Boris Johnson begins his “Prime Minister” aura by recruiting 20,000 police officers. But what EVIL THINKING does this Political Move hide?


So what EVIL THINKING does this Political Move of Boris, the war criminal, hide?


Boris Johnson begins his “prime minster” aura with a fascist and an old school way of thinking. And that’s an evil early sign that shows an old school thinking.


And this old school way of thinking always thinks of oppression as a solution. It is simple. It is calculated. And so whenever the oppressed in the human history can’t endure anymore oppression and begin killing each other or turn their guns against the state, then the OPPRESSORS turn towards oppression.

And Das Capital has enough of unemployed people who are waiting to wear that filthy uniform of a police officer who defends a state of murderers.


Anyways, let us deal with the intelligent here.  So the intelligent Boris

goes to the old school oppression instead of going to equality and opportunity and true justice.


In short, he goes to force instead of logic.

So this political move of Boris, the war criminal, is a way of thinking that above all sees “FORCE” as a solution.


And that’s the evil of all evil thinking in the world. When you as a political party or politician see force as a solution. While you oppress, control the masses and make the world forever for the few.


Say that our earth and world, that we the oppressed created, belongs to the rich culprits not to everybody! Not to all of us, the children of the mother earth.