British Parliament voted; ‘War is Peace. Oceania won. David Cameroon Moving from a Hero to a Sick Tyrant.



On 30th August 2013 David Cameron lost Commons vote on Syria action. At the time he was right.  He was a hero of humanity. He was humane and logical to cut the evil off before it becomes the suffer and pain of the entire planet, but the hypocrite, selfish, greedy and insensitive British Parliament voted ‘NO.’


 Action at this time would have been called as Peace asking to protect its identity and its dignity of being human. And I say that because the dictator Bashar al-Assad had just used chemical weapons against his own people, and it was the right time for action on behalf of Humanism and humanity. The last sentence speaks for those that think that being a human and being a humanist goes beyond being a British, American or European. Thank you.


Now if you thought at the time as a human being with logics and feelings, then you would have come to these results. You would have thought that the torment and torture of the Syrian children was calling for ‘Action.

You would have thought that in giving a hand to the Free Syrian Army that was the main opposing force of the tyrant Bashar al-Assad, then you will cut this evil off in the middle of its activity and in doing so you will hope to make the world a better place.


 So did David Cameron and his supporters think at that time. They were the heroes of our time, the heroes of 2013. They were for action against the brutal tyrant Bashar al-Assad, but the majority of the British Parliament was against it. And they were against it because the British interest was intact. Or perhaps, you may say that the British interest was not in a big danger.


 And again and again you’d come to this conclusion only if you thought with a petty mind and stingy heart, that is to say – totally selfish. Because if you thought about it as an intelligent human being you would foresee that evil would create evil. You’d foresee that evil soon would affect you somehow because we live in the same planet, don’t we? Hello, hello, – wake up!


 But even if the British interest was not at risk at all, even if your small-minded forecast, even if gods or the holy grail told you that the British interest will never ever be in any danger in this world, still there are questions to be made. Questions that ask; ‘Should you have acted to save these children of Syria and the world from falling apart or not? Should you have given a hand to these people that were fighting tooth and nail to get rid of this beast and tyrant that was called Bashar al-Assad or not? These are the questions…


Now, if you think like the British Parliament did, if you say, ‘NO.’ If you act based only on your interest, then do you think that you are a human? Do you think that you are a sensitive human being?


I make these questions because animals only act based solely in their interest. Animals only tear down other animals based in their own interest of eating more and having more in their stomach.

But, a human should help a human. A human should support a human using the best means of combating evil. Humans should fight against evil, because like Zarathustra of Nietzsche put it; we love life not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.


But, if you act only on behalf of your own interest, then where is the love? Where is your HUMANITY? Where is your dignity of being a human being? Where is it?


Then and Now.




On 30th August 2013, the genuine BBC, the mouthpiece of British politics, said that ‘MPs have rejected possible UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government to deter the use of chemical weapons.


So that means that on 30th August 2013 British Parliament did not only show its selfish side, but it also turned down USA and France that were for action, that were pro the idea of fighting against evil. British Parliament became the rotten apple that spoiled the world’s barrel of goodness.


And if we acted on 30th September 2013, we wouldn’t have seen these brutal beheadings; we wouldn’t have seen these terror attacks in Paris or Middle East or around the world. If we acted at that time, the Daesh would not have existed at all. The inaction, insensitivity and selfishness of the British Parliament gave birth to Daesh and to numerous other monstrosities and also it made Assad’s ally, that is and was ‘Russia, Happy.



The genuine BBC said that; ‘Russia – which has close ties with the Assad government – welcomed Britain’s rejection of a military strike.


Now think of Russia as being Eurasia and the West as being Oceania. And think of them as fighting for these little things that are in between them, fighting for lion’s share, fighting for their spoils and fighting for these nations that are in between them just like in 1984 of Orwell.


They are sucking the blood of the innocent people; Eurasia and Oceania; they have blood in their hands.




We all saw that on 2nd December 2015 the British selfish Parliament voted ‘Yes – War is Peace.  And so they began their journey of intending to kill dozens, hundreds and thousands of innocent people.


It was striking how cheerful and glad and happy that they were for going to war! The winners that said ‘War is Peace were as happy for going to war as a clam should be in butter. They were applauding in House of Commons, raising their spirits high and shouting ‘hurrah’ for going to war! What a sickening and appalling and disgusting action that it was. Where is the dignity of the world? Why don’t we just open the ground and make earth swallow us up once and forever.


Pause – you do better to think because thinking is good for the health.



The vote was not necessary at all. Alex Salmond speaking at the genuine BBC, said that ‘bombing is a diversion. He said that the plans to carry out air strikes in Syria are a diversion to having a real strategy to defeat ‘Daesh.


 So I think that the Syria vote was a personal revenge of David Cameron to strike while the iron is hot and so win the necessary votes that would make him a winner, revenge for the loss of 2013 and send people to war. In a war that now are many other nations already involved and that has become a hocus-pocus where human lives are lost for nothing and no one takes responsibility.



In doing this slippery move, it shows that David Cameron is shifting from the mood of being a Hero to the mood of going towards the tyrant and fascist ideology. Assad was a hero too at the beginning, but now he is a monster. And David Cameron shows to be a warmonger.

Man becomes a coward and man becomes a hero.’ You remember it was Sartre that said as such idea about 70 years ago.


So, I do not trust anymore David Cameron. I hope this article will make you reflect. He made it. He revenged to British Parliament. He called the War ‘Peace’. He achieved his goals too, in making the poor poorer, the rich, richer; the silly, sillier and the wise, wiser.


These actions make David Cameroon look like he is moving from a Hero that he once was, to a Sick Tyrant that he looks to become as long as he continues to keep these ideas of longing for war and hatred.



London too has become the metropolis of Europe where everyone hates everyone and where everything has lost its meaning. Thanks to David Cameron politics.  To put it like Bertolt Brecht at his deed ‘The Threepenny Opera, London has become a city where the beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing and the whores are whoring. This is London, the place of liars, hypocrites and prostitutes.



P.S. How about this negative energy of wars and beheadings and bombings; does it affect all of us or just me? I think that is affects all of us.




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So the only thing that left on us is the idea of fighting ‘for a better world. Long lives Humanism; down with barbarity of any kind.


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