Ash Sarkar, another vicious and wicked left wing Hyena born and bred as a Commodity by the Imperialist Universities of the UK – a product of Hitler-like Artist

The artists of the U.K Imperialist Media are  produced like Commodities out of the Imperialist Universities of the U.K.

And they are produced mechanically, like 19th century products out of colonialist and Imperialist factories, to fight for class interest or their group-think interests. But not for human interest.

Why I think so? You ask.

I think so, because in their left and right wing way of thinking, I see U.K Media artists viciously try to divide and share “political interests or the spoils of politics or money power,” that comes through work and participation, between some left and right political commentators. Writers and speakers etc.

Look how much money does the BBC get. And all the money go in the hands of a few mean artists who use the BBC to shut down the voices of others. Nazis.

Now this way of thinking through which they share their spoils by controlling big chunks of Media, this doesn’t show them to know in the least the essence of the big human ideals such as fairness, equality, justice, humanity, freedom etc.

However, they know very well their group-think interest. That is money interest for their group of people in its very essence and at the very bottom.

So we have Ash Sarkar concerned so much about her interview for the BBC. And small petty things. But not about the fact that the voices of hundreds of thousands of Creatives have been shut down and drowned out in this country for decades by these very media Monopolies. Like the BBC.

Ash Sarkar proudly explaining that she was for an interview for the Monopolies of the BBC.

In Short, we see that the Left and right of the UK political spectrum know that they want to win, participate on media Monopolies themselves and only themselves and be heard themselves and only themselves.

So, they know nothing about those rights of others. Like the right of participation and the right of being heard.

That’s their problem or fault in their machinery thinking. That can be traced all the way back to the genesis of left and right wing ideas during the French Revolution. And it goes up to Adolf Hitler and Benitto Mussolini. And up to Andrew Neil, Robert Peston and Boris Johnson and the little Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones. Who see their political interests as the temple of God. Not human ideals.

In a universal way of thinking, the speeches and ideas of the left and the right of the UK MEDIA political spectrum appear to be all about Justice.

But their works show to be all about control through manipulative thinking. And this fact comes here from “I think, I see and I express the truth.”

For I have ten years in this country and can’t get one Idea expressed from any media headquarter. And I have seen artists kneeling down and grovelling for participation on media Monopolies. For the sake of their rent and their food on the table.

So how can media Monopolies still pretend to speak of justice when their hands are on the unfair treatment of the rights of participation and on the Oppression of creative people’s voices and on unfair control of Information?

How can they speak of justice while piling up media Monopolies upon media Monopolies?

What is their sense of justice? Unfairness? Corruption?  Oppression? You see that they are a disgrace.

Now, in here we see a crystal clear difference between the Hitler-like Artist and the MARX-LIKE Artist.

For those who kneel and grovel have no other outcome but become the same as their “Group or class think” methodology of thinking and doing. While those who resit may end up in suicide or struggling for their food on the table. Like myself.

A better idea of what I mean here in regards to the question of the artist can be seen at a blog that I wrote in 2019.

For a year after I took the microphone from the Surie in the Eurovision 2018, I wrote of the differences between the Hitler-like artist and the MARX-LIKE Artist.

(this is the link of the blog,

Well, well, let us further reduce our universal pain of Oppression. And be more particular here.

The left are getting paid luxuriously themselves for defending the voices of those that they oppress. But they do not allow others to participate with ideas.

For I ask: “How can one thinker with the pain of the time in his hand and the right ideas, for example, participate at the Guardian or at any assumed left wing media Monopoly?”

We are not interested they say. And if these so called Left Wing Media Monopolies’ journalists and media editors achieve to silence the thinking humanity of the time by controlling Information. Then what hope is there that they are holding the *right of Humanity* when their underlying purpose is the Oppression of others?

For example, with the development of tech and social media, in the website of the Guardian, it is very easy to publish a new blog. And have the pain of someone be heard.

For each online website has an option that says: “Add a New Blog.” So the right of participation and being heard costs nothing to these Monopolists.

However, it is their viciousness to defend their media interest and the wickedness of political interests that blinds each of them like wild animals does blind their prey. That’s crystal clear money interests at the very bottom of the play here then.

To Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar, for example, human values mean nothing in front of their political interest or money interest.

So, at the end, they show to be no different from hyenas. Vicious, wicked and mean inside and outside of their being. Cruel hypocrites that would murder for their money interest. Just like they have murdered my voice. By keeping their mouths shut for ten years in row.

While knowing that I was being continually oppressed and excluded from participation by the very people that give the right to be heard at the BBC and at the ITV etc., to Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones etc.

So the silence of these British Media artists, like Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones, is more than deafening. For it is injustice in the very essence.

They make bla bla bla all day pretending to defend the rights of immigrants and of the oppressed. While my voice as an immigrant thinker has been for ten years silenced. Wow.

What justice is that, Ash? The justice of those who use bayonets to stab others at the back?

So we see that Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones are not here to defend the values of the time. But they rather are here to defend their own monopolistic class interest. That they call, Labour or Left wing.

For the ideals of Fairness, equality and justice cannot be defending by people who love to be silent. Nor by people who support the Monopolies of any walk of life.

Because Monopolies are the values of corruption and injustice.

So, for as long as the left are themselves invited to speak in the British Universities and educate the next generation. For as long as they are invited by media Monopolies to Speak from the media Monopolies and brainwash the masses.
For as long as they are heard and participate themselves. For as long as they feel happy a and content with their Hypocrisy, they do not bother about the oppressed voices.

They do not bother about the Fanaticism of the British Media that does not allow people of thinking to enter their studios with ideas. And critical thinking.

I mean, what artist are you when you don’t feel sorry for the Oppression of the voices of other artists?

The answer is clear as day. This artistic thinking can be found only on Adolf Hitler and Bennito Mussolini. And if you wish to go further back, please do. For those who who appealed for revolution during the French revolution did so with bayonnets in hands and while stabbing other people at the back.

This is Ash Sarkar then. She is a vicious Hyena that all she thinks is her personal interest. But no human values.

Ash enters into the category of the Adolf Hitler-like Artist.

For as such artists want to rule themselves, be heard themselves and hammmer down the rest. These forms of artists are the Adolf Hitler-like artists.

And this form of inhumanity has its source but only in the greed of the Adolf Hitler like artist.

For the silence of people like Ash Sarkar causes deep pain in our world. And stifles ideals of freedom and justice.

In my personal experience, I have seen myself fighting for my life. Begging to charities for my Rights of accommodation. Fighting to make the money for rent and food. And being abused by London’s local Governments in the middle of the Pandemic and in the middle of London. And all has happened in front of the eyes of the media Monopolies.

And I ended up here just because I refused to be part of these Fascist class of the UK MEDIA… I refused to think like them. And they retaliated by not allowing me to participate and be able to pay my rent like they do. Making a name for themselves by being heard through ideas.

So I’m at this position, unheard and oppressed, seeing political abuses first hand and the silence of the media Monopolies first hand. Still unable to be heard.

I’m here because of these Adolf Hitler like artists who for ten years saw me below here shouting and screaming for the Injustices of today. And never said, “Hey let us listen once the voice of this immigrant thinker.”

This is Ash Sarkar, just another vicious and wicked left wing Hyena born and bred as a commodity by the Imperialist Universities of the UK – a product of Hitler-like Artist. Greedy, wicked and mean. A product that the U.K Media and U.K universities can make every single year.