A Dark Day for our world, A War Criminal and a Murderer, Boris Johnson, has Become the new Prime Minister of the U.K

Boris Johnson has won by a landslide the leadership of the Conservative party. He beat Jeremy Hunt with 66.4% percent of the vote in the ballot. And on Wednesday, 24th July 2019, he formally became the new prime minister of the U.K. Sad for our world though.


“Well, but what if Jeremy Hunt had won?” you may ask.  There would have been the same outcome. Almost the same way of thinking. For in an imperialist power, like the U.K, it is the system that thinks not the individual. Here politics say “SYSTEM THINKS.”


Of course, in this point we say that it is the world of the strongest, of criminals, and of murderers. It is the world of the people that lie, that instigate hatred by dividing the world according to their economic interest.  So our world belongs to as such people. But as always, these INTELLIGENT people preach a better ECONOMY!

So we know from past history that our world belongs to either political murderers or street murderers. And we see that today, knives in the streets. Guns in the hands of the police. Bombs and heavy artillery in the hands of army.


Boris Johnson won the vote of the Conservative party and the hearts and the votes of the people back in 2016 by preaching the same evil values. Evil Values of hate, division and the evil values of “lies.”



But he wasn’t alone. He was part of a wave of racist and bigoted thinking in the U.K that wanted more Money and Power. And better economics for them. That’s why I say that in politics is “SYSTEM THINKS.” For Boris, this hired murderer by the rich, wasn’t alone, was he? Did he invent every kind of brexit idea himself? Eh? No.


So division, hatred, oppression, exploitation and even wars and murder for the sake of a better economy! Good isn’t it?

The strongest demand to eat more and so it should be by force and evil rhetorics. In all human history the same. No change whatsoever.  Politicians come and go. But the system remains the same “THE SYSTEM wages wars and does every evil thing possible on earth for a better ECONOMY for the RICH.


Why isn’t politics separated from economics, you may ask?

No, politics have been and are and will be all about the economics of a certain imperialist power or country.


Wasn’t he Che Guevara himself who said that Politics is not separated from economics at one of his works?


So then we see that all wars are waged for economic power. And all the murders of innocent people across the planet by imperialist powers, such as is the U.K, are committed for as such reason.


And further we have the just judges and the courts of our Western world defending and protecting the interest of the upper classes in a perfect way!


So, firstly, a while ago, it was a decision of some just judges at London’s High Court Hearing that disregarded the claims that Boris Johnson had abused power. And overturned another decision, that had been taken by different judges to make Boris Johnson face these claims in court on the 29 May 2019.


One here may ask, “Why should a WAR CRIMINAL, Boris Johnson, face justice? He is a man of upper classes. And the greedy, moody, braindead barbarians of the London courts, you think are ever going to stand with the oppressed? When they themselves are part of the oppressors?


That’s absurd. That’s like my  decade-long appeal against the corruption of U.K media. For the latter in turn for my appeal against their News Monopolies, they oppressed my rights and my ideas. And drowned out my voice.


(LONDON (Reuters) – Judges at London’s High Court on Friday threw out an attempt to prosecute Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, for allegedly lying about Brexit.)


Secondly, here we also have the entire Conservative party including Boris Johnson that collaborated in the murders that they committed in Yemen by supporting Saudi Arabia. Or the murders that they have committed by supporting Israel continuously.


Finally, we have the full support for Boris Johnson, who abused his power clearly by lying openly in regard to the figures that the U.K gives to Brussels. When in truth the U.K benefits more from the EU than it gives.


Anyways, when you have to pick a leader among a pack of wolves, whoever that you may vote to make him or her a new leader, he still would be a wolf. For there is no better choice. It is the system that makes the rules.


In short, the Conservative party has blood in its hands like the Nazi party. They have committed mass murders in the middle East in the last decade. And Boris Johnson was raised in this fold of Imperialist murderers.


However, in the U.K no one is caring! And no one is bothered! And why should we bother?


Why should people care of anything wrong or just? Highly paid journalists motivated by money power brainwash the world every day. The just judges rule in the courts of the U.K like the Nazi judges. And at last we say, “Hurray for power.”


It doesn’t really matter anymore who wins the leadership of a certain imperialist power. Or who becomes the next prime minister.


They all turn out to become MURDERERS. For they are raised in a fold of murderers. That means they are trained to murder for MONEY and on behalf of the ECONOMIC Power of the POWERFUL. And Boris Johnson is already guilty of the murderers that have been committed in Yemen and Palestine while he was serving.

So let us demand from Boris Johnson RESPONSIBILITY for the murders of the innocent people in Yemen and Palestine that have been committed by the British guns and British army tactics and military support. Then let us also see if he is as such FAIR and GOOD politicians as he is portrayed by the NEWS MONOPOLIES of the U.K.

Hurray then for Party in Mayfair, Soho and Ibiza and the idolization of Murderers.