January 2021

A true story – is it okay to not be okay or is it a shame?

The best way to express your feelings is to note them down as you feel them.

So to express the pain of what it is like to feel oversensitive. Or over depressed because of existential conditions created by the circumstances of the politics of the time?

What is like to live continually under the mental pressure of the threats of your local government? And continual anxiety?

What is like to not feel okay at all?

What is like to live continually under the mental pressure of the threats of your local government?

What is like to feel a subconscious feeling of panic attack try to choke you from within from the stress and endless worries that you get from the psychological torture of your local government?

What is like to see a friend die because of political oppression and inhumane psychological abuse of the local governments? Local governments who put people in animal stables and torture their spirt in depressive places that lack fresh air and a basic space for living?

What is like to feel and see pain? And so on with other feelings and other forms of human pain.

However, here is a problem. For if you dare and note your feelings as you see and as you feel them. And if you are conscious of your pain and able to see consciously the problem, this may anger people of power, who like to abuse. And who do not like you, as a citizen, to not know the connection that exists between condition and psychological torture.

And as such local governments want you to not the connection between continual threats and bullying and harassment and psychological abuse! They want you to feel the pain, keep your mouth shut and understand nothing until you die.

And then, they call an NHS doctor and tell, he or she died from a heart attack! And the matter is closed! Happy justice!

So, people who hold big local government power want you to be ignorant of the pain that you go through.

Some other people, however, by seeing that you do not show your pain all the time, they are so thick that they think that you are okay all the time. And for them, it is not okay to not be okay.

However, they do not know the struggle that you go through behind the scenes. What you do not express or show. The many hours and the many days that you disappear. The depressive sate of mind in which you are in, when they do not see you. And they are also unaware of the psychological torture that you have gone through as a result of a continual abuse of your local government,.

So what is the story and what is the moral of the story? 

Let me tell you first a true story. So we may get the moral from it.

On 27th January 2021 at approximately 14:15 p.m, I was having a chat with the owner of the lodge, where I am living at the moment.

And I said to him “that the place is too small, it is a box room only.

(This is a box room that may have been a single room previously. And now it is split into two to make space for capitalist gain. And that lacks the basic amount of space for living. And the basic amount of fresh air. )

And it is too depressive, too noisy. And I can’t even breathe in that place from the lack of space and the lack of fresh air. And so this place is affecting immensely my mental health. Making me choke into my throat many times.

And after, I expressed my pain, he said, “look, I want to be honest with you Konstantin. The council does not....

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On the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Never Forget who created TRUMP – Liberal Media camouflaged once as genie of Good and once as genie of Evil.

“Today is a reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile. To preserve it requires people of good will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to pursuit of power and personal interest at any cost, but to the common good.“

Joe Biden @JoeBiden, 07 01 2020.

Before feeling overwhelmed with a false happiness, we should ask ourselves, How did we come to this point, where we saw a new Nazi politician settting children into cages, abusing power openly and swearing at anti fascist groups so proudly?

Yes, this is how it always happens. And the answer is similar to the thinking of Joe Biden.

That is, when we do not have fair and just people to preserve democracy. We also do not have people of good will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to pursuit of power and personal interest at any cost, but to the common good.

So, just like Biden said. When we do not have as such people to hold up our values democracy falls.

But why and how does this happen? How comes that our world falls into evil and into wrong just like that?

Let me say that democracy begins by holding up the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality. And it ends from the abuse of as such ideals.

And thus by thinking in this way, we go to those who pretend hold up as such ideals from big screens and those who have the power to abuse as such ideals from the same big screens. That are those who are in control of information.

And in order for us to understand better those, who speak like BIG BROTHERS from big screens, let us return a little bit back in time and see who created TRUMP.

For example, in the last decades, the genii or journalists of liberal media, who were in control of 95% of all human information, showed to have developed a “PENCHANT” for human attention. That meant they wanted at all costs to catch human attention. And increase media profits by all means.

And they also saw that by attacking immigrants and minorities. And linking immigrants and minorities to crime, and all the problems of western world, this increased immensely their TV views, their media clicks and their subscriptions.

Information, on the other hand, was controlled with a religious fanaticism by the same western Genii. And this form of thinking created a strain of thinking in the universal soul of humanity and a demand for change of whatever form.

So, Trump was born by the religious fanatics  of Western Liberal Media camouflaged once as Genie of good and once as Genie of evil.

How does this happen one may ask, and why?

The genii of Western world after studying journalisms and politics, they quickly enter into the world of media and power. Just like that through a school diploma and artificial values.

These Western Genii, however, are always taught to tout the values of their media policies and media bosses. Rather than tout human values.

And this happens so because these western Genii are discovered by the Western Aladdins, that are super paid media editors or billionaire media owners.

And the Western Aladdins, media editors and media owners, hold a Wonderful Lamp in their hands. That is, media power.

Thus, the Aladdins bring genii out of their lamp to make the world a mess by once representing truth through the good genie and once representing evil by spreading lies and hatred through the genii, that represents or that is camouflaged as evil for the time being.

In short, on the Inauguration Day of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We must never forget to...

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Can we ever share all what we have with others? Read a moral value from a true story

In the recent months, I have been plunged deep into depression, over stress, and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

And this pain has been caused by a calculated psychological and emotional abuse created by the Hammersmith and Fulham council. A powerful local government who have continually threatened and abused me  through different ways. Which I have already explained in my previous blogs. And which I have resisted up to the point of suicide.

So what is the story?

Last week I borrowed £300 from a friend. As I was badly struggling for food and the necessary things of living.

Tesco store in Bayswater, London.

Now, on a Saturday morning, 16 01 2021, as I was walking in Bayswater London, a homeless woman broke my heart by saying, "Can you buy me something to eat."

In this moment even though, I knew that what I had were borrowed money, still I couldn't deny the fact that I have something.

So I replied to her saying, what do you want to eat?

The homeless woman still begging for support to a cruel city.

She said, "Can I have a Swiss Roll."

I didn't understand at the beginning what she meant. So I replied, Sorry what is it?

Smiling in pain, she said,
"I can show you."

And as we headed towards a Tesco store that was just a few meters away. She added suddenly, "It's my birthday today."

Bayswater London

Damn I said to myself, how hard that our lives are here at the very bottom. And no one even bothers to try and understand us.

"Oh, happy birthday," I said. I didn't know what to say more. But her smile was all over her face. As she said, thank you.

So we entered into the Tesco store. And what this brilliant woman with a deep pain wanted was a £1 Swiss Roll.
We went up to the till. I paid and we left outside. Where we wished well to each other.

A Swiss Roll all what a homeless woman asked me!

What is the moral of the story here?

I shared with her the money that I had borrowed for myself from friends. That's the point. So I ask, "Can we share what we have with others? Would we ever rise up to the idea of humanity and what is human? Or remain forever in half humans, greedy and over ambitious and totally selfish?

Can we ever understand the fact that we all come from our mother earth and it is this all-nourishing mother that provides everything for us?

So why not share what you have?

Now it is in sharing and....

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Riots set Capitol Hill in Flames, – As it happened the Intelligent Senators, who abused truth and human goodness, found themselves in trouble cowering from a Mad Trump Mob!

Truth and goodness are holy. So, if you play with them, you play with humanity.

[caption id="attachment_4363" align="alignnone" width="690"] US senators cowering from the hatred that they sowed.[/caption]

But Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other hallucinating US senators by protesting the official US election results, they played with good and truth. And with the ideal of humanity. Twisting and turning truth as they wished in front of our eyes and shamelessly so. Sowing resentment and hatred with lies for the sake of will to sick power. 

Now, to be honest hate and lies for Trump are nothing new. For we have seen plenty of 4 years of hatred and discrimination and abuse of power by Donald Trump.

[caption id="attachment_4364" align="alignnone" width="690"] 6th January Capitol Hill, police trying to stop the Trump mob![/caption]

For for plenty of four years we saw many a bad action in the US politics. We saw Trump setting children in cages in the US, discriminating against muslims. Killing innocent people around the world by dropping bombs from the air. Like dropping flower petals on the heads of innocent people in Middle EAST and elsewhere. Betraying the Kurds, who fought so hard terrorism on our behalf.

And we saw Trump trying to bribe the Ukrainian president to investigate a political opponent while in power. As well as ignoring the facts that said that Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing American troops. And other coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Therefore, all what I said above are just some of the facts that show Donald Trump to have abused power together with the majority of the wolves of the Republican senators.

Now, as if what Donald Trump did in office was not enough, he went so far with his ego as to appeal for hate and violence in the USA. With his love for the proud boys and his inclination for conspiracy theories. He thought he was set for victory over truth and over good by endlessly spilling conspiracy theories about official election results on Twitter. And across the social media.

[caption id="attachment_3419" align="alignnone" width="379"] Trump on 15 11 2020 showing his hatred for Anti Fascist groups and supporting unconditionally his fascist supporters.[/caption]


 So, since Trump lost to Joe Biden in the November 2020 election, he has been stoking flames of violence by quoting the worst conspiracy theories ever on his social media empire. And backing the braindead right wing followers to keep supporting their great prophet of hatred called, Donald Trump!

And with these proud boys, who don’t even know the meaning of being human, try to overturn a fair election. The will of millions of people. And the essence of democracy. Taunting American values around the world,. And turning America into the ridicule of the new world.


[caption id="attachment_4366" align="alignnone" width="690"] Trump fans defending conspiracy theories of their president![/caption]

Antifa is a Terrorist Organisation, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!
10:25 PM · Jan 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Donald Trump said on Twitter on 5th January 2021.

[caption id="attachment_4371" align="alignnone" width="564"] Trump here contently, like a pig, he tweets from the Oval Office. After he had watched plenty of footages showing the escalation of violence on Capitol Hill.[/caption]

So, it wasn’t only the love for fascist groups but and the hatred for anti fascists that made Trump a distinct fascist politician. Sick for power and violence.

Trump, however, wasn’t alone for he was followed in his madness by the “Sanchos” of the USA. Like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other disciples, who followed the hallucinating mad thinking of Donald Trump all the way to the end of Trump’s daydreaming.


However, it happened that this mendacious daydream ended after the Trump mob, incited and versed with conspiracy theories from their president, stormed Capitol Hill. Setting it in the flames of violence and gun smoke. Events that left five people dead and many others injured.


[caption id="attachment_4367" align="alignnone" width="690"] Trump mob inside the senate![/caption]

Further, Riots did not only destroy the daydream of the mad prophet, Donald Trump. For they also gave a clear message to those Intelligent Senators, who abused truth and human goodness by twisting and turning truth and goodness as they liked. For they found themselves in trouble cowering from a Mad Trump Mob! And fearing for their lives like wet chickens running away hastily from the pellets of hailstones and the fear of thunderbolts. 

Now, it happened that straight after the incident, the bully Trump issued a statement saying to those who stormed Capitol Hill, “We love you and go home.”

And hours later, the bully Trump turned foxy and issued another video statement appealing for the same people to be brought to justice. It is funny. Eh?

And more funny than this, however, it is the sick will for power of men.

For Jim Jordan, who rallied like a mad ox to overturn the official election result, also issued a statement condemning the Trump mob. A mob that he had two months that he educated, led and riled them up with hatred and lies.

Rep. Jim Jordan
Americans support peaceful protests, First Amendment activity, and the men and women of law enforcement.
What happened today is wrong and is not what America is about.
10:50 PM · Jan 6, 2021·Twitter Web App

At the end, we come to the philosophical conclusion that shows that the ego of certain politicians is too funny. For they go up to a point where they incite hate, kill people and set the world on fire. And when their EGO is done with all evil. Then they turn their eyes towards human values. And pray for peace!

But then it is too late, gentlemen, for a prayer!

So, justice can be done in this case by bringing the....

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My First Letter of Suicide Sent to Hammersmith and Fulham Council on 08 12 2020 in Protest of their forms of Abuse and Oppression and Bullying

Letter of Suicide. As a Protest for Council’s policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people. 24 hours from now I will protest by creating consciously suicidal thoughts and acting towards suicide.

Dear Chief Executive of the Hammersmith and Fulham council and dear, you other well paid organisers of discrimination and oppression,

I asked for support a few months ago. I didn’t ask you to put me through hell and abuse me with your corrupt ways of thinking and policies.
For, in two occasions, I was pushed to suicide by the conditions that you as council created. Like by throwing me outside of my temporary accommodation with all my belongings. Just like that with a very short notice. And using me like a lifeless object in many other circumstances. That have already been noted.

Now, when as such thoughts were created because of the circumstances and conditions, that you as a council created. I always stated a fact. And never asked for anything in turn. Nor am I asking you for anything in turn this time. Never. I prefer to live outside in the street rather than ask something in turn of something.

For I prefer to give not to take.

So I am sending a letter of suicide as a protest for some points which show clearly that your policies are wrong and therefore evil. And even though it is very hard for me to think consciously of suicide, as this stirs my stomach and pushes me a step further to the end. I will do this, the hardest thing I have ever done, as a protest against your cruelty, prejudice and inhumanity that you as a council show and have showed in these months.

That means, for the next 24 hours I will think consciously of suicide, search for places where I can commit suicide and send photos live via emails to you.

Why will I do this extreme form of protest?

First, as I was supported from you, I observed a fact. That means, I saw that you would support people and then suddenly cancel their accommodation. This made me see real pain, made me see people in tears who would fall on the floor from pain, cry and scream and shout. Because you would play with them. And use people like lifeless objects. Like unworthy commodities. To me this was CRUELTY. To you this may be humanity.

Secondly, I saw you as a council work with certain agencies that discriminate against the poor in their ads by saying. That they do not accept housing benefit recipients. Landlord’s mortgage/insurance prohibits renting to Housing Benefit recipients.

So the same people and agencies who discriminate against the poor, and bring us to this condition, the same people are being super paid by the council. And you as council overpay them for this service of discrimination. Increasing rent prices and making DISCRIMINATION a LAW.

So, for this I will protest.

Thirdly, you also seem to employ racist and prejudiced people that instead of trying to understand our pain. Create shameful lies to push us to suicide. This fact was fully proved and sent to you in my previous letter. For racist comments and shameful lies were given in writing by your racist CPA. A narrow-minded and prejudiced racist and shameful lier.

So, for this I will protest as well.

My fourth point of protest is the fact that you do not provide lower rent for people in need of housing. And hence you have created a suicidal environment into our borough, where the richest are only supported.
In this way creating tensions and strains of thinking in our minds that make depression and anxiety the only outcome for us.

Fifth point, I do not see you as council creating educative campaigns that fight domestic violence through educative and leading ideas. Which intend to make people aware of certain common sense form of thinking that forms the bases of being human. So to support education by promoting education instead of focusing only on oppression.

I see you as council collecting a dozen different forms of taxes, when we work, suck out our blood. And live like kings for yourselves. With the Chief Executive of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kim Smith, taking £1,69000 per year to discriminate against the poor. Paid by the very poor to discriminate the very poor.

I would not stand for that. I would not stand for these horrible and abhorring council policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people.

We see very well how oppression works from top-down and bottom-up of today intelligent machinery politics.
It is evident that if we lived in a just world, you would not be the people of the council. But people who are tried on courts for creating conditions that abuse human basic rights. And torment civilised people with criminal council policies.

For this, during the coming 24 hours, I will....

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The spirit of resistance says, dear Boris Johnson before thinking of a new national lockdown think first of all the mental health issues that it will bring on us, please!

The Soul of Humanity is seething from Mental Problems.
Isolation has shrunk many of us into a depressive state of mind.

Most of our living places are tiny, narrow, depressing and suffocating. And we barely get any fresh air from as such living places.

And further, we see every single day many house mates that we used to see only for Christmas. So bringing us closer to conflict rather than love.

And thus we have crowded into our shared houses, temporary accommodations and stifling places. And look like dizzy flies hovering above hot milk.

As a result subconsciously from isolation and the heat of the moment, we get hit hard in the head. And thus one after another we are developing mental health issues. That were unknown to us before the national locdowns and social isolations.

So, all what I am saying is please consider first the side effects that as such national Locdowns will bring.

For the spirit of resistance says, dear Boris Johnson before thinking of a new national lockdown think first of all the mental health issues that it will bring on us, please!

For perhaps these lockdowns, that you announce so easy from your palatial accommodations, will bring more problems to our....

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We demand justice, we demand fairness, we demand equality, and we demand Human Dignity for All – This, I think, must be the cry and motto of 2021!


2020 and Coronavirus or Covid-19 brought to light the historical pain that ever existed between master and slave. Or rich and poor.

[caption id="attachment_4156" align="alignnone" width="690"] Homeless Man sleeping rough in Bayswater London on the 31st December 2020.[/caption]



And I say that because I've seen first hand real pain and anguish in the city where I live called, London. And I have gone myself through tremendous mental pressure, anguish, stress and deep human pain. Where mental break downs, heavy depression, and anxiety due to the bad conditions of living were simply impossible to avoid.

And in the middle of this torment of the spirit, suffering, heartache, distress, and anguish of the oppressed, like myself. I realised or more exactly I lived this theory that we learn in political and philosophical books.

A theory that speak of ideas that exist to interconnect the oppressed and the oppressors. The weak and the strong. Like it is for example this form of interconnection that come from the idea of economy and money power.

In short, the oppressed showed to be vulnerable. Too vulnerable and powerless and exposed to hunger, great distress and extreme poverty by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the rich simply saw our Covid-19 pandemic as a moment of escape and relaxation. As ever thinking in style from their money power. And partying in style from the economic power that they control. Consuming champaign and drinking old quality French wines! 


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="265"]           The rich party in style, always![/caption]


So, during the Covid-19 pandemic the poor were shaken profoundly in the core of their existence by this form of historical injustice. That ever existed between the rich and the poor in our historical England.

Like how, what do I mean?

For example, the Poor were left crowding in stifling isolations afflicted by Covid-19 to grieve their miserable, joyless and destitute fate in their poverty and isolation of the worst forms possible.

The poor were reduced to living in tiny, suffocating and overcrowded accommodations, where panic attacks would repeat with every breath.  and unknown mental problems would crop up unexpectedly out of nowhere! 

Reduced to homelessness. Queueing in food banks. Hordes of people living together sharing the same spaces. Pushed to conflict and domestic violence.
And counting pennies for their food on the table. This was and still is the pain of the poor that has come as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Madness.

This happened and still happens, however, from a deep and profound injustice created as a result of a historical unfairness and inequality. That has created a big galling gap between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor.

James Dyson sucking money power through his business. And allowed to avoid paying a fair share of his taxes to the U.K!

On the other side of thinking, the rich, unaffected by the pandemic, checked for places they could go to get away from London or even leave the UK all together. Leaving London and the UK in hurry!

Looking forward to sunny and summery days. To spend their money in peace!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"] Lady Eliza Manners and other socialites! For as such people isolation does not exist![/caption]


Gracious Jesus! How sweet that it is inequality, injustice and unfairness in our UK? And no one even ever bothers to even call this into question!

Or call into question our Values? Or our human rights?

So, the same rich people, who made their money by exploiting our today masses. And extorted the wretched and the poor working classes, now, in the middle of the Pandemic, they never gave up their thinking for a good life!

And this thinking for a good life in the middle of a misery and pain of course that it comes from the fact that they have. And the fact is that they have too much...

But what about those who have nothing, but their souls?  And count pennies for their food in order to keep their soul alive on our gracious and all-loving mother earth?

The rich as a matter of fact by looking to leave the same London, that they exploited and extorted through different manipulating ways. Like through tax avoidance. The rich by thinking and doing as we said above, they refused to share the responsibility of the human existence and socialism.

For a matter of fact, the oppressed and extorted working classes deserved to see the rich in these hard moments by their side. Like, say, we to see them stay here and give a hand to support those vulnerable people that were reduced to poverty, food banks and pain. Like myself and many other fellow citizens of London.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"] Homeless man has left his place, where he slept rough in Bayswater London.[/caption]


So, the injustice of today saddens your soul, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. And we still forget to remember our rights. Our Rights. The rights of socialism and of our human existence.

And that's what we must never give up and think more than ever in 2021. And die on behalf of these rights not die killing and oppressing each other.

Hence, we must fall for and stand for our human rights and our human ideals.

For I prefer suicide or standing up till I die or lose my mind fighting for my rights over the Oppression and abuse of my constitutional human rights. And human Dignity.

Therefore, in the middle of this pandemic and pain, I dare say that in 2021 we should think different.

And never forget to say or remember that

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