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Say no to Injustice, Oppression and Silence. Why Catalonia is a Karma to Europe for the Murdered Women and Children in Middle East

We as a European Continent have a language through which we can communicate with each other. And this Language is called English.

However, we do not have a POLITICAL CULTURE. And we need a political culture today more than ever.

But why do we need it? You may ask. We need a political culture to say no to injustice, to say no to oppression and to stand up in solidarity with other people across Europe and across the world. That's why we need a political culture.

Today we see what is happening in Catalonia. We see the police brutality. We see how peaceful protesters are beaten by new fascist Spanish police. We see how people are covered in blood like they are some wild animals waiting to be slaughtered by Spanish Police. And we see the silence of Europe at the end.

However, what is happening in Catalonia is a lesson to Europe. And somehow a "KARMA" for the silence that has continued in the recent decades in relation to the people that are murdered and oppressed through our taxes and politics in Middle East.


And this Karma and this silence need a thinking humanity that....

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Why peaceful protests must continue against Boris Johnson and British people rebel against Political oppression and injustice

In a democratic world all the guilt falls on the badly lied and manipulated masses. Because at the end it is the people who elect the leaders of our country.


So it was in the British imperialism and colonialism era. And so is in the today New Imperialist Britain.


Like say, for example, politicians promise a bright and a better future by colonising another continent. And the people follow. Politicians promise a bright future by waging wars in another continent and turning black people into slaves. And people follow.


Ej, you the people, who follow like sheep your leaders, hello here?


So the question here is, "Why do people of all times follow the mendacious and aggressive ideas of their politicians towards others? Because the masses have almost nothing, everything has been on the hand of the few for centuries. Say at least from the beginning of the capitalist era.


And for centuries, it is the children of the poor that turn into soldiers, doctors and teachers at the bottom. While the children of the rich become politicians, journalists on the mainstream media and businessmen. That’s the reality.


And the answer is that people can't stand still and think "when a better economy is promised to them." So people of all times follow all evil ideas of their politicians if a better economy is promised to them.

For example, to the today British people, a people whom we can straightaway blame for the Brexit chaos, the Brexit side and Boris Johnson promised a...

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Spanish Schools are “RACIST” shouted some foreign parents near my table in Marbella, Spain Bullying and Racism at School can be easily cured if a will to do so is there



It is morning time and a coffee time. So I sit to a Starbucks coffee here in Marbella, Spain. And I hear some foreign parents, a Lithuanian mom, an Arab father, and two young women with the Lithuanian mom, chatting with each other about a very sensitive topic. Bullying and racism at school.

“Spanish children are racists” shouted the Lithuanian mom a little bit of angry. And this phrase caught my attention while I was putting the cup of coffee near my lips.

“They bully foreigners,” she went on saying with a higher passion. And then her voice suddenly wavered.
“So if you want to bring your child to a Spanish school, I don’t recommend it to you,” she told to her younger friend of unknown origin.

At this moment, the Arab father jumped in the conversation and said, “You are right, they bully a lot and especially the Arabs. I remember one day my son came back home sad and with tears in his eyes said to me that his classmates pushed him to the ground.


"And when I asked my son why? he told me that his classmates said to him, “You are not Spanish, so go away from us, we don’t want to talk to you. and so on..."

“Here in Spain schools are a disaster, our kids are bullied daily while the teachers do nothing.” He said and then paused drinking some water.

“Yes, and it happens everywhere, they don’t like foreigners,” the Lithuanian mom went on speaking. “The Spanish create groups of friends, because they are the majority, and fight against the foreigners.” Here she suddenly stopped because her voice began to shiver.

And then she began again talking and now with a crackling voice. “When I first came to Marbella from Lithuania,” she went on saying now almost crying, “my child came back home crying and...

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What Calls for JUSTICE?


The answer of the question, “What calls for JUSTICE?” is contained in this historical fact. The historical fact that says that the way justice is done and expressed historically (that has been either by laws that on purpose supported the powerful or by the sword of the strongest barbarian that chopped human bodies and cut their heads) has been wrong or unjust.


And therefore the idea of justice historically has been equal to the idea of injustice.


That’s why the oppressed historically rebelled when the pain of injustice hit them so hard that they couldn’t endure their existence on earth anymore. And so the oppressed threw themselves under the feet of the horses of the powerful or fell on their swords or were blown away by their gunpowder.


But why did the oppressed die and turn into nothing just like that by the powerful oppressors? Because they liked to die young? No. The answer is that the oppressed rebelled with a cause and died fighting for a better expression of the IDEAL of justice.


“The highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.”


Everything in life is made of levels. So it is in all forms of art and thinking. And the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain. But why?


It is so because “The JUSTICE SYSTEM of each time or Justice ideal” attacks the oppressed on their basic rights. Like the human basic right to exist and work with dignity. To be free. And be able to care for what is more important on earth.


Here the states decide for everything and the oppressed get hurt.


So the deepest cry that calls for justice also is the most profound pain. So what calls for Justice is the deepest of all pain on earth. And that is the highest level of injustice.


So then, here we ask, “What form has the highest level of injustice?


The highest level of injustice is but the loss of the....

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Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

If you call yourself a writer and use your pen to defend murder and murderers, then what is the point of writing?


Of course that here is a point of writing, you may say. We all have seen this point of writing and still see it.


Here is the point of those writers who rush to join the Monopolies of certain media organisations. And use their pen to advance their careers and protect as much as possible their MONEY and POWER interests. While silencing and drowning out independent voices in the most criminal, mafia-like and unjust way.


They forever are heard. As we are forever silenced and drowned out. Wow? Why? Because they work for MEDIA MONOPOLIES, right?



And this is Patrick Wintour, this is Owen Jones, and these are all the left and right wing barbarians, who think and act like MAFIA, still they pretend that they are doing good to humanity in front of the sheep’s eyes that can’t differentiate between a wolf and a human.



And this is gentlemen the point of this form of writing. I call it wolf-like, new Nazi and new fascist form of writing.



If you are a right wing, nationalist and imperialist hypocrite this way of thinking, like defending British and European imperialism and their murders, fits to you.


Well, but what when you call yourself a left wing writer and defend murders and murderers, then what do you call this?


We all have eyes to see, gentlemen, that what makes one fascist and Nazi is not the action of seeing them beat their “breasts” like chimpanzees. Claiming that they are not Nazis nor fascists nor imperialists at all. Claiming to be humanists and left wing thinkers who fight for what is right and change! Ej?



Who do you think that we are, sheep, who take shepherds for wolves and wolves for shepherds?


So, I think that if you call yourself a writer and use your pen to...

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Ideas and productivity – How to keep ourselves productive at all times?

Great artists prize craftsmanly ability above all else. Before everything else they demand its careful cultivation based on complete command. More than anyone else they are at pains constantly to renew their grounding in a thorough craftsmanship.

 Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art.


Have you ever asked yourself curiously, “How do we mirror our world? Or how do we make art? Why art? Or why do we create? Or why should we create in the first place? What’s the point of creating? What’s the point of thinking and creativity?


And at last, I ask, why ideas and why productivity? And how can we keep ourselves productive at all times?

So in this essay, I will answer to the above questions through my speculative thinking and examples.


“What is art?” one may ask. Art in a sentence is no more and no less than the....

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Julian Assange’s Arrest means “Free Speech” is behind bars by Imperialist Western Politics

In the western world has begun a happy “Imperialist saga” that has no end. And this “imperialist saga” means that whoever achieves somehow to uncover the evil of the powerful politics and politicians must be oppressed.

So every time a whistle-blower rings the bells of truth, courts and politicians appeal for their arrest. It was the same with the hero, Edward Snowden, the same with Chelsea Manning and it is the same with Julian Assange.

Wow! But I ask here, "How can our western politics be so treacherous?
And what is this demand for the arrest of people who achieve to inform the people for an evil thinking and doing of a certain government?

We have seen for years the UK police standing like wolves in wait of their prey outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Their reason was sexual assault allegations made against Assange in Sweden.  Allegations for which Julian Assange has always maintained his innocence.

However, after Assange was arrested early today, CNN wrote, “Today, it seems, Assange was right.” That meant, the reason of why the U.K Government had been waiting for so many years in front of the Ecuadorian embassy had been to extradite him to the USA.

Theresa May was quick to highlight her treacherous thinking in the U.K Parliament by saying that no one is “above the law.” However, those who killed innocent people in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. And the backdoor politics of the U.K that supported all these murders seem to be above all and any human....

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Why the Hypocrisy of Oliver Brown and of the UK Media Journalists is Comparable to the Hypocrisy of Ancient Barbarians who Stoned People to death to Protect their Laws and Ideals. Adam Johnson’s Victim and Shamima Begum are my examples


U.K Media journalists have resorted to three tactics to easily silence my voice, the voice of Dr ACactivism, as a foreign writer. First they never invite me in their media Studios to take part with ideas. Secondly, they ignore my voice and my ideas, when I oppose them. So they drown out my voice easy-peasy. And thirdly, they block me on twitter.

How good does that sound to you as a reader?

The latest one to block me on twitter, was a hyena-like mouth called Olivier Brown. Why so? Because I made him a question on twitter. And it seems that U.K arrogant Media Journalists can’t endure one questioning their arrogance, and the interest of their class of luxury, fame and reputation! You know how good they are? They are great writers! But with a penchant and way of thinking that is comparable in style to that of ancient barbarians.

In short, the U.K Media Journalists love to stone people to death. But not with their hands. They do it with their pens. And the latter is even more evil than the former. Because the inspiration of the pen coming from the reputation of the U.K Media Monopolies inspires millions. That’s the problem. You get it?

Well, let us come to the point now. Let me first begin with the 15-year-old, Shamima Begum. The New Nazi, Piers Morgan said to Shamima Begum “to go and f**k herself and to rot in hell. Jeremy Hunt said in an interview to the Metro, “Ms Begum knew the risks when she ran away from home in east London aged 15 to marry a Daesh militant.”

However, here is also a contradiction of thinking. For instance, Sky News Middle East correspondent said to....

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BRITISH Media British People Relations Are like Father and child Relations from the Left to the Right. And Why this must STOP?


Education is a way of leading people towards a certain behaviour. Or to put it more philosophically education is a way of leading people towards a way of thinking and...

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My Philosophy and Message of Suggestive Education for the U.K Media Journalists: Why I call you, U.K Media Writers of left and right political spectrum, New Nazis and Enemies of Justice and Freedom


Whether he is an essayist, a pamphleteer, a satirist, or a novelist, whether he speaks only of individual passions or whether he attacks the social order, the writer, a free man addressing free men, has only one subject - freedom.

Jean Paul Sartre, Why Write

Well, but if one writer writes for Will to Power reasons, then does one think that he has "Freedom" as his subject?

Second question, if one writer appeals to the nationalist feelings and hatred  for others, then does he have freedom as a subject?

Third question, if one writer is led by feelings of hatred for others and is not able to raise his ideas in the universal way of thinking, then doesn't this mean that his thinking is instinctual?

Fourth question, if one writer follows the political interest of a certain political party and defends it in good and evil, then doesn't this mean that this writer is fighting for Money Power and not for Freedom and Justice?


For now enough with questions. Let us focus on the topic of why I decided  to write this blog.

Today, 14th January 2019, U.K Twitter said that Owen Jones argues that it is indefensible to write for publications whose work you fundamentally object to. And below this Twitter post, a war of tweets between the left and

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