Assaulted by two Fascist Spanish Police officers in Ibiza, while two others were watching. Slapped on the left and on the right cheek. My Story with the Spanish Fascist Police

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When a thug assaults you, then you can call police. But what when the police assaults you for nothing? Whom shall you call? Especially in Spain where you do not have even an independent police force to report the crimes made by the police themselves.


That’s why we as people must demand justice and police to not abuse our laws. Because the police in abusing our laws, they abuse the people that pay them their salaries to enforce our laws. But to have the power to enforce “laws” does not mean that you have the power to abuse our laws.


For what “LAW” is this that tells to POLICE to slap people like THUGS?


My story.


Last night or today early in the morning, 16 May 2019 between 2:50am and 3:10am with the Spanish Time, I was going to my hotel in Ibiza after a night out with some friends.


As I was walking alone, I saw on my right, near a Santander Bank or in front Tabacs shop, a few police officers that had stopped a person. And they were searching him.



It seemed to me that they were about to assault him. So I opened my phone to make a photo to record the truth. And I was about to start recording a live video on twitter to record a true event. Was here anything wrong?



But once the Spanish police saw that I was taking a photo of them and of the person that had been stopped by the police, they shouted and came within seconds to stop me.


Why? Maybe because they were doing something wrong?


So, one police officer among them, a tall, a little fat and black-haired officer that seemed like a street thug, pulled me from my left arm. And dragged me by force to put me somewhere where the public does not see.



He sent me with my back against a wall, the wall was in front of BBVA BANK and a fish shop called, Pescados Algar. And between carrer del Far street and Passeig de la Mar street.





Once he put me against the wall, the tall Police officer slapped me on my left cheek forcefully.

I was shocked. And I felt my head and mind swinging around like a wind.


I didn’t expect the police officer to hit me. But still I kept myself from falling like one may keep a bullet.



But now in the aftermath, I can understand that the police officer did that to instill fear in me.

(Here is a picture of my swollen left side of my Face made in the morning.)

Then, after the slap, the Beast-like officer asked me to empty my pockets. And said, “You don’t know that in the Spain you don’t take photos of us?”


“No, sorry, I didn’t know it.” I replied. Then his colleague police officer suddenly slapped me forcefully on my right cheek. And said, “So you learn.”


(Here is another picture for my right side of my face)


My cheek was burning from pain and my head was moved from the right to the left side, but still I did not fall. I looked the officers in the eyes and I saw their thuggish behaviour.


“They are brute fascists,” I said to myself. They know nothing of humanity, freedom. And I UNDERSTOOD that the best way for me then seemed to keep being quiet. So I didn’t speak at all.


After, they checked my details and handcuffed me. And kept me handcuffed for about 5 or 10 minutes.


And at about 3:05am, they released me. And I began taking some photos of the place where I was assaulted by these Fascist police officers.


At that moment, a woman police officer saw me taking photos of the place. And alarmed her male police officers.


Then the police came again close to me. And they took my phone again by force like thugs. And one of them, the tall and black-haired police officer or thug, deleted every single photo of mine, that I had taken from the first day in Spain.


Afterwards, finally I was left free again. But the police officers threatened me and said that if I step back in Sant Antoni again, they will beat me again. And arrest me straightway. And they told me to turn my phone on only when I go back in the hotel! So I was told by these fascists.


Obviously, they were scared that their faces would be in internet. They were scared of truth. So this kind of cowards they were. With the power that people give to them, they were playing like thugs to the same people that pay their taxes.



And of course they seemed to be used to slap and assault people. For they seem to share this kind of culture, and this behaviour among them.


For how can one explain that while two police officers began slapping me, the others two were watching?


What happened means that police in Ibiza cover each other’s back or defend each other when it is the POLICE that commits crimes themselves.


What about the idea that these police officers have guns and the law in their hands? Does that mean that we must allow corrupt police officers to abuse human beings for nothing?



That’s why please if you still believe in the ideas of JUSTICE and FREEDOM

Share this blog to raise awareness of this “crime and assault committed by the police themselves.


And hopefully we bring these perpetrators to justice. And have them removed from the police forces.




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