An insight on the Fourth Class that Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t teach the Tartuffe Russell Brand. A class in which Mr Brand and his Cronies belong…

Russell Brand shared a tweet on his twitter profile. Where he noted some ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci.

A picture that said, “There are three classes of people: Those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”

With this, Russell Brand intended to dress down the working class people. That already have had enough with this evil concentration of social power. Where even the Free air waves have been concentrated into the news monopolies of the BBC, ITV, Sky News and a few others.

Media Monopolies that made Russell Brand and a few others famous. And have a voice of their own. While the voices of hundreds of thousands of artists were murdered and assassinated by these medieval media Monopolies for years. Including my immigrant and foreign voice.

Now, you may ask, What is this forth class about?

Russell Brand seemed to not be aware or perhaps not taught by Da Vinci and others of a fourth class. A filthy fourth class, where Russell Brand and others belong.

For example, Russell Brand and his cronies
saw me and my generation drowned out by media Monopolies for years.

But it happened that Owen Jones and Russell Brand happily participated themselves. And didn’t care of the way our Voices and our ideas were assassinated.

And recently all of them saw me being abused by local Governments. And thrown in the street. And again, they refused to raise their voices.

So they saw, but pretended to not have seen. This is their fourth class. That means, they see but pretend to not see. Because their Tartuffe-like thinking doesn’t allow them to express what they see.

Now, when they refuse to speak of those who they see suffer. Then what do you expect of them to say about those who are unable to express their pains? Those who are oppressed to a point where they are driven to death and suicide in droves?

Therefore, you see that Russell Brand belongs to a fourth class. The class who sees but that pretends that it doesn’t see. The class of low hypocrites. The class who desire to pass a new Fascism for a new humanism.

The class of those who think that by a Right of God, they should control information and Media. And so the minds of the popple and our new Fascist political thinking, that they think it is “Democracy.”