As it Happened, Italians were Attacked at Random by certain English Fans

The Independent, writing what the police had said, reported that “England fans launched “random attacks on Italians” after the final of the Euro 2020 tournament.

Quoting, Cheshire Constabulary chief constable Mark Roberts, who is the national lead for football policing, The Independent said that the police have confirmed this “We have seen random attacks on Italians … Italians celebrating the win have been attacked.”

Shocking figures from the police showed that 2,300 police incidents had been connected to the delayed 2020 Euro. Thus, making the delayed Euro 2020, the worst football tournament that has been on record for crime.

So then, certain groups of English fans, angered from the Euro 2020 final match where England lost, chose to attack anyone waving an Italian flag. And also they decided to attack black players, who lost the penalties, through social media accounts. Showing open hate and open racism through social media accounts.

A spokesperson from Twitter media said on 12lve July 2021 that it has removed over 1,000 Tweets and permanently suspended a number of accounts for violating our rules.

An English fan being arrested by police.

Furthermore, there was an Italian restaurant attacked in Sleaford that had nothing to do with the football match. Showing how ridiculous people can become at times. When their feelings are hurt.

(link: ‘Random attacks on Italians’ at end of worst Euros tournament for crime, police say

Anger and violence because of the loss!