A 20-year-old killed with a Glass beer bottle in an Illegal Rave in South Bermondsey, London. The Media Monopolies do not name or condemn the organisers who make MONEY from Misery and Death

A friend of my housemate was present at the illegal party where a 20-year-old was killed. He came to sleep last night to my house and said to me in the morning: I saw a big scuffle inside the warehouse beside Millwall stadium in South Bermondsey, London.

And then a few seconds later, he said, I saw a bloodbath with the victim stabbed with a broken glass beer bottle.

It makes me wonder though how BBC, the Independent and The Sun cover the crime. Without any condemnation for the organisers. And as if everything is part of the new normal for which we have police taking care of it. And we should do nothing to change this!

Just another crime scene, basically! The new normal, where media and police earn salaries and people butcher each other.

So, how shall we understand this?

Photo from the crime scene.

As a matter of fact young and old people want to party and get off the stress. The stress of the pandemic, and the stress of living in big towns, where isolation has destroyed people’s psychology. Far from nature and far from free movement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, I understand to some point illegal raves or illegal parties. People want to shed stress and depression. And I understand the pain of the people.

But tell me this, tell me of the greed and of the inhumanity of the organisers of a such illegal parties. Who organise a party in a warehouse, charge thousands of people £20 per entrance. That means hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

And at the end, they sell glass beer bottles instead of plastic beer bottles? What name can we call this?

So first of all organisers of as such parties are there for big profit not for people. They are there to make money from misery and death. And should be condemned and called out for this. 

And secondly, they have not cared at all of the human lives by selling glass beer bottles.

So then, we understand that as such people who seek ways to make money from misery and death should be indicted for being complicit  in the murder of the 20 year old. That was killed with a glass beer bottle. 

And the organisers should be named publicly and their instagram accounts shut down.

Photo from the crime scene

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