Armend Xhika. One Albanian is murdered. Yet U.K Police has left the suspects Free! Albanian community live in fear of U.K State revenge. So Justice for Albanians when we are hated, murdered and prosecuted is not possible.

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Five arrests have been made so far over Armend Xhika’s murder.

Yet, all of the suspects have been released pending investigation.

Further, there is no news at all about Armend Xhika’s death at Met Police’s website. Nor on its twitter profile. Nor is there any news about Armend Xhika in the West Yorkshire police Website. Or on its police twitter account!

Making the death of an Albanian even less important than the death of a dog.

Why do we not matter? Is the question.

As a matter of fact the Albanian community in the U.K live in fear. Because our rights are destroyed forever by criminal politics. As they are denied.

The right of working and the right of free movement. Still denied to us, for example.

Many of us do not have documents in England and those who have still fear any U.K state revenge in case they speak in defence of the Albanians.  

Justice for Albanians when when we are hated, murdered and prosecuted has become impossible.

As the Nazi and Fascist politics continue their saga, oppress here, murder there and control everywhere!