Bernie Sanders, Opposition parties of today, DEMAND JUSTICE or take a GUN and Kill yourselves – People are being killed from the USA politics in Syria

The recent immense human pain, that the USA government has created by betraying Kurds in an unreal immoral way, demand for people of ideas, and the opposition of the USA and European politics, to stand up with speeches of condemnation. And organise protests until justice is brought back on earth. Until those responsible for murder are brought in front of courts.


But to whom am I speaking here, to a dead or Hypocrital humanity?

Today, we see Bernie Sanders enjoying his campaign for political power! And we see the entire opposition parties across western world to have fallen suddenly asleep!

Wow! Is what we see all political thinking that we want to see? Can we trust one, just one politicians who wills and wants political power?


Let us give Bernie Sanders as an example of the western world here.


We hear across internet and mainstream media about Bernie Sanders. We hear that he is a person of integrity who champions human rights, socialism and humanity. Still, when the USA government creates policies that murder innocent people, he is as silent as a dead person!



Then I ask, for what is worthy the philosophy of Bernie Sanders and others when they do not stand for what is humane and against murder?



This, dear gentlemen, or the way Bernie Sanders and others like him are thinking and acting is HYPOCRISY of the worst forms on earth. This is pure evil created by the very intelligent who see their Will to Power and personal interest above human interest.


For example. In the recent days, USA government decided to give a green light to Turkey to begin a war against the Kurds. This action was first a stab in the back from the USA government to Kurds, a betrayal of the worst forms.  And secondly, this was also a pact with the brutes of the Turkish government to begin a war against innocent people.


What were the results of the first week? Is the question.

Innocenta women and children and men were killed by the bombs of the NATO power – Turkey. And a human pain has been caused immensely on earth. A pain that could have been easily avoided if there was an opposition in the USA, U.K and Europe.


But the Problem is that we do not see an opposition party in the USA, U.K or imperialist powers of Europe, such as France and Germany, that calls for justice. An opposition party that calls for protests and courts to act against politicians. This is the problem of today Imperialist powers.


We do not see a will for the ideas of justice on the most intelligent people of this planet. And especially on the opposition parties of the imperialist powers of today.


So, Bernie Sanders, and all you politicians of today of the imperialist powers, if you think and create just for will to power. If all your thinking is a hypocritical thinking that intends to achieve to seize political power. And that’s it. If you are as such hypocrites that you are cruel and mean and have no human feelings whatsoever. Then just turn guns against yourself.


Perhaps this sounds as extreme. But there is nothing more extreme than seeing innocent people being slaughtered and you Willing for more POLITICAL HYPOCRISY and power. And keeping an eye closed and your mouth shut.


Let me tell you, gentlemen, that today human pain that is caused by today imperialist powers is immense. And it needs and asks for RESPONBILITY. And you and your hypocritical silence is not more worthy than these innocent people that are being killed daily by your silence.