British Papers are a BRITISH Disgrace. These Brat Journalists are educated with GREED and have no Respect for TRUTH! They describe Boris Johnson’s dad as a wife-beater!

British Papers need a hammer to be smashed to the ground. And these brat-like Journalists to be sent for re-education. For they have no respect for TRUTH.

In a recent story about Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley, the big newspapers of Britain cover the 80-year-old man as a person who once beat his wife. And is a one-off wife-beater!

Actually, what happened shows Stanley act in self defense. And this reason is based on MEDIA’s own writings of the events. That were reported to the media by family friends of Stanley Johnson.

“Last night, family friends confirmed the story to the Mail on Sunday but insisted that the incident had been a one-off.” Wrote the Mirror. And then went on explaining their inner meanness of the spirit.

“The friends said it happened in the 1970s when Charlotte had ‘flailed’ at Stanley, who broke her nose when ‘flailing back’.

They added that Stanley, now 80, deeply regretted the incident, which led to Charlotte being taken to hospital, and denied that he had been violent on any other occasion.”

But, nevertheless, what we see here is Stanley act in self defense. Not attack anyone!

While the headlines of the mainstream disgraced UK MEDIA MONOPOLIES wrote headlines like this:

“Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley ‘broke wife’s nose in domestic incident” wrote the news MONOPOLIES of the Mirror.

In short, I want to say that these people have NO RESPECT for truth.

And they can turn mud into water with their lies. So they are a disgrace to this country. They are British Papers. Led by greed for human attention. And money power.