British Media, the Masters as British people, the Sheep

First of all please watch my Live Message on Periscope; ‘British media, the masters, British people, the sheep! ’Link; 

Now to begin with my writing, by silencing and ignoring those who oppose their ideas like they have done and they are doing to me, the Masters of the British Media control the minds of the British people. And as a consequence they turn them but into sheep.

 So we have British Media, the masters as British people, the sheep.

 Hence ‘God bless the masters and God bless the sheep’ thus speaks a Creator to the world.  

Now let’s go back in time. From the time of industrial revolution and until today, one thing can be told for sure for Britain and Europe too. It has galloped like a racehorse towards centralization. Where the few at the top forever become more powerful as the many at the bottom wish with their souls and spirits to climb higher and higher. But they never climb.

For how on earth can one climb when one is born a wage laborer or a slave? [the_ad id="530"]

Machines didn’t bring us more freedom but more slavery.
Marx said in the 19th century that man now has become an appendage of the machine. So these machines that we created didn’t make the world a better place but a worse one. Wasn’t it this love for machines that in the 20s century alone killed at least 100 million people? [the_ad id="530"] And isn’t it this love for machines that has turned humans into commodities?  

Isn't this love for the machines that has alienated the human beings of today? And I ask again, "Are we being fooled and blinded by the same truth that we see, today People? [the_ad id="530"]

Let's take the core value of humanity. And now let me say that centralisation and the highest level of capitalism has alienated....

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A Suicide Attack On the Evil Values of the Present Time by the Creator of the New Values

‘Every time that I close my eyes, I feel like this is going to be the last time that I will breathe consciously. Not because I don't like living anymore. But, because questions keep coming and answers keep declining.

However, I still keep going through the storm of....

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Humanistic Socialism – New Political Theory by Dr ACactivism

In an exploitative capitalist mode of production, that seems forever to make the richer rich and the poor, poorer. We see the alienation of the many good and righteous beings into greedy, mean, weak, vile, ungenerous and hypocrite people. And this happens by a high form of exploitation that shows to be as clear as day and true as light. And as the logic of two plus two equal four. 

For what else would you do under intense mental pressure, continual exploitation and unceasing worry about your food on the table, your rent and your existential needs?

So the political conditions, that have been created to exploit, and the circumstantial politics, that have been forged to manipulate, will willy-nilly alienate the many into something vile, mean and evil. Human beings who would refuse to care and stand for what is human. And human beings who will see even the “murder of man by man” as a new normal. Just like the exploitation of man by man is. 

But how did we come to this point of human degradation? one may ask.

Nowadays, we see that a heyday of a new form of Feudalism coupled with a rotten form of capitalist mode of production has plagued our entire Western world in the last centuries. And created a form of political theory similar to that of a feudal pyramid.

Now of course, here are a few differences to be pointed out. For example, our sick mode of capitalist production instead of...

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Merry Christmas to London, to the city of Thieves, Prostitutes and Beggars

‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing, the whores are whoring.’

Bertolt Brecht, - The Threepenny Opera.

Well, what I noted above was happening or happened only at the time of Brecht. Or say that that was only happening during the 20s Century. Was it? No. Wrong.

Well, maybe the beggars were begging, the thieves were stealing, and the whores were whoring only in the 21st century? No. Wrong. It never happened.

These things are not happing now and here, in my time, at all. Yes what I said is as true as steel. Very true! These things never happened! True!

No, I do not see a London full of escorts. No. Full stop. I do not see a London that buys and sells women. No. No. No, I do not see a London that exploits to death everything that is weak and that is part of the working classes. 

No. No, no, I do not see a London with a few thieves at the top and millions of beggars at the bottom. No. No. No. No. No. No, I do not see a London where thieves are stealing, whores are whoring and beggars are begging. Wrong. My theme is totally wrong. Bertolt Brecht was wrong too. Merry Christmas…

Hey, you hello? Before you go, wait a second though, let me explain myself and tell you a story. That is my story.


First, let me talk of the the Category of the Thieves.

 Merry Christmas to the Big Media that speaks only about its own interest – Merry Christmas.

The Press of Fascists - Merry Christmas.

On 25th November 2015 I was talking on the phone to the Guardian Newspaper. A fascist journalist was on the other side of the phone talking to me. And we were talking. But I ask, "How dare one talk to a corrupted and sick system that speaks and talks only about its own interest?"

‘Hi there’ I said, ‘my name is Zarathustra. And I am protesting in front of the BBC. Is it possible that you can come and tell this truth to the world?

‘Why are you protesting at the BBC?’ came the voice of the Journalist from the other side of the phone, strict and angry like he was talking from a war place where bullets fire continuously.

‘I’m protesting here because BBC Radio 1Xtra continually preaches hatred.’ I replied.

DJ Charlie Sloth has made terrorists famous at the BBC.  And this is a fact.  He also controls entertainment industry with a few other friends. And allows at the BBC Radio One and 1Xtra mostly those that he knows. So creating big corruption in the entertainment industry. 

However, the BBC is not taking any actions to put things right. BBC is not taking responsibility for the evil that it spreads or for the social power that it controls.  So I want to make the world aware and put things right. You understand me?

‘I’m afraid this is not for us’ he said. ‘This is not a story that can be with interest for us. This is not a story of interest for us.’  the journalist phone operator repeated. 

"This is not a story of interest for us!" So, it seems that they speak only about things that they like, but not about things that matter for the world or the for the human beings "This is not a story of interest for us." he said. Right?

‘But also, I have been intimidated by the security of the BBC and I have been forced to leave their headquarters.’ I added. ‘This is not for us.’ he answered. The journalist of the Guardian that was supposed to be interested to say the truth to the world! In this case refused to say the truth!

‘It is a truth that needs to be said to the people’ I stated, ‘they should know about things that matter and happen otherwise people will remain like sheep in stables, running to and fro from the stable to the water trough, you get it? I said to the phone operator. 

"Otherwise people will know only to run from work to home and vice versa. Just like they are doing now. You get me my dear journalist of the Guardian?"

‘I’m not interested,’ he shouted. His voice now was becoming coarser and coarser and even intimidating like the security of the BBC.

The security of the BBC, was a big, tall, fat creature that was like a jungle elephant and that seemed to know nothing about humanity. However, he knew the name of the BBC very well. And only the BBC made sense to him!

So, He was standing in front of me a few minutes before my conversation with the fascist journalist of the guardian. And thus in a firm, strict and resolved tone of voice, he said. ‘You leave the territory of the BBC now or I will speak to you in a different way."

So with an imperialist breath and manner, he forced me to leave the headquarters of the genuine BBC! And the one who did that was not any journalist, who works behind the scenes in the studios of he BBC getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

So, rather, the one who forced me to leave the BBC's property was their Security power. The security who protects the intelligent. 

But, anyways, I didn’t go at the BBC to speak to the security. So rather I went there to speak to these people that pretend to love wisdom, but that, however, they love to oppress and drown out our voices."

‘So the truth that the Security of the BBC was intimidating me a while ago. The truth that the DJs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra preach hatred and control entertainment industry. And do not allow us to participate with songs and ideas at The BBC. The truth of the matter that they make terrorists famous at the BBC, is not for you? Isn’t this a story that need to be said? Isn’t this the truth of the fact?’ I said.’

The journalist of the Guardia hung up on me at the end. 

I called the Guardian there and back again.’It’s me Zarathustra’ I said, ‘I believe in reason and humanity, do you? ‘Don’t call us again’ He replied angrily and with an air of trying to not only scare me, but even stick the fear in the radio frequency link and make it blend with my body quarks. ‘Don’t call us again.’ he said. This time firmer, bolder, louder and showing to be more fascist in his voice.

But he didn’t tell the reason of why to not call him again. I mean the human reason. Not that brutal reason that this truth is not for us. For truth need to be said to the people. For at the end these people are empowered by us, the people, to say the truth to the world. Not oppress and control us. 

Further, the bum of Kim Kardashian and present day models, that take half of the space of every newspaper, isn’t more important than our fight and war for a better world, is it?

 The bum of Kim Kardashian isn’t more important than our fight for a world without hatred and violence, is it?

I have asked myself about creativity and activism before deciding to put ink on this paper. And I still do ask and I am glad to listen and learn. However, let me say here that the Present Day Press has no respect for anything good and true on earth. For they respect only if something is of interest for them. This is the Press of the today. The press of fascists and Nazis, I mean.

One may ask thus; what is the job of these present-day papers? Isn’t it to tell the truth that matters to the world? And if they are not doing that. If they refuse to publish things that matter, then why are they calling themselves ‘the Press?"

Are they called, the free Press because they faithfully serve to the personal interests of different corporations? Yes, the truth seems to be so. 

So the fascist journalist of the Guardian hung up on me again. And he did so, because he works for the "independent free press" that serves only to its own interest. And that speaks only about its own interest. 

Then yes, I called again. I wasn’t angry at all, but I was feeling the pain deep. The pain of living in a world of hypocrites and double-dealers that refuse to tell the truth to the world. The pain of living in a world of the sheep that think that whatever comes from the Guardian and BBC and the Sun and The New York Time, and other present day media moguls, it is great. And needs to be respected and heard. 

So if you don't have fame, you make no sense. This is how the present day sheep thinks. No fame, no sense!

'Why don’t you tell the truth to the world that the BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC make terrorists famous, controls entertainment industry, silence our voice and uses security power to intimidate us?" I said on the phone to the fascist Journalist of the Guardian.

‘Don’t call us again’ yelled He. And He yelled just like a dinosaur that was near its death, but that deep inside longed to live and tread on human’s heads and bodies and why not swallow them all up once and forever.

He didn’t say the reason, the human reason of why I should not call again the Nazis of the Guardian. Nazis that refused to say the truth again and again. The last sentence I also said on twitter on 25th November 2015. You can check it out at @TruthAlsoWisdom.

Then, after ending the phone call with the Guardian, I called a few other newspapers. I called and emailed: The Telegraph, the Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard and some other local, national and international newspapers.

What was interesting though, was the fact that they all replied and said the same thing. That is, "This is not of interest for us. This is not a story for us."

And so, it seemed like they had been at the same schools and they had studied the same books – the books of hypocrisy. The books of speaking and talking only about their own common media interest.

The Daily Mail, for instance that in the past supported Nazis, now they hate Muslims. For they have changed their tactic of thinking, but not their essence of working, however.

Nevertheless, there are too many newspapers like the Daily Mail nowadays. So don't worry about this! 

Then, at the end, allow me to say, Merry Christmas to the Press of Fascists. Merry Christmas to thieves of the U.K Media monopolies who feed on the blood of the simple-minded people.

Now, the Second in row that enter at the Category of thieves are the politicians.

For they are the thieves that steal family members from the working classes and send them to war. They are they thieves that say war is peace and vice versa. 

We must understand that we are all in the same boat in regards to hatred and wars. And the world makes no sense with wars and hatred. Hence, we should say "STOP and NO" to David Cameron why is saying that war is peace so obviously and so openly.

For it seems that Cecil Rhodes, the past famous warmonger of Britain, is still alive. And he is passionate about war and invasions. And this Cecil Rhodes is called but, David Cameron. 

To be  honest, nowadays U.K Politics and Politicians" are doing to the world almost exactly what Orwell predicted at 1984. And almost exactly what Lenin said at his deed Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Capitalism. That meant, that the bigger powers will share the world between themselves.

And like Orwell put it at his dystopian novel 1984, Oceania and Eurasia and Eastasia fight to share the spoils in between. And these spoils in between big powers here, as we have seen have been so far, have been the Syrian people.

For we have seen, on the one side American Politics backed up by European politics. And on the other side Russian politics backed up by china and Iran and other little warmongers. So the big powers pulling and tearing up the poor and wretched people of Syria. You get the pain of our time? This is the now, gentlemen. 

Also, we have seen Ukraine to become the same kind of war hotspot. Palestine has been as such "war hotspot" for a log time. Africa has been a prey of Westerners for a long time too and so on.

Hence, Merry Christmas to this category of thieves and bloodsuckers and man-eaters too. Merry Christmas to the evil politicians and evil politics of the now.

Now, the last in line that enter under the category of thieves is the category of prophets.

So it seems that Jesus Christ is on his way to earth, and on his way to preach death. As the prophets Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand and others are teaching the way to death. For teachers and preachers of death enter under the category of thieves in my story here. 

For these teaches and preachers of death lie today people and steal not only their money with their fake books. But even their honor. They steal even that little dignity that every human needs to have. The right to live in peace and forget about preachers of death and pain.

So it seems that these teaches and preachers of death leave people with nothing. For they steal every ounce of human dignity and of human value out of the hearts of the human beings.


The Category of Prostitutes of London.


 The Second Category is the Category of Prostitutes that have inv...

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Why Altruism? Why selflessness? Why Self-Sacrificing? Why Do We Bother About the World?

Well, I made all the questions of my ideas on the headline of this composition.

So now all what is left here is to take these questions one by one. And express our thinking by putting these questions on the table of philosophy. And thus explain as such ideas, like people of wisdom do. That is through thinking and creating.

Hence, I ask, Why altruism? 

Here, first of all let us indicate what do we mean by the word 'altruism?'

The concept of Altruism comes from the Italian concept of altrui, that means someone else. And that is derived from the Latin concept, ‘alter.’ That means, other.

So, altruism is an image or idea that brings in my mind the image of Jean Paul Sartre, and his philosophy of “The Other.” That in certain points of the meaning of his thinking says, 'I'm the other and the other is me.” A philosophy that is somehow like that famous expression of Buddha that says, “One in all and all in one.”

Now, at this point of thinking, we see that the East and the West become one through altruism. For, the Western philosophy of the other of Sartre and the oneness of Buddha of the East here, in the altruist thinking or philosophy, become ‘one oneness’ within another oneness in the oneness of the oneness of nothingness within the nothingness of somethingness.

So I ask, “Is the other I and am I the other?

Here, by making this question, we intend to penetrate deep in the human consciousness. Deep in the mysteries of the human mind. And deep in the unknown and philosophy. For at this point of thinking, we enter into the inconceivable that is only slightly perceptible. And we enter or dive in the slightly perceptible thinking that looks like ‘the imperceptible.’

And I say that or think so by withdrawing my reason from this question that ask continually my thinking mind: Can I be like the other? And can the other be like me? Can we be one in all and all in one in any way of thinking?

My answer is this.

I think that we are...

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The Good is Dead, But…

Do you remember that value that our forefathers and our ancestors praised historically so high? That values that they raised up to the skies and glorified heroically and with great heroism. That value that they compared with the gods of the beyond worlds and the light of the bright stars. You remember it, don't you, dear folks of the today?

From Zarathustra of the East to the Socrates of the West, from Aristotle to Nietzsche and from the latter till now all these great humans of the past times have spoken with such a great pleasure, great love and great virtuosity about the

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Conditions and Circumstances Annihilate the Freedom of Choice – Why we, Western people, have turned into mass slaves without a freedom of choice?

Western philosophy for centuries has asked itself, do we have a free will or god commands us to think and act as god likes?

Now even though many rational philosophers came to the conclusion that we have a free will. And therefore we can choose what to do with our lives ourselves.

Still, they did not consider the conditions and the circumstances of our lives that had predestined our wills and our choices by the gods of earth. That were those who controlled the social power of the time. And told people what to think and what to do.

So, today western men and women think that they have a choice. They think that they have a free will. And therefore they can choose what to think and what to do! And no one can tell them this. Right?

They think that they can choose to work or to rest. They think that they can choose their companions based on love. And they think that they can choose their careers based on merit! 

However, here I like to ask, you who think so, do you ever consider the conditions and the circumstances of these choices? 

Do you ever think that you chose your career because of merit or because of luck and because you grovelled well, and did what they told you to do?

Do you ever think that you really choose your companion because of the feeling of love or because of one's social status and perhaps because of a predefined cultural thinking? That in turn controls your con....

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Slavery Is Abolished in the UK. Is it?

Slavery Is Abolished in the UK. Is it?

History tells us that slavery predates written records. And it has existed in many cultures, many places, many countries and amid many tribes and many races. Beautiful. How beautiful that it is. Isn’t it, dear folks?

However, one who works in Britain for £6.50 per hour, like I do, may say "that I’m not a slave. He may say it with a lazy London accent ‘nah!’ As another one may say it in a strict foreign accent ‘no!’ Or in a mediocre slow-motion, swollen, puffy accent ‘no wayyyy man! That’s not true, no, not at all man, I’m not a slave!’ One among many different people of London may say!
And I wonder, can we change their minds if we tell them a few things about the evil genius philosophy of the wise and of the clever that use antique but unique mirrors to reflect the past and create the present?

If we tell them that human history is all about master and slaves, all about the oppressed and the oppressors, the exploited and the exploiters and nothing has changed?

Can we change their minds if we tell them how today masters coax the simple people out with £6.50 per hour, when £6.50 costs a bottle of water in some shops, bars and pubs in London town and around? Then…
Let me tell you that the incomes of the working class people is only enough to survive in London. For high bills, high living standers, broken dreams, broken hearts and modern slavery is all what we see. 
 So sometimes I think that it is a beautiful thing to be a thinking subject. To think and reflect being. And especially, it is beautiful to desire to reflect in the within and in the without your being.

 For we need to think and reflect and wake people up. For slavery is a historical problem.

And history tells us, that slavery was prevalent in more or less every ancient civilization, and society, including Sumer, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks, Assyria, the Hebrew kingdoms in Palestine, Ancient China, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient India, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas.

Well, now we know that slavery has been...

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Creativism Religion – What is our Philosophy?

What is Creativeism Religion? What is our Philosophy? Where is our Temple?

Let us begin the philosophy of this religion the fathers of all religions were creative writers.

And with this I do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone but simply state the truth. And the truth even though sometimes hurts, it must not be a shame. For truth is a value of human existence, and without truth there is no human existence in its meaning. But a barbaric existence based on lies, manipulation and murder. 

So the truth of our history shows that different people believe in different religions. And different religions have different ideas. But all the people believe in something. All the people, polytheists, monotheists and atheists, believe in certain ideas. And the reason of why people believe is to give a meaning to their meaningless lives. 

For if we plunge deep into meaning and thinking, we see that Human beings make no sense whatsoever. And hence, religion is a way of making sense.

Thus  by believing in a certain religion one clings to something as a last hope on earth. By believing in a certain religion, one gives a meaning to their meaningless lives. And at last by believing one thinks that one makes sense in this way.  

And let’s be honest, even atheists believe in atheism and have their own atheist ideas. 

So then religion is hope, religion is meaning, and at last religion is a way of making sense or giving meaning to the meaningless existence of the human being.

So What is our philosophy at Creativism Religion, then?

We at Creativism Religion have a philosophy too. That means, we want to give a meaning to our....

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Overcoming and Becoming

And life confided the secret to me: behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself. 

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Many people live through subconsciously rather than consciously. For what they have learnt in life has fed their subconscious thinking with things that they did not consider important. 

However, when these people come to the fore of social interaction, all what they show is what they have learnt and that they did not consider important. But that however, as such form of knowledge invaded their subconscious thinking. And slept there for ages.

But also, even those who live consciously and are always in the action of learning what is new and different make mistakes. 

And absorb wrong and prejudiced theories. And this is evident with authors who take certain books and authors as absolute truths. And soon fall into the trap of prejudice themselves. 

Hence, I think that in all walks of life and in life itself, there is always something to overcome. 

And it is overcoming ourselves that presupposes becoming ourselves. 

Nietzche said, for example, that  man is an animal that must be overcome. 

And this does not mean that man is an animal. More exactly Nietzche meant that in man is the animal value inside.

Like for example, the animal feelings, the brutality of man, the arrogance of man, the hawkish pride of man, and so on with other negative values of man.

Hence, to overcome a bad feeling, a....

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What Do I mean by Existential Conditions and Circumstantial politics?

By the term “existential conditions” I mean that conditions of the human existence that have been created before we came into being. Or the conditions of living, political and philosophical, that we found existing.

So, “existential conditions” mean the world as it is. And as it has been with all its existence and its politics and its people. 

On the other hand, circumstantial politics is the meaning of politics that are created as one exists consciously on earth. And see history being made.

So, circumstantial politics means the politics of the time that are made on time to….

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Entry into My Philosophy

Imagine yourself naked. With no clothes whatsoever on you. No strange hats, no glasses, no pants and not even tree leaves to cover your private parts.
So, who do you think that you are? A human being that is made of elementary particles like all other animate and inanimate beings in being?
That's honesty of thinking. To know yourself as a natural man in a natural world. Man that is made of flesh and blood, body and mind. And man or human that is mortal. That means, born to die. 
Ancients were not without wisdom that wrote it in the temple of t...

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