An Open Letter and a Book As a Gift For the TV of the ASSASSINS – The BBC NEWS

Dear Journalists and Dj-Journalists or political assassins of the BBC.

Oppression means the oppression of ideas or to oppress people’s ideas. Like by controlling INFORMATION through MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

And those who oppress ideas control the soul of humanity, the mind of this humanity, the soul to this economy and everything else.

That’s why you oppressed my ideas, and the ideas of the men of my time, for over a decade. Ideas that intended to support the freedom of ideas through platforms that contain the inception of this concept.

So the FACTS are evident here. You people who work for the news MONOPOLIES of the BBC, like a herd of wild animals, support the oppression of ideas. That is the TRUTH.

Now, I know that many of you are intelligent writers and speakers or intelligent artists.

But, let me be honest with you, writer and artist was even Adolf Hitler, right?

So because of fact that you may be skillful journalists or Dj-journalists etc., that doesn’t mean that you can’t be corrupted in your soul. Like you are. Is that right?

Because you continually oppress creative minds that oppose your ideas. And here is my life example as truth and reason of this phenomenon.

So for years, you corrupted little “Hitlers” saw that you could easily drown “my truth and my reason and my voice as an Oppressed immigrant in this country” out through the BBC’s reputation. And you continued to do so like a pack of wolves. Like a Nazi army.

You, the oppressors. I, the oppressed. You, the masters. I, the slave.

You promoting the OPPRESSION and the control of Ideas. I, promoting the freedom of ideas and truth. You, promoting corruption. I, promoting fairness.

I, dreaming to see the freedom of ideas and working for this idea. You, oppressing ideas. And laughing up at your sleeves like instictual monkeys or mean barbarians.

And at the end, you being heard. I, being silenced forever.

In my case, however, is reflected the pain of the men of my age. For what you have done to me, you also have done to other independent thinkers, who opposed your ideas, as well. That’s logical.

So how good is the oppression of ideas for you, assassins, then?

You killed my voice politically. And you killed the voices of the men of my age, who wanted to participate in modern history through ideas, politically on purpose.

And you did it because we opposed your ideas. And you wanted to control information through news media MONOPOLIES.

And you still do it, you still kill our Voices. But in killing our Voices, you killed us. You did kill and continue to kill us politically. And you still do it as much as you can.

Why? Did you act so macabrely towards our voices?

Of course, as a matter of fact you didn’t want us to be heard. You didn’t want our new ideas to be heard. You wanted the old to continue to lead and oppress. That’s why you thought and acted so.

Grovelling journalists and a mighty director-general making the rules of Information. And assassinating our voices on purpose by not allowing us to participate and be heard with Ideas at BBC.

Therefore, you are political assassins. For you did silence us and still do it to protect your power over people.

You murder our ideas with subtle and cunning Machiavelli-like ideas. Like big media’s reputation and police and security power.

Therefore, your continual oppression of the new ideas, your evil oppressive stance against opposing passions of the time, and your hatred towards the freedom of ideas can be compared only to a priest’s letter written by Voltaire in 18th century. A letter that spoke of subtle killings and mass exterminations of humanity.

So like this priest, who with cunning reason wanted to kill innocent people that opposed the church. So you, the church of today, the BBC and Big Media in general are silencing and murdering our reason, our existential truth and our Voices.

At the end, your philosophy, dear assassins of the BBC News or Machiavelli-like journalists, is not even a subtle one.

It rather is a barbaric ingenuity. Because you not only refuse to invite us, independent thinkers, in your studios and oppress our ideas through BBC’s reputation. But you also use security and police to silence us by force.

For on May, 2017, the BBC reported me to the Police because I opposed their ideas on twitter. Plus the countless times that you have used the security to silence my voice through sheer force. Plus the truth of the matter that the security of the ITV almost choked me to death for holding up a few creative ideas. And you didn’t even condemn it.

Contrariwise, all of you praised the security for the quick response and the way they almost choked me to death! Good, isn’t it?

So, we see the facts and the figures that show that tells us you are in control of our Ideal of information.

But how comes that you, genius barbarians of the BBC, control information, however you do not have a single show dedicated to the independent ideas?

And how comes that you for years use your reputation to drown out the opposing passions and forces of the time?

Further, how comes that you impose into Europe ideas of gun and knife crime and do not even accept to sit down and talk? How can art be called art without artistic expression? How comes that your appeal to gun and knife crime through BBC Radio One is called art? Is this the work of cultural imperialism? That means that you impose your ideas to the world by force and reputation? Where are we who oppose you? Why are we silenced? Why aren’t we allowed to sit down and talk to your oppressive philosophies? Are we the enemies of the people or you who oppress the people?

Cultural Imperialism

So on the one hand there is Dj-Journalist Charlie Sloth, DJ-journalist Target and a few others controlling entertainment industry on the behalf of the BBC. Inspiring Europe with gun and knife crime and imposing on the latter these very ideas.

On the other hand, there are journalists like Andrew Neil, Nick Robinson, Jeremy Paxaman and a few others from the big media who oppress ideas of all independent thinkers. And invite in their studios only people who think like they think. So they think all the same, the sheep and the wolves. While the thinking humanity that thinks and creates continues to be oppressed by the wolves.

So a saying of Theresa May makes perfectly sense in here. “We have won the war of ideas” she said in New York when she was meeting Trump!

And that is true. You have won the war of ideas. For you win the war of ideas with a gun of over the heads of those who oppose your ideas. You see who you are then? Murdering Nazis and Assassins. That’s who you are.

However, these guys of entertainment industry, who control the latter on the behalf of the BBC, all they do is inspire killing and corruption. And they do not know any thing of how people can be turned into sheep. They simply praise guns to catch attention and sell millions of CDS for the BBC to get richer and richer. But they do not know any thing of forced military recruitment. They do not know anything of the millions of people that the Nazis and their imperialist enemies buried alive and murdered and killed like cattle. With the utmost disrespect for humanity and the human life. Neither do they know anything about the present day wars that are waged for corporate greed. Nor do they know of the big media journalists that praise big corporations when they sponsor them! Journalists like Andrew Neil who loved to feed on the blood of the hard working people.

So you, journalists of the BBC and of the BIG MEDIA who know of these things, you oppress ideas as much as possible. You do your best for the purpose of wanting to impose your ideas to all the British people, to all of Europe and to the entire world. For once you enslave the British people, then you use them to control the world. That gives me the right as a “Freedom-Fighter and citizen of the world” to oppose your oppressive philosophies.

Further, I lived in London during the most important years of my life. I served and studied. So I am a citizen of this city too. However, I was the slave with a pen and ideas, as you were the masters with guns and security oppressing my voice and ideas forever.

At the end, we do not make sense. We are senseless human beings. But we can make sense through creativity. And when creativity is based on the great ideas of humanity that we found engraved in the skies by the great minds. And when creativity intends to make the world a better place. Then that means that it is Positive Creativity. And it must not be oppressed.

But, you, journalists of the BBC, have done your best and still do your best to oppress positive, creative ideas as much as possible.

Then, to oppress ideas, like you do, that means to not want to make sense or to not want to let others to make sense. For Einstein said that we make sense in working for a better world. However, you cronies of the BBC are making sense in working for a worse world. You are making sense in oppressing others. And, somehow, it is your oppressive philosophy that pushes rappers to glamorize gun and knife crime. For we know that they glamorize violence to catch attention.

So it seems that you have found the way! And you are okay with it! No change is needed anymore! Rappers glamorize gun crime to catch attention and you oppress ideas and push the former to continue all the same. And hence we see London a city where stabbing has become as common as an English breakfast!

Therefore, to be like you, it means to exist with the soul and spirit of dictatorship. And that’s who you are.

For years, I worked to see a world of dialogue, ideas, truth, reason and humanity. At the beginning I asked for an opportunity to express my ideas. Later on in my life, I asked to create opportunities for the people of ideas, to support the freedom of ideas and make London, Europe and the world a place that loves the idea of freedom.

And freedom, a German thinker said, that it means to mediate and care. And that’s the purpose of dialogue. That means to think and care of humanity. To have the courage and sit down and talk to those who oppose you. And not snub them and oppress them. For the latter is the way of dictators. And we know that.

As a conclusion, it is not me who control information. Rather the ones who control information it is you, BBC news and Big Media. But who are you? You are corrupted assassins that on purpose and politically murder the voices of the men of my time. You are assassins and dictators. As I am an activist, thinker and freedom-fighter fighting for the freedom of the men of my age.

I came with ideas and 200 books in London, I was oppressed, almost choked to death by the murdering Nazis of the ITV. And again, I have the courage to leave London with ideas. The ball is in your court now for the future’s decisions. I am just an independent thinker, a human being fighting for freedom and a better world.

At the end of the day, we see the results of a concentrated and centralized socialism. Power corrupts the few. And the few oppress the many. This is your humanity. Three thousand years of oppression. Nothing has changed. #Freedom!


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