Brexit or Celebrities? What do you want to eat today, dear CATTLE? The UK MEDIA Everyday Agenda to control people like Cattle in Stables

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Every day in the news of the U.K Media we have either Brexit or Celebrities! Or other ideas and things that suit to the U.K MEDIA Agenda to control the today British and non-British people like different sorts of cattle in stables!



Hello there! Dear people but why when we say, “Brexit,” why don’t we say loud enough or simply mention our values that we stand for? Don’t we stand for freedom? And to stand for freedom doesn’t it mean to stand for a free world? And to stand for a free world doesn’t it mean to stand “For Free movement?”



So then, here the truth is crystal-clear, U.K Media is thinking and acting as a Medium that has as an intention to control the people. Their Agenda is to control people through ideas.


However, the ruling classes stand ready for action. When these hypocrites, these intelligent MAFIA people of media lose power, then you will see the true face of the U.K government that will bring harsher laws. And why not big boots at the faces of the ordinary citizens to obey like cattle in stables.




We have here more important things to speak of in our everyday thinking and doing. We have here a U.K government that has sold arms to murdering nations. That means to nations who have used the arms of the U.K to kill innocent people. But not only arms, the U.K has supported these independent nations with military tactic in exchange for money and power. So we have a MAFIOSI STATE getting away with crimes against humanity while the today sheep people bleat and repeat in unison what the Media says.


Is any sane human being sane enough to admit that selling arms and teaching military tactics to nations, that kill innocent people and invade other nations or keep other nations under siege, is JUSTICE?


 And if what I said is not JUSTICE, then where is the CORRUPTED LEFT AND RIGHT U.K MEDIA TO SHOUT OUT THE IDEAS OF JUSTICE UNTIL JUSTICE IS DONE? Where is justice and where are those that are supposed to hold up these ideas – the media?



The everyday thinking and doing of the today U.K Media is like this then, “What do you want to eat for today, dear CATTLE? So we control you. That is through our ideas, Media’s ideas.


Dr ACactivism