Americans are not Welcome with Donald Trump

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Why do we care of American politics? This is the question. 

In the today American politics depends the fate of the world.

And therefore to have unjust American politics means to have an unjust world. 

To have a bully president at the top of the most powerful continent in the world means to have someone who will bully the world through his politics. For we have seen how almost the entire Republican Party in the USA rally for and march after Donald Trump for power. 

And finally to have unjust American politics means that we will have a world that lacks freedom or that less free. We would have a world that is more prejudiced and more corrupt world. 

A world, where people like Vladimir Putin and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia would be an example for good and greatness! Where “murder and corruption” would lose meaning. And murderers would be called, heroes who preserve human existence. 

And at the end, human life would be cheap. That is bought and sold with a few papers. Like the lives of those foreign soldiers who stir hatred and murder in the Syrian soil. And make possible the dictator Bashar al Assad to continue leading and butchering his nation.

Now, that I explained the truth and reason of why we care of the American politics. Now allow me to explain why Americans are not welcomed with Donald Trump.

Let’s be honest, Donald Trump came to power with the same political tactics that Adolf Hitler and Bennito Mussolini came to power. 

First of all, let me say the truth that before and during the 2016 presidential elections in the USA, the artist, Donald Trump, knew well the American people’s desires and prejudices. 

And just like Adolf Hitler knew that Germans are prejudiced towards Jews. So Donald Trump knew that Americans are prejudiced towards immigrants. So that’s why he promised a wall. And called the Mexican immigrants as being rapists who bring drugs and crime to the American soil. 

And this sick nationalist philosophy resonated well with Americans just like the philosophy of HATRED of Adolf Hitler against Jews resonated well with the Germans of the 1933. 

So Hitler in knowing well the spirt of the time, that was politics plunged into economic crises and corruption, he easily became music to the German people’s ears. 

And that’s what Donald Trump did with his great artistic skills. He became music to the ears of the American people. 

Donald Trump by saying America first. He meant America above what is human. For he promised a wall. And the American people bought that. 

Donald Trump called an entire big nation called Mexico as rapists who bring drugs and crime to the American soil . And he was voted for that by the American people.

Donald Trump set children into cages. And he was applauded for that. 

Donald Trump made business with the Saudi Murderers, who chopped into pieces the famous author, Jamal Khashoggi, and abuse human rights Daily. And again Trump was applauded for that. 

Donald Trump bombed innocent people in Middle East killing innocent people. And he was never judged for that. 

Donald Trump betrayed Kurds, who fought soul and heart against terrorism. And Trump let them be butchered in a cunning, guileful and soulless political move. 

Donald Trump was caught red handed using the the powers of his office to demand foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election. Asking favours from the president of Ukraine to investigate a political rival. 

Donald Trump allowed Vladmir Putin or today Russian politics to offer bounties to Taliban-linked militants for the killing of the American troops. Thing which shows that for money he betrays his people and his nation too. And all he looks forward is business at the expense of human lives. And greed. Pure greed.

And just imagine, Donald Trump was supported by the entire wolves of the Republican party for all what he did.  

Now you tell me, is this what you call justice?

So here is need for some great honesty and thinking.

And the American people must know that without them flocking like sheep after Donald Trump’s prejudices and desire to win by doing evil. Without Americans voting for him, there is not Donald Trump.

Hence, before the 2020 elections, Americans must know that they are not welcomed with that corrupt, egotistically sick, not fit for office president. 

A president that owns no virtue. And a president who despises the idea of humanity on behalf of money.  

Therefore, based on all above reasons allow me to say here and now that Americans are not welcome with Donald Trump in the world of the people who believe in humanity and justice and human values.