Capital Gazzete Shooting. Why It was the Media Monopolies and Political Corruption that Pushed Jarrod Ramos to Shoot 5 Journalists in Annapolis, Maryland

Almost three hundred years ago, Rousseau would say “Bad politics make bad people.” But what does that mean? No doubt that it means that the most oppressed among us will take the guns as a method to survive. Therefore, the most oppressed among us will kill. And that’s why we must stand for social justice. For we will be killed by the “Oppressed,” ones. Or live in fear. For it is the very oppressed that turn into criminals and terrorists. History has told us this. And history is telling us this lesson every day.

That’s the explanation of the idea that bad politics make bad people, and therefore criminals.
For no one is born a criminal. So then, it is oppressive politics and injustice that make criminals in each day of each epoch. And so brings all evil on earth.

Whether it is a case of a 14-year-old young man killing a 41-year-old man in London. Whether it is a case of a terrorist attack in our western world. Or whether it is a case of a man like Jarrod Ramos shooting and killing 5 journalists. In all cases the reason of why this happens is because a great injustice, political oppression and inhumanity goes on in our world. And as a result this Political Evil creates the conditions for all forms of crime.

But, what has this to do with the shooting of Capital Gazzete? You may ask. If you ask in this way, then I would say to you that the link between the shooting and my philosophic explanation is in the political oppression of today and of each time.
“But where is the political oppression here?” you may say.

You see this political oppression from “the information” that is controlled by a few Media Monopolies. You see this political oppression in the porn industry and prostitution and brothels that show that the majority of our today women are controlled by a few pimps, controlled by the money power and prostituted. And you see this political oppression from some giant corporations that are controlling our food on the table and therefore our economy. And have the power to throw us in the streets. You see this political oppression from the fact that our laws are created to serve to the powerful. And the gap between the today rich and today poor people shows what I just said.

So we have our most Important ideal INFORMATION monopolised. We have our human sexual desire or the power of creation being sold to the powerful. We have our food on the table and economy in essence being controlled by a few corporations and the very rich. And yet we are all pretending that everything is okay! Hello?

So at the end when killing and murder and terror appear in our world, the journalists, or puppets of the rich, quickly move to blame the criminals. As if we are a society of angels! As if our society is not to be blamed at all! And so crime repeats all the time without we being able to understand why. And crime again turns into power for the media monopolies that sell millions of newspaper articles online and in print.

Hurray then for hypocrisy and corruption and media monopolies and injustice!

Well it is true that some tweets of Jarrod Ramos, that are able to be seen from screenshots and online pictures, cross the lines of free speech. However, his account is now suspended and we can’t see his earlier ideas.

So first of all, why is his account suspended? For we want to know the truth of what led him to this action. They should not destroy all his ideas. And give us only what the Mainstream media Monopolies want to give to us. Again our masters who are in charge of information are abusing truth and democracy.

For all we hear now is the media blaming the shooter but shying away from their media power responsibility. The responsibility of their media power and media monopolies and therefore media corruption that controls information and leads our society.

In a screenshot of Jarrod Ramos twitter profile, that was shared online, I was able to read this, “Dear reader. I created this page to defend myself.” So he spoke of self-defence. And he spoke of an inner voice that meant he wanted to be HEARD.

So question, the USA media, that defamed him, did ever invite him to defend himself and so be heard as a human being who demands to be heard?

Well Maer Roshan, that claims on twitter to be the editor of the New York lies or times, tweeted a picture on twitter that contained what a judge had said to Jarrod Remos as a response to his defamation case.

The picture said, “There is nothing in those complaints that prove that anything that was published about you is, in fact, false. “

This is great. But this is only the opinion of the judge. This man should have been heard too by the media. Judges are not always right. We have heard as such stories where judges have shown to be wrong in their judgments. And we still hear as such stories.

So the media should have invited him to express his ideas of why did he think that he was wronged. And why did he send such threatening messages to the newspaper. For this has been going on for a long time. So how comes the USA media moguls ignore the struggle of their people (just like our U.K Media does) but they are busy all the time with what goes on around the world?

And if Jarrod Ramos did ask the media to express his ideas and the media of the USA did not allow him to express his version of truth, then why not? For what is the existence of Fox TV and New York Times and all these giant media billionaires in the USA? Do they exist to shift all the human attention and focus from the things that matter in the USA to Middle East and around the world? website says in its article, “Newspaper shooting suspect’s grievances began with classmate” that “In one court document, Ramos refers to himself as a citizen who “values truth, integrity, equal justice under the law and fair access to the courts,”

The truth then here is that this man, Jarrod Ramos as a criminal, was a real creation of our society. A man who somehow demanded justice. A man who somehow believed in human ideals. And a man that was not educated properly but and not allowed to participate in modern world. And so be educated and educate others either with his ignorance or his intelligence and truth.

I know every oppressed citizen who does not want to participate will make this question, “Why on earth should the media give the opportunity to participate through ideas to anyone who demands that?

Further, Maer Roshan said the same to me:

Maer Roshan‏Verified account @MaerRoshan 3h3 hours ago
Replying to @DrACactivism
Not sure I understand the question. He defended himself in court. He lost, repeatedly, in the merits. I don’t think the press is required to provide a soapbox for everyone who feels aggrieved.

So why should Jarrod Ramos have been invited in the mainstream media studios to express his ideas and feelings and so educate all us and himself?

The reason is because our most important human IDEAL, that is INFORMATION, is controlled by a few media moguls.

So if you are a citizen who feel to have been wronged by the big mouths and the judges, then how on earth are you able to be heard when Media Monopolies drown you out through their reputation? And to drown out millions of voices through media monopolies isn’t this a way of choking the freedom of expression and the right of being heard in the society that you live as a human being?

And the media monopolies in choking “human expression” don’t they twist the moods and the feelings of the people? So turning them from positive to negative, from generous to angry and from peaceful to criminal?

Of course that to choke “human expression” means to twist the moods and the feelings of the human beings. So then it comes to pass that the media by controlling our most important human ideal, “INFORMATION, they do choke free expression and turn people into criminals.

For why do you think that I am putting these words of truth and pain in this blog? For sure I do write because of this great feeling of injustice that I have inside my soul. That is, the truth that I live in a world that denies my right to participate through ideas and be heard. A world that gives super powers of information to a few media moguls to control us like sheep. And a world that does not want to know about social justice and truth from other sources except the mainstream media. The latter are entrusted to control our information.

So then it is the conditions of our society that twisted the moods of Jarrod Ramos and turned him into a criminal.

For by choking his expressive thinking and drowning him out and continually oppressing his ideas through the media’s reputation, the media of the USA created the conditions that twisted the moods of Jarrod Ramos and turned him into a criminal.

Our society, on the other hand, never thought to take care of his ideas, like by creating an “anti-bulling group of people.” And these people to go and counsel him in a democratic way and ask of his pain and his ideas. And so educate him in a proper human way. Our society again never thought of the human right of participation and the right to be heard to be supported by the media monopolies. That they support with their money. And at last our society again is asleep and being educated by those who lie and oppress our ideas – The Mainstream Media Moguls.

But who should pay for this idea of anti-bulling or education?
Twitter gets millions out our society in ads etc. So why shouldn’t twitter pay a group of psychologists and educated people to counsel people online, ask what’s their pain and educate them then? Perhaps because we live in a world of guilt. And so all what the rich bother is but control and oppress. And so no one cares except our armies with big guns to oppress us.

These little things that I am saying here, however, can make a big difference in our world. So we should not ignore that fact that we are humans. And therefore have a human responsibility. And our human responsibility translates itself in the idea that we must stand up for social justice. And so work all together for a better world. The silent ones, on the other hand, we all know are like the silent Germany of the WW2.

Secondly here is a political point to be made too.

For instance, Casey Michel tried to blame Donald Trump by mentioning a tweet from the 2015 of Jarrod Ramos.
“And here is the Jarrod Ramos account’s only reference to Trump, from 2015, saying that the things “could end badly” for the Capital Gazette:” he said in his tweet.

The original tweet of the shooter, Jarrod Ramos, had said, “referring to @RealDonaldTrump as “unqualified” @capgaznews could end badly (again).”

Well but for what am I talking here? Or where is the political point in here? The political point is in this fact then: the corporate media by supporting their favourite political party, they have forgotten that we stand for certain human ideals. And not for a certain political party interest. So each corporate media monopoly by controlling information and thinking and creating based on their personal political interests, they have turned common people into two opposite and opposing camps of fans. In the U.K left and right. As in the US it is republican or democrat. Hello, which team do you support, mate?

What do I mean with what I just said?

Suppose a football match, for instance, where two teams play against each other.

And so in the stadium but and outside the stadium, there are two kinds of people supporting each their own favourite team. But when you support a favourite football team or whatever team, you do not think of any human ideal here. Do you? So you simply support your favourite team through feelings. And so you are carried away into the ocean of feelings that sometimes ends up into violence.

And so just like these football fans, so are the political fans or voters in the US and today UK. They are simply fans but have no ideas of humanity in their minds when they support their political party. That’s why we see political movements that end up into violence in our streets. Because each political movement is educated to fight for its political ideal. But not for our human ideals. Who are their educators? Of course the good and the just who work for certain media monopoly.

So who do we have to blame when we talk of this philosophy of thinking and doing that has turned people into sheep? Of course that we have to think of the big media that control information. And in this way has turned people into opposite and opposing kinds of fans. Left or right? Republican or democrat, which sporting team do you support, mate?

The media educates us without we being able to participate. You are not allowed to participate, mate. That simple. Shout all day, create all day, oppose ideas all your life. The mainstream media monopolies do not allow you to enter their media monopolies. From London to New York I have seen this thing myself and lived it myself. (read my tweets sent to Maer Roshan, for they contain some information in regard to this idea. Or read my blogs on media corruption.)

Further, who gives to the media this GOD-like right to control more than 90% of our information and shut down all the voices that come from our earth?

Do we all damn come from the same earth and go to the same earth? Or is it that these grovelling worms of the Mainstream media, who control information, have fallen from the sky? And so have taken a god-like right to control INFORMATION through the studios of the Mainstream U.K Media?

Do we stand for the values of justice and equality and the right of participation and being heard? If so, then where are our values?

Who is murdering our values? Those who control information? And those who control politics?

Okay if it is those who control information, the journalists, and those who control our politics, the politicians, the ones who are murdering our values and controlling us like sheep. Then it is the same intelligent people that are oppressing our world and creating criminals of all kinds. Like Jarrod Ramos, for instance.

My last message is: You who control our social power from our media, politics and corporations take RESPONSBILITY for your social power. And you who think that are innocent, have you every thought of participating through ideas and moving to make a better world? If not then, think, create and move. And do not think that you are innocent, mate, if you sleep.


When I asked Maer Roshan if Jarrod Ramos was ever invited in the media of his country do defend himself. He responded too arrogantly. Tweets are all below

@DrACactivism Very great statement. Can you @MaerRoshan please let me know if you know “Was he ever able to be invited in any media outlet of his country to defend himself?

Maer Roshan‏Verified account @MaerRoshan 22h22 hours ago
Replying to @DrACactivism
Not sure I understand the question. He defended himself in court. He lost, repeatedly, in the merits. I don’t think the press is required to provide a soapbox for everyone who feels aggrieved.

Dr ACactivism to
@MaerRoshan I think you are wrong. The Press is a medium of communication. And if the press wants to be called “FAIR.” Then it must give the right of participation to anyone who demands to participate through ideas. We are all seeing we live in the days of MEDIA MONOPOLIES.
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Dr ACactivism to
@MaerRoshan in 2016, I came into New York city myself. I demanded to speak to the journalists there. And demanded you to stop heaping hatred against immigrants. And stop turning the religion of Islam into a scapegoat. I demanded a right to be able to oppose your ideas through ideas. But-
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Dr ACactivism to

The security of @abc abused my physical body & sent me to prison. The security of @FOXTV did the same. The security of @nytimes pushed & kicked me for speaking. Is this the press u want to see? Is this the media monopolies that u want to see? Is this the sense of justice u have?
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Dr ACactivism to

Anyways, my question was simple, “Did he ever ask to express his ideas on the media of his country? If so, was he allowed? You must read the ideas of M Mcluhan on media. & if you have time pl have a look at my upcoming Blog that blames the MEDIA MONOPOLIES & politics for shooting
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