Another 14 Year-Old Boy Stabbed to Death in London. Why Sadiq Khan has become like a brain-dead Widow that Mourns the Dead unconsciously and Met Police U.K like a barbaric Institution?

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The MEDIA MONOPOLIES of the U.K control every ounce of today informative power. One cannot enter into the studios of the BBC, for instance, to express ideas of change, leadership, socialism, humanism etc. For “News journalists or priests” and TV presenters and those behind them make sure to select the ones that they love and want to be on their media monopolies’ studios. What do I want to say by this?


I want to say that OPPRESSION leads in every walk of life. And I want to say that change has become almost impossible because Media controls information. And journalists stand there on the big media headquarters like dictators picking who should and who should not be in their studios based on the favouritism and servile-ism.



So no one is able to bring change. For change does not come through the air or water. Change comes through ideas. And ideas are controlled by the media monopolies.


Now you will ask, What has this to do with the stabbing of a 14 year-old boy? This has to do a lot. Because in controlling Information, media monopolies control education. And the YOUTH of today do not have the mental power or the knowledge to challenge corruption of the media monopolies and education. So for them to succeed in life and be able and allowed to re-create their world, they need to be led in a way where arts, creativity and humanistic values lead them.



But when the inhumane and the oppressors lead, then do you expect the oppressed and the youth to be the good slaves? Or what?


So, the youth of today are seeing the oppression, the inequality and the injustice of today. They are seeing their inability and the inability of the society in general to bring justice in a world of corruption. So they feel powerless and let down by the leaders of this society. And it is because of despair and oppression that they go straight to knives and violence.


In short the youth of today are left with no other choice but take knives and survive in a dog eat dog world through a brutal way instead of an artistic and creative way. I say that because today every walk of life in our society is made of MONOPOLIES and MONOPOLIESTS. So who on earth can challenge these powerful monsters that have absorbed all human power on earth?


Why did I mention Sadiq Kahn and Met Police U.K? Now you may ask.


First let me begin with Sadiq Khan. He is the leader of London town and the mayor of London, right? But he hasn’t got ideas of how to heal the wounds of this city and this society. He is scared of speaking against some powerful monster-like journalists who control information. He is scared to be the voice of this town because he lives in fear that he may lose his job and his career in politics.


And so this town suffers from a leadership that lives in fear. As the youth suffers because these cowards who think that for them to win in the next elections is more important than the ideal of justice and freedom in themselves.



Therefore, as the youth is butchered by knives and dies from pain and oppression, Sadiq Khan cries like a brain-dead widow every time a young person is stabbed. While he refrains himself from saying what should be said. And he refrains himself from attacking the priests of today or journalists who are controlling information and taking from the youth the right of participation through ideas.


Secondly “Why Met Police U.K? Why are they a barbaric Institution? Because the Met Police U.K are the faithful of the faithful. They know only that laws must be carried out and they carry out them robotically. They never ask if our laws are serving to the powerful or if there is something wrong with the laws. Because they also live in fear of losing their place in the organisation of oppressors. So?


So instead of seeing a Met Police appeal to the Monopolies of the Media to go to the people to ask them of their pain. And so engage people in a democratic way. Met Police U.K go there themselves. And so police become the leaders, the politicians, the journalists and the philosophers! But police essentially is an institution that oppresses society’s freedom not gives them more freedom. So how can police heal the wounds of society, when it is philosophers the ones that educate all of us?


Therefore, because of the insensitive and cruel way of thinking and doing that the Met Police has on its agenda, I say that Met Police U.K has become like a Barbaric institution. Like a barbaric institution that religiously follows the leaders of this society that live in fear of losing their jobs.


As to my question, Met Police U.K: “are they oppressing or counselling or protecting?” I would answer that they are not counselling us because they are not philosophers and do not know what is right or wrong. And they are not protecting us. Because they are not protecting what is right. So at the end, it comes to pass that all MET POLICE U.K does is OPPRESSION. That means they just oppress us.


(Read my tweets, and reply to Met Police on twitter, at the end of this blog, to see more of my criticism to the Met police UK. And come to understand my thinking better.)


Now I would like to say, “Long live the leaders and educator of today who control and lead us with MONOPOLIES of all forms on the one hand, and laws and police that protect their corruption on the other hand.


And lastly, I would like to end this with the BBC’s twitter account message. This is their mission.


BBCVerified account @BBC Our mission is to enrich your life and to inform, educate and entertain you, wherever you are.


My reply to Sadiq Khan on Twitter


Sadiq khan wrote on twitter:

Mayor of London‏Verified account @MayorofLondon

FollowFollow @MayorofLondon I’m greatly saddened by news of the fatal stabbing of a 14 year old in Waltham Forest, and my thoughts are with his family and friends. I encourage anyone with information about this horrific incident to contact the Police on 101 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.


I @DrACactivism replied: @SadiqKhan has turned like a widow that mourns all the dead of the city. Alas in what kind of ridiculous Oppression we live. With the barbarians of @BBCNews keeping the leash of Education with some Murdering New Nazi Journalists who have lost touch with reality. So the youth Dies


My Reply to Met police on Twitter

Met police UK tweeted

Metropolitan PoliceVerified account @metpoliceuk FollowFollow @metpoliceuk Chief Superintendent Tucker “Everyone is shocked and appalled by this murder – a boy aged 14. “Officers will be there to talk to the public and listen to any concerns. Local patrols will increase in the area. I would urge anyone with info to call 020 8345 3734 or tweet @MetCC


As I @DrACactivism replied to Metropolitan Police

DrACactivism @DrACactivism  

@metpoliceuk people do not need you to talk. How inhumane as an organisation you are? People there need leadership and ideas to change their lives for the better. They need Journalists of the @BBC to not put all attention on Politicians but on politics and support the oppressed.

The voiceless. People who want to be heard. And express their pain and frustration. So by knowing each other we come to respect each other. People do not need police Oppression. They need human participation. & this participation is being controlled by Media MONOPOLIES like @BBC