Attention Please! Why the Move of Boris Johnson for a no-deal Brexit is a move to save the Conservative party not the future of the British people

In the UK’s European election of the 2019, the Brexit Party, that was led by a racist scaremonger called Nigel Farage, won 29% of the vote.

And in this election, the BRITISH people gave a clear message to Boris Johnson and to all political parties that lead the U.K.


Thus the results of the European elections showed that there are still many people who want a Brexit in the U.K. And I think so because there is no other logic of how one can explain the fact that a prophet of doom and merchant of hatred and hypocrisy, Nigel Farage, won the largest share of the vote.


“So what and why Boris?” you may ask.


So here then, Boris Johnson, that saw his party perform badly and collapse in vote support, like the last part of an already ruined building, came to the front of the Conservative Party to save his party from a sure public punishment.


In short, Boris Johnson was scared that the conservative party will be wiped out from the mainstream politics. And will end up as an inferior political party in the upcoming general elections.


So he conceived a “philosophy” where he can appear like a Messiah to the oppressed and the poor of the U.K.


But what was and is Boris Johnson’s philosophy?


The philosophy of Boris Johnson was to get out of the European union or deliver a Brexit with or with no-deal and so save the Conservative party from a bitter and cruel ending. That would see the Tories disappear from or get a lower place in the British politics.


Thing which will see the political careerists of the Conservative party end up in a group suicide.


So as conclusion, I would say that Boris Johnson is working and fighting not for the Future of the British people. But to be more precise, he is fighting for his political interest. That means he is working and fighting to save his party from a total destruction. And of course further his career and power in politics.