Adam BoultonSKY, A Tyrant, A Despot, A Voice-Killer, A Murderer of Independent Thinking, And A Power-Hungry Beast Looking For More Power…



Read the statement of Adam Boulton, the editor of SkyNews, that shows how hungry for power this big beast is.

Adam Boulton ‏@adamboultonSKY  Dec 9

Don’t forget @BBC has 70%+ of UK TV Radio and online news market and nobody seems to think that’s a problem. 97 replies56 retweets59 likes

 My answer to him;

@adamboultonSKY A very good point. But you are missing the essence. You are part of a corrupted system that is choking independent thinking. 8:11 PM – 10 Dec 2016

The truth of the matter is that he, Adam BoultonSky, didn’t say that because he thought that to equalize things is the right thing to do. No. Nor did he say that because he thought that we must care of unfair doings and makings. No. No. Thrice no.

He said that because he felt upset. He felt that he needed more power at SKYNews. He felt hungry for more power, basically. Just like a jungle beast that feels hungry when it looks at another beast.

I say that because out there lies something very important underneath the ocean of today thinking and thought. And it is oppression. An unreal oppression of independent thought. We are choked. Our hearts bleed because people listen to the Big Media like sheep. And we are made the meat of the wolves of the Big Media.

People of the today listen religiously to the Big Media journalists. For today journalists here are like the ancient priests where everybody goes to confess his/her sins to them!

By that, I mean “these stories about death and hatred.” The hate preachers and death preachers of the Big Media who act as if they are humanists! Nausea. I’m puking now. I mean, how can oppressors of independent thinking and thought be called humanists? Neo-fascists or neo-nazis is what better and best fits to their doings.

For we the independent thinkers of today, we can neither be heard nor are we invited in their studios to express our independent creative ideas. No. You can watch my videos on youtube. There you will see me fighting like a lion for one opportunity to be heard. From London to New York and vice versa.

I was sent to jail in New York city for protesting peacefully at FOX TV. The same happened at ABC, at New York Times etc. And I was terrorised with kicks and punches by the security of the BBC in London. The same happened at ITV. And yet nobody talks about this.

Hello? Where is truth? Who did butcher the truth? Who are the butchers and the murderers of truth and action and good?

Where is Adam Boulton then to speak the truth? You see. He isn’t interested in truth or to better humanity. But he is interested in power. He learnt a lot from the founder of Illuminati order in 18 century. The latter said that information is power.

So Adam, the tyrant, the oppressor and the murderer of the independent thinking is interested only in Power. And he like a beast or a pirate throws his anchor upon another beast of power, the BBC. He wants more power, basically!


Let’s say what he said. The @BBC has 70%+ of UK TV Radio and online news market. But the rest is in his pocket? No?

Questions arise here like a morning sun from the east side;

“How about us who are being silenced by force? How about us who our voices are killed barbarically by their very power of reputation and their Tvs? How about independent thinking to be able to find a show, or a crack in the dark to bring the light in? To find a tv or radio to express innovative ideas and let the world know? What it takes to create and bring change. Eh? Where is that opportunity?”

You see? “Everybody seems to think that Oppression of the ideas is Freedom!”

They are fooling us face to face. Here then, on Big Media are NEO-NAZIS who pretend to be humanists. You can not silence the voice of independent thinkers and pretend to be a humanist. For you who use force and reputation to silence our voices and creative ideas are but NAZIS in action and thinking.

You see? “Nobody seems to think that’s a problem.”

You see? Adam BoultonSKY is but a power-hungry beast that wants more Power.

He tried to make a good point. However he did it for his own interest. He did it to gain more power. You see?

You see then, he is part of a rotten to the core BIG MEDIA SYSTEM. A Big Media that doesn’t give you an opportunity to express some of your ideas and pain.

Myself, I am a creator. I am a maker and doer. I make opportunities. I create new worlds. But they continue to oppress my ideas by force, media reputation and police.

However, I see that they don’t give opportunities. But I create a show to give opportunities.

A show that I introduce in front of the Big Media. A show that is called “Creativeism Movement Show. A show that has as a purpose to challenge power through creative ideas and truth. And most importantly, a show that welcomes anyone who has got ideas at the back of his or her mind.

To sum up, I still invite Adam Boulton Sky for talks. For a man of ideas invites you to talk. To communicate to share ideas and see if we can come up with a philosophy through which we can make this world a beautiful garden.

I mean, a man of ideas is very different from a man that speaks of guns and drugs. However we see that men of drugs and guns and real thugs have made the BBC their second house. While, I or we cant take five minutes to express innovative ideas! Hello!

You see, “Nobody seems to think that’s a problem.”

So for as long as Adam BoultonSKY, continues to oppress my voice, he is but a Tyrant, a Despot, a voice-killer, a Murderer of independent thinking, and a power-hungry beast looking for more power…

For He is part of the murderers of independent thinking and independent voices.

He is part of a corrupted Big Media System that work based in a subtle strategy called; “Cultural Imperialism and OPPRESSION OF IDEAS.”

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