Another woman, another human being abused by the policies and the lack of support of London’s Local Governments – read the story and the pain of Hannah Smith

On 8 February 2021, at approximately 19:00 p.m, it was a freezing weather outside. And I was begging a kind employee of the hotel, where I live, to not call the police. And therefore not evict Hannah Smith, – a single woman that Kensington and Chelsea Council seemed to have cancelled her accommodation since early in the morning of that day. 

And thus the council had evicted her without letting her know about her next living place. 

 But sooner or later, the hall of the hotel would be closed. So no matter how kind a person is. Work is work. And we can’t ask those, who work, to break their rules of work. But we can ask those, who make “cruel policies” to abuse the oppressed working classes, to smash to pieces their cruelty.

The latter is we what can ask and demand.  And this is what I still ask and demand.  “Smash to pieces your cruel policies, gentlemen of the body politic of London Town.”

At this instant, however, as I live the agony of seeing a single woman being evicted cruelly and meanly by her council, I also see more clearly the bigger picture of the pain and abuse of the body politic of London governments. 

For by becoming aware of the fact, that people from different councils shared the same place and went through the same pain. Then, I understood that some mean, cruel and evil policies of the “body politic” of the London governments seem to be the same all over London. 

 I mean here of policies that use people, like lifeless objects. Like by cancelling their accommodations just like that. Evicting people from their temporary accommodations without any human feeling at all. And leaving people from the morning up to the evening homeless or forever homeless. Like by ending their accommodations. And playing with people like playing tennis. 

And people being here reduced to a tennis ball! What other forms of evil am I seeing?

Other similar mean, cruel and evil policies are policies that show London governments work with agencies that discriminate against the poor. Policies that do not give  people tenancy rights. And policies that on purpose do not give to people affordable housing prices.  

So far, however, I have told you stories that I have seen with my eyes. Myself being pushed to suicide by the continual abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham Council. Women crying and pulling their hairs in despair, men dying from the bad treatment of Hammersmith and Fulham Council. And people literally suffering from the inhumanity of the London governments.

Therefore,  in this story, I would like to give the example of a woman called Hannah Smith and that gave me her permission to speak about her story. 

So, on the evening of 8th February 2021 at approximately 18:30 p.m, 

I wanted to enter the hall of the hotel, where I live in central London. To read something and try to calm down my feelings. 

However, a woman was staying there. And didn’t seem to want to go out of that place. 

So, I knock on the door and I ask, “Excuse me, are you going to stay long?”

She answers and says that she is waiting for a phone call. And as we exchange a few more sentences and I understand that she had been evicted by her council many times. And she had gone through the same pain that I had gone through from a different council. Then she asks me to sit down and have a chat. 

So, and so, as I STAND in front of her, hearing her story, that had suffer from domestic abuse. Sharing something which myself I have suffered many times in London. And as I hear her, I feel to want to cry and scream and my eyes are watered with tears.

Then, I ask Hannah how she feels, and she answers that she feels extremely disturbed by the treatment of the council in the last few weeks. 

In hearing this, my mind overflows with multiple sharp feelings of pain that burn like fire. 

And I bring back to my mind all the suffer and pain that I had to endure at the hands of the cruel Landlord of Hammersmith and Fulham Council for over 9 months.

And here, the tempests of a suicidal feeling of oversensitivity pervade my soul. And that is the feeling of 9 months of psychological and emotional abuse received from my local government. Hammersmith and Fulham council. That was supposed to give my rights. Not taunt and ridicule my pain. 

All she had was a Rolling Luggage and a few rags.

So, I ask Hannah to forgive me, and I drink some water to make myself feel better.

Then after drinking some water and taking a deep breathe, I ask Hannah to tell me a little bit about herself. Or how she feel, so I can write a story about her. 

And let people know that there is not only me or only a few people suffering from the dangerous and brutal policies of the body politic of the London governments.

So Hannah begins to express herself by speaking in a very intelligent and human way.

 “My name is Hannah Smith, I am a British citizen and a human being” she says. “And I am in a legal state of emergency homelessness. And I am entitled, according to our human rights, to safe and secure accommodation. 

Appropriate for a woman. Single woman. Who has fled dangerous domestic situation.”

Then she pauses, takes a deep breath, which shows to express a budding feeling of anxiety and suffer from the ordeal that she is going through. And as she speaks, I continue to note what she says on my phone. 

“I currently have no home or safe dwelling in which to reside in my country of birth,” continues to say Hannah passionately as if wanting to demand her own rights.”

I applied for a section 7 application as recommended by the national domestic abuse organisation.”

Here I interrupt Hannah a little and ask her,  “How do you feel now that they are not calling you to tell you about your accommodation for tonight?

And she replies:

“I feel awful that this is my situation as a British citizen.

I feel utterly completely unresponsible for my situation of destitution.”

Then, I ask Hannah again, “Now, in seeing yourself treated in this bad way by the council, how do you feel in your emotional state?

And Hannah replied by saying, “I feel angry at the injustice of the council and at their failure to fulfil my human rights. Particularly my human rights to stay alive.”

Then she pauses, and a few seconds later adds with a sore timber of voice a more painful idea that seems to pervade her inner thinking:

“If I leave this property without accommodation this evening, I will die – raped or murdered as a single woman with nowhere to reside. And forced to sleeping rough,” She said. 

Then again, I ask, Hannah,m How do you feel towards the U.K authorities?

And she says that, “I feel disgusted towards them, and the treatment of the British citizens, and of other people in the similar situation, entitled to help.

I am appalled in seeing that it is so difficult for the British citizens, born in this country and with no other nationality,

  to pursue their rights. That are laid down according to the British legislation.”

Pausing here, as I was noting down what she said and asking her how she feels, and adding:

“And I am concerned about my survival.

If I leave this property without accommodation, I will die as a result of being raped or murdered as a single woman.“

So we see here, that even though, Hannah does not say the word fear, she shows to fear for her life. We see that even though she is proud and refuses to bring to mind any mental problem. Still the way she is stressed and the way she is treated points to a certain direction. That is mental strain, depression and mental deterioration if the London local governments continue to maltreat her. Or anyone else in as such situation. 

 And Hanna’s concluding sentence is “I am very sad sad that somebody has died as a result of the stress caused by homelessness.” She was referring to Agim Sefaj, a man that Hammersmith and Fulham council caused his death. Thing which In witnessed and saw happen.

Further, in speaking to Hannah a few things made me worry a lot. 

For also, I felt like being at the 1984 of Orwell. For she is so proud that she doesn’t want to be stigmatised by the social services as having mental problems.

And she is right to think so. As myself, in telling to Hammersmith and Fulham council that I am going through a deep depression and over anxiety and I am over worried for my accommodation as a result of your threats and abuse. They, Hammersmith and Fulham council, bullied, harassed and taunted met pain in the most shameful and horrible way. That resulted in me taking suicidal actions.  

However, here is the problem. If we do not express our pain honestly, do you ever think that we will ever be able to understand our pain?

Nevertheless, I conclude, that it is better keeping your pain within then sharing it with people like the abusive people of Hammersmith and Fulham council. People who will use your pain and turn it against you.

This is my last tweet, when I found out that finally Hannah was placed in a new temporary accommodation. Thing which made me emotional and depressive in the same time. As I had been for a few hours in the agony of anxiety. As I didn’t want a single women to be thrown outside in cold and freezing weather. with all her belongings. And I stood there at the reception until she left. Even offering my phone for her cab. 

After many hours of struggle, stress & my tears, finally Hannah found accommodation for tonight What About tomorrow? No one knows her fate She is calling a taxi. But has only £10. I offered to give a £5 from my food money. She accepted only 2. #Westminster #COVIDー19 #london


My last sentence, I am still waiting for our rights to not be abused, and people of power to be held accountable for the pain that they cause.

Justice for all, please!




Hannah told me that she had contacted The Times, and she was confident that they will write something! Oh wait! Is the story of any interest for the paper? How much do they make? And if they don’t make money, is it worthy to write pain and truth and hold power accountable? 

These are some of the questions that media monopolies make before writing a story. That is, they are not interested in truth and pain but in making money controlling truth and pain. And drowning out the new human voices that want to tear their body from the pain of oppression.