‘Every time that I close my eyes, I feel like this is going to be the last time that I will breathe consciously. Not because I don’t like living anymore. But, because questions keep coming and answers keep declining. However, I still keep going through the storm of evil that pervades the history of human beings.’ So speaketh the Creator of the new values.

‘We live in an evil world. We are making an evil history everyday.

Can’t you see it? Can’t you see? Open your eyes dear folks of today and think consciously now and here, for that action would be good for all of us ’ So speaketh the Creator to thee.

‘Many a time I keep asking myself.’ Says the Creator. ‘ I ask myself;

Is this the world of ours? A world of surfeit and starvation! A world of demand by the lords and supply for the lords! A world of lords! A world of feudal lords and lamentable serfs that live in a misery! This is the today unfortunately!’ says the Creator, ‘Our world is the world of millions of homeless people and big media bosses that side with the ruling classes! These Big Media moguls speak no truth though. Do they?’ So speaketh the Creator of the new values.

‘I keep asking myself. He says. ‘Is this our world? Is it?

A world where inequality has reached its most extreme point! A world of a few billionaires and billions of slaves that work for their food on the table! A world of slaves and masters. A world of madness! A world of lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty.’ So speaketh the Creator of values.


‘Is this our world? If so,’ says the Creator, ‘then let me kill myself for real. Here and now. And finish. Once and forever! Does it sound good to you? If you say what? I say yes to sacrifice, goodness, and greatness,’ says the Creator. ‘

I have to suicide. I have to kill myself and make the sheep aware. Or commit a suicide attack on the evil values of the present day world, and so let those of a sheep consciousness know what it takes to be a human.’

‘I keep asking myself.’ Says the Creator. ‘Is this what you call love? A world of porn stars and lords that buy and sell women! A world that is full of escorts! A world of prostitutes and pimps! Is this our world? So speaketh the Creator of the new values.


‘Then I wait for answers, but no answer come.’ He says.

‘So, I answer myself to my questions. And I say. That if Marx and Engels said that without woman’s liberation there is no human liberation. Then I say, that with women’s degeneration, there is human degeneration.’ So speaketh the Creator of the new values to thee.

‘And I keep answering to myself,’ he says.

‘And that’s why these miserable masses of Europe and USA are sleeping and working like sheep. Because they give them drugs and they feel good with drugs. They give them work and they feel good working day and night like slaves for their food on the table and so keep their spirit alive. They give them porn and they love porn. They love to sell their daughters and watch their sold daughters have sex on big TVs! They love to see their daughters opening their legs on big TV screens! The folks of now that have no feeling and sense of being and humanity.’ So speaketh the Creator of the new values.


‘And yes I keep answering to myself.’ He says.


‘They give them wars,’ He says ‘and they love wars. They say to them hate migrants and they hate migrants. Forgetting that we are all migrants in this planet. Forgetting that we all come from this dust, water and mud mixed with one another. And we shall return to this dust, water and mud. But it was supposed to live in peace and harmony.’ So speaketh the Creator. ‘It was supposed to live in grace and love. It was supposed to be so but out there is nothing as such.’ So He answers again to himself.


‘And I keep answering to my questions unceasingly.’ The creator continues to speaketh.

‘All the evil that you see happens because the degenerated and unhappy masses of Europe and USA are unconscious of being on earth. Their ruling classes fool them. And in fooling them they can easily exploit these working classes from where they take their soldiers. And so they can keep under slavery the weak nations that they bully with their evil, military power, and their working classes as well.’ So speaketh the Creator.


And He keeps answering to himself.


‘The suffering masses of Europe and America’ He says, ‘they think that freedom means freedom for Europe and America. They think that love means love for Europe and America. They seem to have forgotten the past history. The 12lve million slaves that they forcefully dragged around Africa. The 12lve million slaves that they kidnapped from Africa and sent in America to build it upon slavery. And other world’s slaves that they used to built up modern day Europe and America.’ So answers the Creator to himself.


‘And now these European and American masters again and again turn their guns against the world just like they did in the past.

But, these weak nations; these weak folks, what have they done to these Europeans and Americans to live this great injustice?’ Thus the Creator makes a question to himself and he adds another question, ‘What have they done to these powerful and greedy Germans also? What?


‘The Germans seems that they have forgotten the seven million Jews that they gassed, massacred and killed mercilessly with their own hands. And it happened not long ago. Some people are still alive and remember the terror and the greatest evil of all times – the Nazi evil.’ So answers to himself the Creator of values.


‘So that’s why we live in a misery and hatred.’ Answers the Creator to himself again. ‘Human struggle for freedom in a world divided by nations. The Refugees are getting drowned in the see. Little children are being washed ashore. And people are still protesting against immigrants in Europe and America! But isn’t it European and American politics that generated these crisis?’


Thus wondering and with true human pain, the Creator keeps answering to himself.


‘But they forgot the simple past tense, what they just did and the past participle; what they have done to the world in the past.


They forgot the past French terror and slaves that they forced to work for them. They forgot the English terror, first and second empire that they built upon slavery and exploitation. They forgot all the English, French and German evil. And now they are pointing their finger towards the weakest people- the refugees and the oppressed classes or Muslims.’ So answers the Creator to himself.


‘But at least we have equality here in our beautiful western world! Have we? Asks the Creator and then He himself answers to his questions thus;

‘Is this what you, suffering masses and masters, call equality? A world where suffering masses are exploited by the few at the top? Are you crazy! Or are you scared of these machine-like humans that protect the ruling classes almost in all human history? The lumpenproletariat of now! The dehumanized and mechanical beings of past and now that show, but a history of pain, shame and disgust!’


‘Always, It is we the people that make history.’ Answers to himself the Creator. ‘But the people of the today instead of preparing a revolution, they are sleeping. People of the today look in a dormant state. People of the today are hibernating just like bears hibernate for half of the year.’


‘War on terror is going on and on.’ The Creator answers and makes questions to himself. ‘Wars are continuing and continuing! Why are these wars continuing? Why are these Big Powers saying that war is peace? Why did Vladimir Lenin say that in the future the world would be shared between the big powers?

Why were the Russians pulling for years one side of the Syrian people and the innocent Westerners the other side? Why?’ thus asks and answers to himself the Creator of the new values.


‘Why did Orwell say that in 1984 Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia quarrel for these nations in between them? And isn’t that fiction becoming reality? Isn’t that ideal happening just now? Aren’t the big powers quarreling for these nations that are in between them?’ so questions himself the Creator and then he answers to himself again thus;


‘You see how it goes? History repeats itself. Eternal recurrence of evil doings. Disgusting is all human history. Disgusting is the now too. We have no goodness, no honesty, no truthfulness, no peace and no democracy in the world. We have no values. We have a “yes” nothing. We have nothing that makes a human a human. We are doomed by the few at the top. So wake up you present day sheep of the world! Wake up!’ so does appeal the Creator to the world that sleeps deep like sheep!


‘I can’t stand anymore these lies that come from everywhere. As truth remains buried underworld with dead gods, dead ghosts and dead politics.’ speaketh the Creator again to himself and his heart.


‘I can’t stand anymore these ugly and shameful values of the present day world. We have no values anyways. And a world with no values is but a world of the wild and the mad. A world where everything is permitted and life is not worthy of living. A world without meaning! A life that makes no sense! And the animal-humans that refuse to make sense. Refuse to overcome themselves. Refuse to become what they should become – super humans. And this is the today – shameful and ugly in the surface and deep inside.


So the Creator strikes his chest and asks in pain; ‘Where is the petrol to throw it on my body and light my self up?’ He says. ‘Where is the petrol? Where?’ He continues to say. ‘Where is that sharp knife to thrust deep in heart and finish once and forever without saying to be or not to be like Hamlet? Where is the castle of Franz Kafka that is denied entry?

Where is the fire of the Zeus so I can fight for it?’


So he says, so he speaketh, the Creator who writes new values on the new table. For he sees that this world has no values. And he knows that values of humanism are truthfulness and goodness. But he sees neither truthfulness, nor goodness, not any trace of humanism alive. He sees death. Death. Death. He sees a world that is doomed to die without meaning.


So the Creator strikes again his chest feeling deep the pain and he says; ‘This is a suicide attack on the evils of the present day. And the evils of the present day are the present day values. We have no values anymore. We have no goodness. We have no humanity. We have no truthfulness. We have nothing worthy and we live for nothing. Can’t you see?’ He says. ‘Cant you see that we live for those masters that treat us as slaves?’


‘And these masters want wars, want greed, want hatred and want to exploit the world endlessly.’ utters the Creator.


‘But, it was supposed to live. To live as humans. For we live or we don’t live 20 years in total. Zero to twenty we walk unconsciously knowing nothing. Then twenty to thirty we try to listen and learn and so open our mind. Then comes the twenty years where you want to kill yourself because you can’t stand hatred and evil in a world of nothingness. Take off sleep, depression and days and months that you move on doing nothing, then what is your life? A twenty years and this is exaggerated. The life is so short. But hatred and greed is so deep and rooted in human beings like we are born to kill one another and not live in peace and harmony with one another.’ So shouts the Creator to a deaf world.


‘In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone.’ said Charlie Chaplin in a speech. So let us give up greed, give up hatred and live in peace, harmony and freedom. So speaketh the Creator again and thus he answers to his questions, step by step, little by little and bit by bit.



‘For a world where injustice has become law and resistance to evil has become a shame, it is not a world. But it rather is a barbaric gathering of evil of all kinds. And so it is with the present time.’ And so speaketh the Creator to the masters and the slaves too.


‘Therefore, this is a suicide attack on the present day Evil Values.’ says the Creator. ‘A suicide attack on the evil values of this humanity that is not humanity. A suicide attack on a humanity that has lost its way because of oppression, exploitation and modern day slavery.’


‘Now I see how my blood is turning into water. How my flesh is turning into dust. And how the dust and water of mine is turning into mud and becoming one with earth. Once solid and once fluid! But my spirit is running away towards nothingness looking for values, for humanity and creativity.’ So speaks the Creator to the present day world.


‘In every generation one has to suicide himself for humanity’s sake. Every epoch needs a hero. Isn’t it heroic to fall and die for a humanity that has lost its way? And that’s how creators die, they kill themselves for a higher cause, for great values, for greatness.’ So speaketh the Creator.


‘Creators put the new values on the new tables and show you the way. But in order to do so they have to die first. Without self-sacrifice there is no great victory that follows that without values there is no humanity.’ So speaketh the Creator of values.


‘And the humanity of the today resembles a lifeless object because our values are dead. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!’ Shouts for the last time the Creator of values towards a world that looks like deaf and blind animals that have no feelings for goodness, nor creativity, nor truthfulness, nor any precious human value.



By DrACactivism

Dr A.C is a philosopher, activist, online presenter and the author of seven eBooks that can be found on amazon. He currently is working on his eighth book that is called "The Workings of the U.K State MAFIA." And that can be pre-ordered on amazon. Also Dr A.C is presenting a weekly online show that is called, "The Freedom of Ideas Show" and that is about the freedom of ideas, social justice in general, truth, reason, the right of being heard and the right of participation. 

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