other social media outlets.

For example, Alex Jones, Milos Yiannopoulos, Azealia Banks, Meghan Murphy, Paul Nehlen, George Zimmerman, Robert Stacy McCain, Daniel Sieradski, Anthony Cumia, Roger Stone, Katie Hopkins etc., have all been banned permanently from using Social Media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Now many of you may hate these people, and you may hate their ideas as well. But regardless of how much you may hate them, still you don’t hate the idea of ...

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Why Americans should not lose their reason because they hate Police Brutality, – Rayshard Brooks is not George Floyd

It is true America experiences a lot of police brutality cases.

It is true George Floyd was mercilessly choked to death by a cruel and callous police officer. A thing which I have closely experienced myself. 

But here, let me say that idolising a murderer or someone who is about to become a murderer is good to no one. 

And in the case of Rayshard Brooks, we saw all the action in a surveillance video that is uploaded on YouTube. (click link at the end of this blog to watch it for your self..)

We saw that after a struggle with two police officers, Rayshard Brooks was seen running away with the taser gun of the police officer.  And at one moment he turned back, trying to taser the police officer. 

Now, just a question. What if Rayshard achieved to taser the police officer and took his gun, what would have happened? 

So, I think that here even the most illogical person would be able to withdraw a conclusion. And say that the murder of Rayshard Brooks was

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Shukri Abdi is a sorrowful case that describes both the pain of the children of Immigrants and the pain of the adult immigrants – Hated by Media, unwanted and abused by the people of this country

Even though we live and work in the U.K, we as immigrants are continually described by the billionaire imperialist U.K media as foreigners.

There are human beings living and working in this country. And once they break the laws of this country, they are continually described as the Albanian criminal, the Somali thug, the Islamic terrorist and so on in the famous multibillionaire tabloids of the U.K. Or on the news TVs, like Sky News, ITV News of the U.K.

And in this way, both the children of immigrants and adult immigrants themselves live in fear. And matter less in this society that is dominated by a native majority.

But why are immigrants targeted like this by the billionaire U.K media?

Immigrants are targeted just because they are foreigners. And for a reason that goes deeper than this, of course. 

Immigrants, who commit crimes, could be described according to their crime, for example, not according to their religious faith or nationality or background.   But that is not the case for a reason. 

And this is why. In the big imperialist nations, there is a need for the creation of an enemy or scapegoat.

And by creating an enemy and scapegoat, like immigrants, to blame others. And so to control the oppressed working-classes of the imperialist nations by blaming OTHERS. 

So here the problem becomes OTHERS, not the rich media and the intelligent manipulators in politics. 

A question, how can media organisations become billionaire media organisations simply by selling News? 

Of course, peddling hatred helps catch human attention en masse. And helps fill the pockets of greed and it accumulates big amounts of wealth as well. That’s the power of hatred in media.

And here is the smug face of Nigel Farage basing all his Brexit ideas on hatred against immigrants. And while working for the most recognised and followed and listened radio in the U.K – The LBC of hate and discrimination.

This is the famous Nigel Farage who works for the LBC Media Monopolies.

And what does this form of hatred cause?  One may ask.

This form of hatred pervades the n...
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Why do people hate Police in this country called, the U.K? Dr ACactivism explains it

Reason comes from truth, right?

So, based on the truth of the past and on the truth of today, I can say that people hate the police force or the police organisation in this country called, the U.K, for political reasons.

Now let me begin explaining these political reasons by explaining the failed war on drugs.

The failed war on drugs has become everlasting on earth thanks to oppressive laws and police power to enforce as such ridiculous laws on us. And shut down the mouths and souls of people by force. 

Laws that are made against the use of drugs boil down to the ideal of freedom.  Politicians and the ruling classes do not want us free.

And they abuse our rights and freedoms by passing illogical laws in parliament.

Illogical laws that make adult people subconsciously boil in their blood with hatred against oppression. Hatred against the Laws of this country. And therefore, hatred against police, which are simply the robotic puppets of the ruling class. 

For it is clear that the majority of the working-class people want but an end to the war on drugs. And freedom for the adult world.

Secondly, Institutionalized Racism. 

Institutionalized racism comes from both the political and media class. 

These two classes are somehow part of a class that is called “the ruling class.” For it is the political class that makes our laws. And it is the media class that influences as such laws. And they do it by controlling one among the very few big ideals of humanity called, information. 

Now, to begin with, Institutionalised RACISM mainstream U.K media for decades and years has painted immigrants and minorities of this country as criminals. And as people who do not have a right to live or be in this country.

On the other hand, writers, who come from minority backgrounds like myself, have always been drowned out and silenced by this U.K racist media. And the aim of this Murdering Imperialist Media is to reduce the number of voices that stand up for what is just in maximum.

The smaller the number of people that are heard the better for the news monopolies and those who create an institution of racism through Media Power.

The political class, on the other hand, makes laws that disc...
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Joe Biden is a Coward – he should be side by side with protesters demanding the….

America has a problem at this time. And this problem is Donald Trump.

Trump has been stirring up hatred for four years. And he has had the support of an entire Republican party.

And now it is a moment, where people feel like they have had enough. And want to vent their frustration and pain in full. 

However, at this time, when America needs a united opposition to... (please subscribe to read th e full philosophical blog)

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