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Why Boris Johnson is a Nazi Politician. Be careful before casting the vote for this solider of Adolf Hitler

When you call out a politician as being “Nazi” usually the minds of the people go to the crimes of Nazis. But that is not a right way of thinking. Why not? you may ask.


I think so because what makes one Nazi is the similarity of thinking with Nazis. Not the amount of crimes a politician has committed or that intends to commit. Is this right?

Anyways, allow me please to unfold my ideas and the truth in this blog. And speak about a video shared by Boris Johnson on twitter on 8/11/2019. A video in which Boris Johnson makes for Nazi points in 30 seconds of time.


Let me begin with the first point.

Boris Johnson praises the... (Please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is closer in thinking to Washington Post Journalists and Western Media and Politics than Religious Scholars and Religious thinking

It is strange, how the same journalists, the same media and the same intellectuals, or cruel barbarians and priestly intellectuals, who created the Daesh Terrorist group by heaping hatred towards the religion of Islam. Today they again turn their eyes in victory for the last time against the alienated souls and keep linking Islam to terrorism.

These pseudo journalists or writers, who grovel for social power like worms, for sure that they have learnt how to write. They also have learnt how to intelligently spread hatred and divisions.

Nevertheless, these close-minded creatures, that dedicate their lives to sick careers on media and money power, have not learnt yet how to become humans. They are still primitives. Or even primates in relation to the vocation of the writer a humanity.

Islam and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has no relation, and no logical connection with....

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The 39 Dead Bodies, All Immigrants and Foreigners that were found in a container in Essex, are a RESPONSIBILITY of the British People and British Politicians not of Human Traffickers. The World Can’t Be More EVIL.

If you haven’t lived a civil war like I have in the Albania of 1997. If you haven’t experienced a Kosovo war and seen your people being butchered as a teenager. If you have never ever seen your people oppressed and murdered, then what feeling or thinking or experience of the human pain do you have as a simple person, teacher, preacher or philosopher?

So that’s why here in this blog, I want to write about my way of thinking and the way I see a just, fair and good world.

So let me begin with the ideas of WARS. Who is creating the wars of today, Imperialists powers or small nations, that from necessity are pushed to take sides, with "A Devil" or "B Devilish" power?

Wars are created by imperialist powers such as the USA, U.K, France, Germany, Russia etc.


Who created the YEMENI war, who supported Saudi Arabia with arms and military techniques and war tactics? Who flared the flames and even created the Syrian Civil War? Who keeps Palestine under siege and continually oppressed and exploited? It was and it is the U.K and a few other imperialist powers.

If the truth is as I put it on this Microsoft document or metaphorically on the table, then why shouldn’t you blame the BRITISH PEOPLE and the British Politics for their Imperialist part and thinking? Eh? Because you are a sheep person and can't think properly? Because "truth" and logic hurt you deep? Eh?

First you create the wars, gentlemen. Then you push innocent people, who want to leave from war zones, to leave their countries. And the third action that you do is “Close your borders and take no RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for you actions that are done behind the scenes and barely mentioned by the corporate corrupt U.K and European media. So?


So can this planet and this world be more evil than it is?

Essentially, then, and by the logic of facts and truth and reason, and human values, from where I derive my judgement always, the suffer of these 39 people, the choking to death of these people in the container, and the murder of these people is a RESPONSIBILITY of the British people and British politicians.

We need a different way of thinking in Europe, gentlemen. And in the world at large as well. We can’t continue like this, wage wars, take no RESPONSIBILITY, close the borders of Europe, and party hard like animals in London, Ibiza and across the main cities of Europe. While at the same time, on the other part of the world, a world towards which we direct our guns and our bullets, people are suffering and dying and are choked to death from our IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS.

So that's why we need some form of change in our planet, dear gentlemen and you gentle ladies who party hard. We need a different way of thinking. Like more..... (subscribe for Free to read the full Philosophic Blog and share it to raise AWARENESS please)

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Say no to Injustice, Oppression and Silence. Why Catalonia is a Karma to Europe for the Murdered Women and Children in Middle East

We as a European Continent have a language through which we can communicate with each other. And this Language is called English.

However, we do not have a POLITICAL CULTURE. And we need a political culture today more than ever.

But why do we need it? You may ask. We need a political culture to say no to injustice, to say no to oppression and to stand up in solidarity with other people across Europe and across the world. That's why we need a political culture.

Today we see what is happening in Catalonia. We see the police brutality. We see how peaceful protesters are beaten by new fascist Spanish police. We see how people are covered in blood like they are some wild animals waiting to be slaughtered by Spanish Police. And we see the silence of Europe at the end.

However, what is happening in Catalonia is a lesson to Europe. And somehow a "KARMA" for the silence that has continued in the recent decades in relation to the people that are murdered and oppressed through our taxes and politics in Middle East.


And this Karma and this silence need a thinking humanity that....

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Why peaceful protests must continue against Boris Johnson and British people rebel against Political oppression and injustice

In a democratic world all the guilt falls on the badly lied and manipulated masses. Because at the end it is the people who elect the leaders of our country.


So it was in the British imperialism and colonialism era. And so is in the today New Imperialist Britain.


Like say, for example, politicians promise a bright and a better future by colonising another continent. And the people follow. Politicians promise a bright future by waging wars in another continent and turning black people into slaves. And people follow.


Ej, you the people, who follow like sheep your leaders, hello here?


So the question here is, "Why do people of all times follow the mendacious and aggressive ideas of their politicians towards others? Because the masses have almost nothing, everything has been on the hand of the few for centuries. Say at least from the beginning of the capitalist era.


And for centuries, it is the children of the poor that turn into soldiers, doctors and teachers at the bottom. While the children of the rich become politicians, journalists on the mainstream media and businessmen. That’s the reality.


And the answer is that people can't stand still and think "when a better economy is promised to them." So people of all times follow all evil ideas of their politicians if a better economy is promised to them.

For example, to the today British people, a people whom we can straightaway blame for the Brexit chaos, the Brexit side and Boris Johnson promised a...

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Spanish Schools are “RACIST” shouted some foreign parents near my table in Marbella, Spain Bullying and Racism at School can be easily cured if a will to do so is there



It is morning time and a coffee time. So I sit to a Starbucks coffee here in Marbella, Spain. And I hear some foreign parents, a Lithuanian mom, an Arab father, and two young women with the Lithuanian mom, chatting with each other about a very sensitive topic. Bullying and racism at school.

“Spanish children are racists” shouted the Lithuanian mom a little bit of angry. And this phrase caught my attention while I was putting the cup of coffee near my lips.

“They bully foreigners,” she went on saying with a higher passion. And then her voice suddenly wavered.
“So if you want to bring your child to a Spanish school, I don’t recommend it to you,” she told to her younger friend of unknown origin.

At this moment, the Arab father jumped in the conversation and said, “You are right, they bully a lot and especially the Arabs. I remember one day my son came back home sad and with tears in his eyes said to me that his classmates pushed him to the ground.


"And when I asked my son why? he told me that his classmates said to him, “You are not Spanish, so go away from us, we don’t want to talk to you. and so on..."

“Here in Spain schools are a disaster, our kids are bullied daily while the teachers do nothing.” He said and then paused drinking some water.

“Yes, and it happens everywhere, they don’t like foreigners,” the Lithuanian mom went on speaking. “The Spanish create groups of friends, because they are the majority, and fight against the foreigners.” Here she suddenly stopped because her voice began to shiver.

And then she began again talking and now with a crackling voice. “When I first came to Marbella from Lithuania,” she went on saying now almost crying, “my child came back home crying and...

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What Calls for JUSTICE?

The answer of the question, “What calls for JUSTICE?” is contained in this historical fact. A historical fact that says that the way justice is done and expressed historically (that has been either by laws that on purpose supported the powerful or by the sword of the strongest barbarian that chopped human bodies and cut their heads) has been wrong or unjust.

And therefore the idea of justice historically has been equal to the idea of injustice.

That’s why the oppressed historically rebelled when the pain of injustice hit them hard deep in their hearts. And they felt like they couldn’t endure their existence on earth anymore.

And so the oppressed threw themselves under the feet of the horses of the powerful for justice's sake. Like Emily Wilding Davison for women's emancipation. Or they fell on their swords or were blown away by their gunpowder. Like many oppressed people did in the past human history.

But why did the oppressed die and turn into nothing just like that by the powerful oppressors?  Was it because they liked to die young?

"No. The answer is that the oppressed rebelled with a cause and died fighting for a better expression of the IDEAL of justice."


“For the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.”

 Why do I think so? one may ask.

I think so because everything in life is made of levels. So it is in all forms of art and thinking. And thus, the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.

But why is it so? you rightly ask.

It is so because “The JUSTICE SYSTEM of each time or the Justice ideal” attacks the oppressed on their basic rights. Like the human basic right to exist and work with dignity. To be free and live in freedom. And be able to care for what is more important on earth by having a certain form of economic independence.

Therefore, we see state power decide for everything. And everything they do intends to oppress more and hurt more, the oppressed. 

That's why the deepest cry that calls for justice is also the most profound pain. So what calls for Justice is the deepest of all pain on earth. And that is the highest level of injustice.

So then, here we ask, “What form or concept does have the highest level of injustice on earth?

The highest level of injustice is but the loss of the....

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Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

If you call yourself a writer and use your pen to defend murder and murderers, then what is the point of writing?


Of course that here is a point of writing, you may say. We all have seen this point of writing and still see it.


Here is the point of those writers who rush to join the Monopolies of certain media organisations. And use their pen to advance their careers and protect as much as possible their MONEY and POWER interests. While silencing and drowning out independent voices in the most criminal, mafia-like and unjust way.


They forever are heard. As we are forever silenced and drowned out. Wow? Why? Because they work for MEDIA MONOPOLIES, right?



And this is Patrick Wintour, this is Owen Jones, and these are all the left and right wing barbarians, who think and act like MAFIA, still they pretend that they are doing good to humanity in front of the sheep’s eyes that can’t differentiate between a wolf and a human.



And this is gentlemen the point of this form of writing. I call it wolf-like, new Nazi and new fascist form of writing.



If you are a right wing, nationalist and imperialist hypocrite this way of thinking, like defending British and European imperialism and their murders, fits to you.


Well, but what when you call yourself a left wing writer and defend murders and murderers, then what do you call this?


We all have eyes to see, gentlemen, that what makes one fascist and Nazi is not the action of seeing them beat their “breasts” like chimpanzees. Claiming that they are not Nazis nor fascists nor imperialists at all. Claiming to be humanists and left wing thinkers who fight for what is right and change! Ej?



Who do you think that we are, sheep, who take shepherds for wolves and wolves for shepherds?


So, I think that if you call yourself a writer and use your pen to...

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Ideas and productivity – How to keep ourselves productive at all times?

Great artists prize craftsmanly ability above all else. Before everything else they demand its careful cultivation based on complete command. More than anyone else they are at pains constantly to renew their grounding in a thorough craftsmanship.

 Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art.


Have you ever asked yourself curiously, “How do we mirror our world? Or how do we make art? Why art? Or why do we create? Or why should we create in the first place? What’s the point of creating? What’s the point of thinking and creativity?


And at last, I ask, why ideas and why productivity? And how can we keep ourselves productive at all times?

So in this essay, I will answer to the above questions through my speculative thinking and examples.


“What is art?” one may ask. Art in a sentence is no more and no less than the....

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Julian Assange’s Arrest means “Free Speech” is behind bars by Imperialist Western Politics

In the western world has begun a happy “Imperialist saga” that has no end. And this “imperialist saga” means that whoever achieves somehow to uncover the evil of the powerful politics and politicians must be oppressed.

So every time a whistle-blower rings the bells of truth, courts and politicians appeal for their arrest. It was the same with the hero, Edward Snowden, the same with Chelsea Manning and it is the same with Julian Assange.

Wow! But I ask here, "How can our western politics be so treacherous?
And what is this demand for the arrest of people who achieve to inform the people for an evil thinking and doing of a certain government?

We have seen for years the UK police standing like wolves in wait of their prey outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Their reason was sexual assault allegations made against Assange in Sweden.  Allegations for which Julian Assange has always maintained his innocence.

However, after Assange was arrested early today, CNN wrote, “Today, it seems, Assange was right.” That meant, the reason of why the U.K Government had been waiting for so many years in front of the Ecuadorian embassy had been to extradite him to the USA.

Theresa May was quick to highlight her treacherous thinking in the U.K Parliament by saying that no one is “above the law.” However, those who killed innocent people in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. And the backdoor politics of the U.K that supported all these murders seem to be above all and any human....

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The Hypocrisy of the UK Media Journalists is Comparable to the Hypocrisy of Ancient Barbarians who Stoned People to death to Protect their Laws and Ideals. Adam Johnson’s Victim and Shamima Begum are my examples

U.K Media journalists have resorted to three tactics to easily silence my voice, the voice of Dr ACactivism, as a foreign writer. First they never invite me in their media Studios to take part with ideas. Secondly, they ignore my voice and my ideas, when I oppose them. So they drown out my voice easy-peasy. And thirdly, they block me on twitter.

How good does that sound to you as a reader?

The latest one to block me on twitter, was a hyena-like mouth called Olivier Brown.

But why did he do that? one may I ask.

It seems as if he was bothered too much from a few questions!

For I made to Oliver Grovelling Brown a few question on twitter. And it seems that U.K arrogant Media Journalists can’t endure one questioning their arrogance, and the interest of their class of luxury, fame and reputation!

You know how good they are? They are great writers! But with a penchant and a way of thinking that is comparable in style to that of ancient barbarians, I want to say.

In short, I see that the U.K Media Journalists through their thinking minds, they love to stone people to death. But they do not want to do so with their hands. More exactly, they love to do that with their pens.

However,  the latter way of thinking is even more evil than the former. Because the inspiration of the pen coming from the reputation of the U.K Media Monopolies inspires millions. That’s the problem. You get it?

Well, let us come to the point now. And please, allow me first to begin with the 15-year-old, Shamima Begum. And show you how some journalists and politicians of the U.K media turn mud into water when they want. And manipulate human thinking for the sake of their ego and greed.

For example, the New Nazi, Piers Morgan, a famous journalist, wrote that Shamima Begum “to go and f**k herself and to rot in hell. Jeremy Hunt, a politician, said in an interview to the Metro, “Ms Begum knew the risks when she ran away from home in east London aged 15 to marry a Daesh militant.”

However, here is also a contradiction of thinking. For instance, Sky News Middle East correspondent said to

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My Philosophy and Message of Suggestive Education for the U.K Media Journalists: Why I call you, U.K Media Writers of left and right political spectrum, New Nazis and Enemies of Justice and Freedom


Whether he is an essayist, a pamphleteer, a satirist, or a novelist, whether he speaks only of individual passions or whether he attacks the social order, the writer, a free man addressing free men, has only one subject - freedom.

Jean Paul Sartre, Why Write

Well, but if one writer writes for Will to Power reasons, then does one think that he has "Freedom" as his subject?

Second question, if one writer appeals to the nationalist feelings and hatred  for others, then does he have freedom as a subject?

Third question, if one writer is led by feelings of hatred for others and is not able to raise his ideas in the universal way of thinking, then doesn't this mean that his thinking is instinctual?

Fourth question, if one writer follows the political interest of a certain political party and defends it in good and evil, then doesn't this mean that this writer is fighting for Money Power and not for Freedom and Justice?


For now enough with questions. Let us focus on the topic of why I decided  to write this blog.

Today, 14th January 2019, U.K Twitter said that Owen Jones argues that it is indefensible to write for publications whose work you fundamentally object to. And below this Twitter post, a war of tweets between the left and

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Solitude, Reflection and Creative Ideas

 Myths are not lies. Rather Myths are exaggerated truths or fictional wisdoms. That means they are ideas that have been created to give a message of a universal truth by creative people of a certain time in human history.


For example, the myth of Buddha is not only a myth. For his story that says that he became enlightened or awakened while standing under a tree contains the induced truth from where the exaggeration of the myth....

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Strasburg Shooting: BBC and Sky News one more time showed that they can’t wait to link Islam to Terrorism. Saying, “Allahu Akbar” is Terror-related for the Hydras of the UK Media…


 Keen Miqdaad Versi, media spokersperson for Muslim Council, tweeted: "Disappointing to see BBC and Sky News lead with "Allahu Akbar" in their headline on the awful shooting in #Strasbourg."...

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Real Story: A Mysterious Man, who seemed about to commit a crime, enters in a small Restaurant in Harlesden, London and shouts, “I want to kill everybody in this country called, U.K for these reasons….” Dr ACactivism was inside by chance writing some ideas and took notes….

On the 19th of November at almost 2p.m, I was eating a sandwich and writing some ideas inside a small restaurant in Harlesden, London. When all of a sudden I hear a man speaking loudly and with a voice that seemed to show a lot of....

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What Does it mean to be a working class Man in London and today world? Read to Learn how U.K Media abuses Working class people by calling them out every day as criminals, and describing Ruling Class people as Heroes!

People of the media whether on the left or on the right, they are entrusted to train perception and the judgment of the people. So that’s how they train the perception and judgment of the working class masses.
Today is shame, is fear and is a horror movie to be a...

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Jeremy Hunt appeals for war with European Union at Conservative Party Conference! As Andy Street speaks the truth through humour “local workers are making the weapons systems for the F35 fighter! Blood-curdling rhetoric of British Politicians that bring to the mind the past war horrors

Foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, appealed for war with the European Union at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

I felt terrorised and terrified when I heard his blood-curdling and war-like rhetoric! And all of this just because some British....

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Justice is not made by LAWS that support today Rich Cronies or that have supported the past rich Cronies. Read to Learn what do I mean by the Concept of “TRUE JUSTICE?”

When we say “True Justice or Justice (the Justice ideal or the ideal of justice here is the concept of today and past ruling classes. As “true justice” is the way I perceive and conceive the ideal of “justice.”) we really put a very big word in our minds.

The problem here, however, that makes the “Justice ideal” confusing, to some extent a puzzle, and to some other extent a ridiculous idea, is in the fact that justice is associated with the idea of Laws.


 "Laws, on the other hand, and the way laws historically have been made, have not served and still do not serve to the ideal of true justice."

If you think differently, then, I ask you, "tell me a time in the human history where laws were not made to serve to the powerful rich people? And tell me too, in our time; aren’t our laws serving to the powerful rich people?"

So, why do I think that Justice is not made by LAWS, that support today rich cronies or that have supported the past rich cronies? one may ask.

Let me begin expressing my philosophy here by saying that we all have seen today injustice.
Like the extreme....

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Why it is not We, the people, who must follow the Big Tech and Big Media terms and Conditions but they must follow our Human Ideals with their Rules

It is utterly disgusting and ridiculous for us, the people of today, to follow the terms and conditions of the big tech and big corporate rich media. How can this even be conceivable that we follow them like sheep and allow them to oppress a few voices among us that have achieved through very hard, hard work to be heard in front of big media giants? For the latter can drown out even the biggest philosophers. And we all see that and their power.
So what shall we do? Is the question.
We as human beings stand for certain ideals. And for as long as we human beings stand for certain human ideals such as...

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Only Death Can Take you Out of the BBC and UK Media Power – Rachael Hodges, aged 40, died from Breast Cancer and so she gave up the BBC’s power

It seems that only death can make you give up the power that an Imperialist U.K media gives to you as a journalist. The power to control information, get paid well, oppress the ideas of the other people, train human perception and judgment. Influence laws. And so at the end, lead us, humans of today, by the nose like we are...

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The U.K MEDIA Artists or Journalists LIVE in Fear that They Will Lose their MEDIA POWER

Justice is impossible to be even conceived in one’s mind for as long as the very intelligent people are the most corrupted people. We saw in Rumania a few days ago bloody protests. We saw people fighting for justice and freedom. We have seen as such protests and wars all around the planet. And we still see every day people fighting for freedom and justice around the planet.

In London, however, corruption is a million times bigger and deeper. Monopolies of the rich media and corporations. And the link of the U.K politicians to the Russian dirty...

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Alex Jones Banned from Facebook, YouTube and Apple Stores. The Freedom of Speech is Dead. But why did they really ban Alex Jones?

Long lives the Freedom of speech! In silencing some voices that state power dislikes and highlighting and allowing those that they like. Today state power or the #1984 can establish a new form of Nazism and censorship in our world. Where the lambs of Big Media, Macbeths and Tartuffes like Russell Brand, James O’Brien, Andrew Neil etc., are heard only. And so we are brainwashed everyday and controlled like sheep and slaves.
But these people who control Facebook, Apple and YouTube show to be a joke. For they get orders from...

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U.K Media Journalists Think We, almost 10 million EU and other Immigrant backgrounds that live in the U.K, are Their Slaves

If you are a European immigrant or part of other immigrant backgrounds, you live in London like a SLAVE. You are not heard, you are not allowed to participate through ideas on the U.K media studios. And if you oppose the ideas of the U.K Media journalists, then every day the Concentrated Media Monopolies will drown your voice and ideas out easy-peasy.

Obviously, the imperialist Journalists of the U.K Media have no sense of justice and freedom. The only thing they know is a “will for money power.” And the only thing that they practise is the “oppression of...

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What is the Meaning of LIFE?

What deep, deep down has pushed me towards philosophy and therefore knowledge; it hasn’t been the idea of money and power. Even the idea of women and the idea of wanting to make a better world, that are the reasons of living, have been a secondary push for me. So the first idea that has pushed me towards philosophy and made me serious about “real knowledge” has been the idea of “life’s meaning.” I was curious to know what is the meaning of life.

So this is the question then, “What is the meaning of life?

All philosophers begin with the idea of...

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Why did I, Dr ACactivism, ran to disrupt Eurovision and how did I stand? And what was the way I was brutally oppressed?

Oppression is pain. And in all my life I have experienced a lot of oppression. So of course that I have a lot to say to a silent and sleeping Europe that is never satisfied with the killings of the innocent people. And the oppression that it creates for the economical benefit of the higher European classes.

Let me begin with this question, "Do we all as westerners see what we are doing to Palestine? Or is it just me that sees the truth? The truth of the matter is that we are supporting the evil politics of today Israel. Because our U.K and European rich mainstream media is imposing this way of thinking on us.

Further, we see how our Western world with the U.K government have supported the Yemeni government and instigated a war in Yemen. And so killing women and children and men and innocent people for nothing. We see how evil is this. However, we are silent, everyday people and people of media and people of academies and thinking.

So first of all, I ran to give a message to Europe for Peace in Yemen and Freedom in Palestine.

And I ran to take the microphone out of Surie's hand to give a message to o...
(please subscribe to read the full blog. And please donate to support independent thinking.)

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Read my Message for the today past Germans who supported Adolf Hitler to murder and gas 7 million Jews, but live in our today U.K. And my message for the same Germans who want to be in the right side of History.

  A thinking humanity that is being oppressed will be unacceptable to the animal world of the philistines that merely enjoys what others have created. That was what Marx said. I said, “War is not…...

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Charity Media – A Philosophy that can bring Change forever in a Corrupted “Left and Right” Rich Media

Media and journalism must be a divine mission that serve to humanity, democracy and great human values. Like freedom, truth, fairness, equality, justice and so on. But the rich of today, like they have done in all human history, have turned media into a business thing. Corrupted journalists see media as “a will to money power thing.” And media bosses do the same. Here then we need a solution for the sake of truth, fairness, democracy and our humanity.

Let’s take as an example, the most corrupted media in the world - The U.K Media. And here prepare to read my philosophy of change as well. So in the U.K Corrupted media on the one hand, we have the very rich, Rubert Murdoch of The Sun and all right wing media, supporting the U.K Government with their ideas. And on the other hand, we have the less rich, the Guardian and all left wing media, supporting the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.


Is this our free and independent MEDIA then?

Even the blind can see here and the deaf can hear the “Two centuries and half problem.” From the gestation of the idea “left and right wing media” in the French Revolution, and up to 2018, we never had an independent and fair media that is dedicated to truth and is impartial in its way of thinking. And that’s true as my being on earth.


Media has been and still is the mouthpiece of politics and politicians. And in the U.K left and right wing media fight like wolves for the left and right wing political ideologies. That is their political interest. That’s why we have a royal baby from birth to death trending here. As people who have ideas can’t use this corrupted media to express ideas for change.


On the top of what I said, the same journalists and the same media bosses dare to use even police and security power to protect their political interests and silence the voices of the thinking humanity. And one of these examples is myself. A man with ideas and who has been almost choked to death by the security of the most corrupted media in the world – the U.K Media.



So what is the solution for us here to have a MEDIA that serves to humanity and that is dedicated to truth and to the impartiality of thinking and doing?


Here comes my idea that I call “CHARITY MEDIA.” An idea that can be possible in our “internet days.” And an idea that serves to truth, reason and humanity. Well but what do I mean with this idea “CHARITY MEDIA,” then?


First of all, let us separate media from politics. Political parties can remain left and right, green and blue. However, if media wants to be called “independent and fair” then media must be separated from politics. And so be impartial.


But can a rich media be impartial? Can a journalist like “Piers Morgan or Andrew Neil” etc., that are super paid, be impartial? Even a donkey, if he had a human consciousness, would be able to understand that Money Power would corrupt the best of us. For there where big money comes in and goes out there big corruption exists. And it is there, it is these institutions that we must fight for the sake of human justice.



Therefore, because of the fact that on the fairness, freedom and independence of the media depends the freedom of the living humanity, then we need to invent a different way and a fair one through which media journalists can be paid.




So, I suggest media to be funded neither in the way of NHS and teachers nor paid by the very rich corporations like it is today. In this way of thinking, we separated media from politics and corporations too. Welcome to the free and fair world! How can the journalists be paid then?



The solution then is one. Media to be funded by charity organisations that take the donations from the very people.


And every conscious human being who wants to live in freedom and fairness must donate. The first one to donate to as such charity organisation will be myself, Dr A.C.


What about the salaries of the journalists? Should we pay them with luxurious salaries so they can be as happy as pigs and as corrupted as criminals?


The salaries of the journalists must not be bigger than the salaries of the working class people. So we don’t have young journalists that dream “will to money power.” But rather we have young people that dream will to freedom, fairness and justice.



So in this way we have men and women who take up journalism with a mission for truth and justice that serve to humanity, and not with a mission for money power that serve to...

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The little wolves of Britain First, who terrorised immigrants and Muslims in London, are in Prison! The big wolves, that inspired and urged the little wolves, are at BBC News Educating us every day!

The journalists of the BBC such as Evan Davis and Nick Robinson photographed themselves with the leaders of the fascist group, Britain First. U.K Media Journalists boosted their reputation and made them famous by having…...

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Imperialist Bira Kurvash – Owen Jones, a son of a Bitch, back to BBC Preaching to us Corrupted Politics

This Albanian phrase called “Bira kurvash,” can be translated into English as “Sons of Bitches.” This phrase, however, is metaphoric. For it means, criminals, murderers, PIMPS, intelligent M.A.F.I.A, assassins – pure EVIL FORCE. And with…...

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Why Andrew Neil of the BBC and Tony Hall, the director general of the BBC, must be in Prison for having linked Islam to Terrorism like Nazis linked Jews to all German Political Failure

Why should Powerful Media Journalists need to take Responsibility for their Power? one may ask.

Jean Paul Sartre, a French philosopher considered as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20s century, said that “Freedom means Responsibility.”

So far so good.

So all I am asking from today journalists of the Mainstream Media, who get paid super luxurious salaries for speaking only, is RESPONSIBILITY for the SOCIAL POWER. That we, the people, have given to them.

And I'm asking for responsibility for their wrong thinking and doing or their actions. Is that hard?

The social power that we, the people, have given to the Journalists of Media is the power of information that they are controlling. And the laws that they are influencing without we, the opposing reason of today like myself, being able to participate in their media headquarters.

Now before explaining the evil thinking and doing of Andrew Neil and the reason, that tells why he must be in prison. Let us first take a general look at the U.K Media way of thinking.

And then come to the particular person, Andrew Neil. Also, the inspiration of the CORRUPT, disgusting and sickening UK MEDIA Thinking.

U.K Media General Way of Thinking

Many German intellectuals thought after the First World War that Jews were to be blamed for the German Defeat in the last war. And that the Jews were the problem or a problem. And one of these German intellectuals, who thought so, was and A. Hitler himself.

While, in our time, the majority of the U.K Media journalists have thought, in the last two decades at least, in relation to the religion of Islam. That Islam is the problem or a big problem.

Thus, like a pack of WOLVES, from the left and the right and the centre, the UK media journalists have thought that the religion of Islam is

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Billionaire BBC and UK Media has educated Stormzy that justice and Equality means to speak against Politicians only not against a Corrupted Billionaire Media. You see? Never speak against your boss that made you Famous.

Can there be fair politics without a fair media? Never. So the uneducated Stormzy, the puppet of the BBC Radio One that made him famous, rumbled at Brit Corrupted Awards and on twitter, through journalists,…...

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Two Dead in a night of violence in Camden, London – Why I, Dr A.C, blame the Status Quo for what happened reports on twitter, “Two men have been stabbed to death in Camden within the space of an hour, with reports of several other attacks throughout the night.”   This is neither the first time…...

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Who are the Hypocrites? Oxfam has employed a Sex Worker back in 2011. But ITV News and U.K Media that have Supported Prostitution are complaining about it!

  ITV and U.K Media are ringing the bells of justice with the greatest hypocritical voice online today, 15th, February, 2018! Their hypocrisy is blaring and unbearable. For every single day we see U.K Media…...

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Whom Shall we Blame for the School Shooting in the USA, the Shooter or today Oppressive Politics?

  Media Moguls such as BILLIONAIRES New York Times together with politicians and corporations, they oppress, oppress and continually oppress humanity until some people reach a breaking point.   Then when people feel oppression deep…...

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24 Hours in Prison for opposing-disrupting peacefully the U.K Media. I saw a Metropolitan Police that is Racist, Prejudiced and Abusive

  On 23rd January 2018, I, Dr A.C or @dracactivism, disrupted the National Television awards at O2 arena in London. Why? Because I oppose the corrupted ideas of the U.K Media that thinks that Oppression…...

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The M.A.F.I.A Link between Charlie Sloth of BBC Radio One and Huw Edwards of BBC News

BBC Radio One deals only with music! You know, controlling entertainment industry and oppressing the ideas of any creative artist that opposes their ideas. So MONOPOLISING entertainment industry easy-peasy through sheer FORCE-EVIL-POWER.   On the…...

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Children Belong to the Playground not to Modelling or Online. The Reason Why English Culture is a Buy and Sell culture

I open Facebook and I see a modelling agency called, “Modelling-Tips-Online” promoting its post that said, Child Models Wanted aged 3-12. And the article that they promoted said on its title, “Massive Demand for New…...

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Metamorphosis, how WORMS, or Mainstream Media Personalities, turn into SNAKES with many heads through Mainstream Media Reputation

  If you look at past dictators and today dictators, like Hitler, Stalin, Kadafi, Bashar al-Assad etc., all of them have the same strategy of thinking. They grovel for social power and fame. And they…...

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An Open Letter and a Book As a Gift For the TV of the ASSASSINS – The BBC NEWS

Dear Journalists and Dj-Journalists or political assassins of the BBC.

Oppression means the oppression of ideas or to oppress people's ideas. Like, for example, by controlling INFORMATION through MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

And so it comes to pass that those who oppress ideas control the soul of humanity, the mind of this humanity, the soul to this economy and everything else.

That’s why you oppressed my ideas, and the ideas of the men of my time, for over a decade. Ideas that intended to support the freedom of ideas through platforms that contain the inception of this concept.

So the FACTS are evident here. You people, who work for the news MONOPOLIES of the BBC, like a herd of wild animals, support the oppression of ideas. That is the TRUTH.

Now, I know that many of you are intelligent writers and speakers or intelligent artists.

But, let me be honest with you, a writer and an artist was even Adolf Hitler, right?

So, because of fact that you may be skilful journalists or Dj-journalists etc., that doesn’t mean that you can’t be corrupted in your soul. Like you are. Is that right?

Because, as a matter of fact, you continually oppress creative minds that oppose your ideas. And here is my life example as truth and reason of this phenomenon.

So for years, you corrupted little “Hitlers” saw that you could easily drown “my truth and my reason, and my voice as an Oppressed immigrant in this country” out through the BBC’s reputation. And you continued to do so like a pack of wolves. Like a Nazi army. Very good!

You, the oppressors. I, the oppressed. You, the masters. I, the slave.

You promoting the OPPRESSION and the control of Ideas. I promoting the freedom of ideas and truth. You promoting, corruption. I promoting, fairness.

I, dreaming to see the freedom of ideas and working for this idea. You, oppressing ideas. And laughing up at your sleeves like instictual monkeys or mean barbarians.

And at the end, you being heard. I, being silenced forever.

In my case, however, is reflected the pain of the men of my age. For what you have done to me, you also have done to other independent thinkers, who opposed your ideas, as well. That’s logical.

So how good is the oppression of ideas for you, assassins, then?

You killed my voice politically. And you killed the voices of the men of my age, who wanted to participate in modern history through ideas, politically on purpose.

And you did it because we opposed your ideas. As you wanted to control information through news media MONOPOLIES. So we came to oppose each other. The oppressed and the oppressors.

And let's be honest, you still do it, you still kill our Voices. But in killing our Voices, however, you kill us. That means, you kill and continue to kill us politically. And as much as you can.

But why? When did you act so macabrely towards our voices or the voices of my generation?

Of course, as a matter of fact, you didn’t want us to be heard. You didn’t want our new ideas to be heard. And you wanted the old to continue to lead and oppress. That's why you thought and acted so.

In short, grovelling journalists and a mighty director-general was making the rules of Information for our entire U.K Nation. And assassinating our voices on purpose by not allowing us to participate and be heard with Ideas at BBC. That is our national TV.

Therefore, you are political assassins. For you did silence us and still do it to protect your power over people.

You murder our ideas with subtle and cunning Machiavelli-like ideas. Like big media’s reputation and police and security power.

Therefore, your continual oppression of the new ideas, your evil oppressive stance against opposing passions of the time, and your hatred towards the freedom of ideas can be compared only to a priest’s letter written by Voltaire in 18th century. A letter that spoke of subtle killings and mass exterminations of humanity.

So like this priest, who with a cunning reason, wanted to kill innocent people that opposed the church. So you, the church of today, the BBC and Big Media in general, are silencing and murdering our reason. And our existential truth and our Voices.

At the end, your philosophy, dear assassins of the BBC News or Machiavelli-like journalists, is not even a subtle one.

For your philosophy rather is a barbaric ingenuity. Because you not only refuse to invite us, independent thinkers, in your studios and oppress our ideas through BBC’s reputation. But you also use security and police to silence us by force.

For on May, 2017, the BBC reported me to the Police because I opposed their ideas on twitter. Plus, let us speak here of the countless times that you have used your security power to silence my voice through sheer force.

Plus the truth of the matter that the security of the ITV almost choked me to death for holding up a few creative ideas. And you didn’t even condemn it!

And contrariwise, all of you praised the security of the ITV for the quick response. And their brutal way of dealing with peaceful protestors, and almost choked me to death! Good, isn’t it?

So, we see the facts and the figures that tell us that you are in control of our Ideal of information.

But how comes that you, genius barbarians of the BBC, control information, however you do not have a single show dedicated to the independent ideas?

And how comes that you for years use your reputation to drown out the opposing passions and forces of the time?

Further, the reputation of the BBC and its centuries-old authority impose its culture or way of thinking and doing into Europe willy-nilly. While, on the other hand, we immigrants, who come from Eastern Europe or other parts of the world, are not allowed to participate in here!

Unless, of course, we grovel like worms and think like you think.


Cultural Imperialism

So it comes to pass that in ur U.K, on the one hand, there is Dj-Journalist Charlie Sloth, DJ-journalist Target and a few others controlling entertainment industry on the behalf of the BBC. Inspiring Europe with gun and knife crime and imposing on the latter these very ideas.

On the other hand, there are journalists like Andrew Neil, Nick Robinson, Jeremy Paxaman and a few others from the big media who oppress ideas of all independent thinkers. And invite in their studios only people who think like they think.


So in the headquarters of our national TV called, the BBC, all THINK the same, the sheep and the wolves. While the thinking humanity that thinks and creates continues to be oppressed by the wolves.

So a saying of Theresa May makes perfectly sense in here. For once she said in New York while meeting her beloved Trump that, “We have won the war of ideas” 

And that is true. You have won the war of ideas. For you win the war of ideas with a gun of over the heads of those who oppose your ideas.

You see who you are then? Murdering Nazis and Assassins. That’s who you are.


So all is good and all is fine in our UK. The richer gets richer and the oppressors every single day get bigger by turning people into sheep. 

So, some happy boys control entertainment industry on the behalf of the BBC inspiring death and corruption. By bringing in their studios only people that they know. And all the time praising gun and knife crime. 


While our U.K government wages wars for corporate greed. The big media journalists continue to praise big corporations for their sponsorship! And this is the happiness of our state, social power and corruption. Politicians on the one side, and artists on the other controlling us.

So you, journalists of the BBC and of the BIG MEDIA, who are intelligent and  know many things, you oppress and drown out our ideas as much as possible on purpose.

And the purpose is to control INFORMATION. And thus continue to roll and push the wheel of history by controlling and oppressing us forever. 

And by controlling and oppressing us, you accumulate big amounts of social power. And thus you impose your ideas not only on us but on all the people around the world.

And the imposition of ideas on others through a dominating and powerful culture is what is called, cultural imperialism, my dear BBC.


For once you enslave the British people, then you use them to control the world. And it is this form of intelligent oppression that gives me the right as a “Freedom-Fighter and citizen of the world” to oppose your oppressive philosophies.

Anyways I am not trying to dissociate myself from the British people here. simply I am expressing my pain. 

For as a matter of fact, I lived in London during the most important years of my life. I served and studied. So I am a citizen of this city too.

However, like the majority of the British people, I lived as a slave in this country. And as a slave with a pen and ideas. As you were the masters with guns and security oppressing my voice and my ideas forever.

At the end, we do not make sense. For we are senseless human beings. Still, allow me to lecture you here on how to make sense for a better world. 

Dear oppressors of the BBC, we can make sense through creativity. And when creativity is based on the great ideas of humanity, that we found engraved in the skies by the great minds.

And thus when creativity intends to make the world a better place. Then, that means that this form of creativity is Positive Creativity. And it must not be oppressed.

But, you, journalists of the BBC, have done your best and still do your best to oppress positive, creative ideas as much as possible.

Then, to oppress ideas, like you do, that means to not want to make sense or to not want to let others to make sense.

For Einstein said that we make sense in working for a better world. However, you cronies of the BBC are making sense in working for a worse world. You are making sense in oppressing others. And, somehow, it is your oppressive philosophy that pushes rappers to glamorize gun and knife crime. For we know that they glamorize violence to catch attention.

So it seems that you have found the way! And you are okay with it! No change is needed anymore! Rappers glamorize gun crime to catch attention. And you oppress new ideas and stifle change. And hence we see London a city where stabbing has become as common as an English breakfast!

Therefore, to be like you, it means to exist with the soul and the spirit of dictators and dictatorships. And that’s who you are.

For years, I worked to see a world of dialogue, ideas, truth, reason and humanity. At the beginning I asked for an opportunity to....

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How Can The Murdering Nazis of the ITV Apologise to Me, Dr A.C? I Demand The Freedom of Ideas Through a Single Idea Called “Creativeism Movement Show.

You remember a famous phrase saying that Freedom is Slavery, don’t you? Yes it was said at a deed called, 1984, written by Jesus George W. Orwell. So the oppression of creative ideas is the…...

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Democracy is not a sole Idea. It is not a sole Value. It rather is a Complexity of Ideas and Values.


“If our generation fails to do its duty not only do we defraud our children of inheritance which we receive from our fathers, but we blast the hopes of the friends of the liberty throughout our continent, throughout Europe, throughout the world to the end of time.”

Edward Everett’s Oration July 4, 1848

 Well, but what is our task today? Or the duty of our generation?

Isn’t it first of all, we to defend our liberty and our democracy? Ideals for which our forefathers fought with their blood.

And secondly, isn't our task today to unite the world and why not make it feel like one? Like it deserves to be. That is, a world that lives in peace and a planet where all conscious animals are free and equal?

However, today we see that this task is not an easy task.

For with Brexiteers whining, rumbling and rallying for right-wing power in Britain. With Donald Trump winning big in the USA and Nigel Farage winning big in Britain. With Marine Le Pen gaining momentum and power in France. 

 And with many neo-fascist movements cropping up throughout Europe and USA, Democracy is but on the losing side. Or perhaps it has lost for the time being. And our task, that is to make a better world, is not an easy task anymore.

"But, however, we must stay strong and keep fighting for what is human. Despite the fact that we are on the losing side for the time being.

Now one may ask, "Well, but what is the problem in seeing Donald Trump winning in the USA and Nigel Farage and his cronies, like Marine Le Pen etc., winning throughout Europe?

Here is a plain and fundamental truth at stake. That is, the fact of the matter that they do not stand for true democratic values. They do not stand for what we as people, as humans and as humanity stand for. 

In short, as such new-nazi movements do not stand for human values. And they even take advantage of our democracy to abuse democracy for their political and group interests.  

And their extreme negative thinking is easily comprehended from their extreme thoughts that lead to extreme actions. That are full of prejudice and hatred for others. 

Hence, we see that our today example, that shows evil people gaining power, shows democracy in a new light or unfolds it as a philosophy that incorporates all forms of beings and all forms of thinking in its sea of thinking and doing

And therefore, democracy is not a single word. To be comprehended just like that. It is not a single idea. And it is not a single concept. 

And further, of course that democracy is not a cup of coffee for the admirers of  demagogues. And nor is it a pint of beer for Nigel Farage to enjoy it in the pubs of London.

 “Hence, Democracy rather is a complexity of values and ideas and concepts that comprise the essence of humanity. And we can't allow demagogues and their admirers to abuse the essence of our human existence. 

 Thus now in order to understand democracy better we ask, "What is the essence of human existence, then? So we can comprehend democracy's essence and democracy better.

The essence of human existence or of humanity is in...

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Why is Brendan Cox’s Christmas message a million times more worthy than a million filthy Queens or corrupted Politicians?

Brendan Cox: “2016 can be a wake-up call”

 Well let me begin to analyze the main parts of his speech.

 "Jo loved Christmas, the games, the traditions, the coming together of friends and family and above all the excitement of our kids." He said.

 Mr. Cox tells me here what a good human character stands for. And this character was his wife - a brilliant visionary woman called, Jo Cox. A woman that lost her life while fighting with her soul and heart and head to better our humanity.

 The beginning of the speech also shows me what unites us. That is Family. On the one hand, our little family with brothers and sisters and kids and wives. And on the other hand, our traditions and our bigger family that is society.


“Society!” Did I just say? A society that has lost sense of its humanity. A society that is totally alienated and money-oriented. Like it is money that created us! And not we and our virtue that created money.

 A society that is about to lose its essence. For human essence is in seeing the world as a family and the family as part of the world. But our society is turning a blind eye to the things that matter.

And to be honest, it seems that our society is forgetting the bloodshed of the past in order to repeat it in the present!

Now, the reason of why I loved Mr. Cox’s speech is this human unity that he shows in it. His little family that is connected to the society. That is our bigger family. And our bigger family that affected the happiness of his family.

One among “US” or among our society took his wife away so soon and so brutally. So destroying the happiness of the little family of Brendan Cox forever. Murdering a living soul that was working to make our bigger family a better family. A war-hearted woman that wouldn't hurt a fly.

 Here I wanted to make the point that we are connected to one another so intricately. That the saying of Buddha that goes “all is one,” makes perfect sense to me.

For we share being on earth and we share nothingness as well.

For how can one deny the fate of humanity? Unless one is not aware of being a human among other humans.

 So Brendan Cox went on and said: “2016 has been an awful year for our family, and it’s been a divisive one for the wider world. A year in which fascism, xenophobia, extremism and terrorism made us divided and felt threatened, from America, to Europe, to the Middle East and beyond.”

 What I like of Mr. Cox in here again is that in showing his pain, he also manifest the pain of an entire humanity. For hatred, that killed his wife, the magnificent Jo Cox, is in the same time killing and dividing an entire humanity. That is our bigger family.

 Einstein once said, “love is the answer.” And no doubt that love and unity are ideals where we must stick forever.

But, however, the question here is how to defeat a neo-fascism that wants the world under its clutches?

A neo-fascism that cries for blood and violence. As we cry for love, unity and understanding.

 Although, here is something that Brendan Cox leaves unsaid either unwittingly or on purpose.

 For I have a question here, "Who gave birth to these neo-fascist movements? To these violent groups that are cropping up every now and then all across Europe and America?


And the answer is that "the ones who gave birth to them are the ones who pretend to be the bearers of today standards – the Big Media.

For whenever that an immigrant happens to do something bad in Europe or USA, they make a mountain out of a mole hill. They create an entire movie out of something that needs merely a description and leaving the authorities and laws do their job.

So big media monopolies begin exaggerating and exaggerating and exaggerating things until they make people feel threatened through exaggerated and manipulated facts.  

This way of thinking increases the blood-level in the people's veins above tolerance And thus at the end, they achieve finally to inspire hatred.

And it is at this moment that ordinary  people begin to act on a mission. That is, they become xenophobic and hateful towards immigrants and foreigners. for they demand to save their nations from those that media monopolies describes as terrorists and criminals. 

Hurray for hatred then! For at the end we have the HATE SPEECH of MEDIA MONOPOLIES become HATE CRIME. Thank you much. 

Therefore, the today chauvinists are the pupils of the today bearers of standards. And the latter are but the greedy bears of the big media.

And all they want is but money while sucking the blood of the poor and of the wretched immigrants. That are attacked by all sides. And can't find a place to call home thanks to the hatred of the billionaire European media monopolies. 


So it comes to pass that Big Media wants to sell stories. And to hate the immigrants is what sells, gentlemen.

So the media monopolies are the ones who hate and the ones who again pretend to be saving society from hatred! Isn’t this just too ridiculous, then?


Therefore, dear reader, I understand why Brand Cox, if he is the writer of his speech, leaves Big Media out of the picture that matters to be mentioned here.

And he does that because Big Media is the one giving him fame. Big media is making his voice being heard. The same big media that, on the other side, is using police and security power to silence my voice, the voice of an immigrant and thinker, by force.


 Mr. Cox went on saying, And these trends could strengthen - they could gain momentum they could consolidate and they could threaten the fundamental freedoms, and democracy that our grandparents fought for.”


We know that that is true. Evil can strengthen and trump good. Form we remember the beautiful past. The evil force and power of the Nazis and Fascists. And before them, we remember the English killing the French and vice versa, don't we?

And we remember, the French hating the Germans and vice versa. And the English setting the Germans against the French and the French against the Germans and so on. We remember all the great past, don't we?

This is then, our brilliant European history that is but a nausea. And that we don’t want to be repeated.

 And so Brendan Cox said, “But that isn’t how it has to be.” And I agree.

 Just as it has become apparent that tolerance and tolerant societies are only as strong as their defenders - there is nothing inevitable about the rise of hatred.

Instead of being a turning point for the worse, 2016 could be a wake-up call that brings us back together.

A wake-up call for all those of us who thought that the  values that feel so much part of our society; of tolerance, of fair play - were in some way sacrosanct and didn’t need defending.”


Here again, I want to point out his brilliant idea of tolerance and defending values and trying to unite us through our values. 

 For we are and have to be tolerant in what we think that is not destructive to our common good. And we come together or unite as humans because of our common good and common human fate. 

And therefore, for our common good and common values, we must defend our dwelling place from evil, and wild animals. Who spread hate and racism. 

 But what is evil, anyways?

An American philosopher said that evil is just the...

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What Makes You Awake

What makes you awake? this is the question. New ideas, and a passion for learning is what makes one awake. Thinking or desiring to enlighten your mind with knowledge and inspire others with human ideas…...

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British Media, the Masters as British people, the Sheep

First of all please watch my Live Message on Periscope; ‘British media, the masters, British people, the sheep! ’Link; 

Now to begin with my writing, by silencing and ignoring those who oppose their ideas like they have done and they are doing to me, the Masters of the British Media control the minds of the British people. And as a consequence they turn them but into sheep.

 So we have British Media, the masters as British people, the sheep.

 Hence ‘God bless the masters and God bless the sheep’ thus speaks a Creator to the world.  

Now let’s go back in time. From the time of industrial revolution and until today, one thing can be told for sure for Britain and Europe too. It has galloped like a racehorse towards centralization. Where the few at the top forever become more powerful as the many at the bottom wish with their souls and spirits to climb higher and higher. But they never climb.

For how on earth can one climb when one is born a wage laborer or a slave? [the_ad id="530"]

Machines didn’t bring us more freedom but more slavery.
Marx said in the 19th century that man now has become an appendage of the machine. So these machines that we created didn’t make the world a better place but a worse one. Wasn’t it this love for machines that in the 20s century alone killed at least 100 million people? [the_ad id="530"] And isn’t it this love for machines that has turned humans into commodities?  

Isn't this love for the machines that has alienated the human beings of today? And I ask again, "Are we being fooled and blinded by the same truth that we see, today People? [the_ad id="530"]

Let's take the core value of humanity. And now let me say that centralisation and the highest level of capitalism has alienated....

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Suicide Essay

Five years ago I tried to kill myself. Four years ago I tried to kill myself. Three years ago I tried to kill myself. Two years ago I tried to kill myself too. And still…...

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A Suicide Attack On the Evil Values of the Present Time by the Creator of the New Values

‘Every time that I close my eyes, I feel like this is going to be the last time that I will breathe consciously. Not because I don't like living anymore. But, because questions keep coming and answers keep declining.

However, I still keep going through the storm of....

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Humanistic Socialism – New Political Theory by Dr ACactivism

In an exploitative capitalist mode of production, that seems forever to make the richer rich and the poor, poorer. We see the alienation of the many good and righteous beings into greedy, mean, weak, vile, ungenerous and hypocrite people. And this happens by a high form of exploitation that shows to be as clear as day and true as light. And as the logic of two plus two equal four. 

For what else would you do under intense mental pressure, continual exploitation and unceasing worry about your food on the table, your rent and your existential needs?

So the political conditions, that have been created to exploit, and the circumstantial politics, that have been forged to manipulate, will willy-nilly alienate the many into something vile, mean and evil. Human beings who would refuse to care and stand for what is human. And human beings who will see even the “murder of man by man” as a new normal. Just like the exploitation of man by man is. 

But how did we come to this point of human degradation? one may ask.

Nowadays, we see that a heyday of a new form of Feudalism coupled with a rotten form of capitalist mode of production has plagued our entire Western world in the last centuries. And created a form of political theory similar to that of a feudal pyramid.

Now of course, here are a few differences to be pointed out. For example, our sick mode of capitalist production instead of...

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Merry Christmas to London, to the city of Thieves, Prostitutes and Beggars

‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing, the whores are whoring.’

Bertolt Brecht, - The Threepenny Opera.

Well, what I noted above was happening or happened only at the time of Brecht. Or say that that was only happening during the 20s Century. Was it? No. Wrong.

Well, maybe the beggars were begging, the thieves were stealing, and the whores were whoring only in the 21st century? No. Wrong. It never happened.

These things are not happing now and here, in my time, at all. Yes what I said is as true as steel. Very true! These things never happened! True!

No, I do not see a London full of escorts. No. Full stop. I do not see a London that buys and sells women. No. No. No, I do not see a London that exploits to death everything that is weak and that is part of the working classes. 

No. No, no, I do not see a London with a few thieves at the top and millions of beggars at the bottom. No. No. No. No. No. No, I do not see a London where thieves are stealing, whores are whoring and beggars are begging. Wrong. My theme is totally wrong. Bertolt Brecht was wrong too. Merry Christmas…

Hey, you hello? Before you go, wait a second though, let me explain myself and tell you a story. That is my story.


First, let me talk of the the Category of the Thieves.

 Merry Christmas to the Big Media that speaks only about its own interest – Merry Christmas.

The Press of Fascists - Merry Christmas.

On 25th November 2015 I was talking on the phone to the Guardian Newspaper. A fascist journalist was on the other side of the phone talking to me. And we were talking. But I ask, "How dare one talk to a corrupted and sick system that speaks and talks only about its own interest?"

‘Hi there’ I said, ‘my name is Zarathustra. And I am protesting in front of the BBC. Is it possible that you can come and tell this truth to the world?

‘Why are you protesting at the BBC?’ came the voice of the Journalist from the other side of the phone, strict and angry like he was talking from a war place where bullets fire continuously.

‘I’m protesting here because BBC Radio 1Xtra continually preaches hatred.’ I replied.

DJ Charlie Sloth has made terrorists famous at the BBC.  And this is a fact.  He also controls entertainment industry with a few other friends. And allows at the BBC Radio One and 1Xtra mostly those that he knows. So creating big corruption in the entertainment industry. 

However, the BBC is not taking any actions to put things right. BBC is not taking responsibility for the evil that it spreads or for the social power that it controls.  So I want to make the world aware and put things right. You understand me?

‘I’m afraid this is not for us’ he said. ‘This is not a story that can be with interest for us. This is not a story of interest for us.’  the journalist phone operator repeated. 

"This is not a story of interest for us!" So, it seems that they speak only about things that they like, but not about things that matter for the world or the for the human beings "This is not a story of interest for us." he said. Right?

‘But also, I have been intimidated by the security of the BBC and I have been forced to leave their headquarters.’ I added. ‘This is not for us.’ he answered. The journalist of the Guardian that was supposed to be interested to say the truth to the world! In this case refused to say the truth!

‘It is a truth that needs to be said to the people’ I stated, ‘they should know about things that matter and happen otherwise people will remain like sheep in stables, running to and fro from the stable to the water trough, you get it? I said to the phone operator. 

"Otherwise people will know only to run from work to home and vice versa. Just like they are doing now. You get me my dear journalist of the Guardian?"

‘I’m not interested,’ he shouted. His voice now was becoming coarser and coarser and even intimidating like the security of the BBC.

The security of the BBC, was a big, tall, fat creature that was like a jungle elephant and that seemed to know nothing about humanity. However, he knew the name of the BBC very well. And only the BBC made sense to him!

So, He was standing in front of me a few minutes before my conversation with the fascist journalist of the guardian. And thus in a firm, strict and resolved tone of voice, he said. ‘You leave the territory of the BBC now or I will speak to you in a different way."

So with an imperialist breath and manner, he forced me to leave the headquarters of the genuine BBC! And the one who did that was not any journalist, who works behind the scenes in the studios of he BBC getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

So, rather, the one who forced me to leave the BBC's property was their Security power. The security who protects the intelligent. 

But, anyways, I didn’t go at the BBC to speak to the security. So rather I went there to speak to these people that pretend to love wisdom, but that, however, they love to oppress and drown out our voices."

‘So the truth that the Security of the BBC was intimidating me a while ago. The truth that the DJs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra preach hatred and control entertainment industry. And do not allow us to participate with songs and ideas at The BBC. The truth of the matter that they make terrorists famous at the BBC, is not for you? Isn’t this a story that need to be said? Isn’t this the truth of the fact?’ I said.’

The journalist of the Guardia hung up on me at the end. 

I called the Guardian there and back again.’It’s me Zarathustra’ I said, ‘I believe in reason and humanity, do you? ‘Don’t call us again’ He replied angrily and with an air of trying to not only scare me, but even stick the fear in the radio frequency link and make it blend with my body quarks. ‘Don’t call us again.’ he said. This time firmer, bolder, louder and showing to be more fascist in his voice.

But he didn’t tell the reason of why to not call him again. I mean the human reason. Not that brutal reason that this truth is not for us. For truth need to be said to the people. For at the end these people are empowered by us, the people, to say the truth to the world. Not oppress and control us. 

Further, the bum of Kim Kardashian and present day models, that take half of the space of every newspaper, isn’t more important than our fight and war for a better world, is it?

 The bum of Kim Kardashian isn’t more important than our fight for a world without hatred and violence, is it?

I have asked myself about creativity and activism before deciding to put ink on this paper. And I still do ask and I am glad to listen and learn. However, let me say here that the Present Day Press has no respect for anything good and true on earth. For they respect only if something is of interest for them. This is the Press of the today. The press of fascists and Nazis, I mean.

One may ask thus; what is the job of these present-day papers? Isn’t it to tell the truth that matters to the world? And if they are not doing that. If they refuse to publish things that matter, then why are they calling themselves ‘the Press?"

Are they called, the free Press because they faithfully serve to the personal interests of different corporations? Yes, the truth seems to be so. 

So the fascist journalist of the Guardian hung up on me again. And he did so, because he works for the "independent free press" that serves only to its own interest. And that speaks only about its own interest. 

Then yes, I called again. I wasn’t angry at all, but I was feeling the pain deep. The pain of living in a world of hypocrites and double-dealers that refuse to tell the truth to the world. The pain of living in a world of the sheep that think that whatever comes from the Guardian and BBC and the Sun and The New York Time, and other present day media moguls, it is great. And needs to be respected and heard. 

So if you don't have fame, you make no sense. This is how the present day sheep thinks. No fame, no sense!

'Why don’t you tell the truth to the world that the BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC make terrorists famous, controls entertainment industry, silence our voice and uses security power to intimidate us?" I said on the phone to the fascist Journalist of the Guardian.

‘Don’t call us again’ yelled He. And He yelled just like a dinosaur that was near its death, but that deep inside longed to live and tread on human’s heads and bodies and why not swallow them all up once and forever.

He didn’t say the reason, the human reason of why I should not call again the Nazis of the Guardian. Nazis that refused to say the truth again and again. The last sentence I also said on twitter on 25th November 2015. You can check it out at @TruthAlsoWisdom.

Then, after ending the phone call with the Guardian, I called a few other newspapers. I called and emailed: The Telegraph, the Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard and some other local, national and international newspapers.

What was interesting though, was the fact that they all replied and said the same thing. That is, "This is not of interest for us. This is not a story for us."

And so, it seemed like they had been at the same schools and they had studied the same books – the books of hypocrisy. The books of speaking and talking only about their own common media interest.

The Daily Mail, for instance that in the past supported Nazis, now they hate Muslims. For they have changed their tactic of thinking, but not their essence of working, however.

Nevertheless, there are too many newspapers like the Daily Mail nowadays. So don't worry about this! 

Then, at the end, allow me to say, Merry Christmas to the Press of Fascists. Merry Christmas to thieves of the U.K Media monopolies who feed on the blood of the simple-minded people.

Now, the Second in row that enter at the Category of thieves are the politicians.

For they are the thieves that steal family members from the working classes and send them to war. They are they thieves that say war is peace and vice versa. 

We must understand that we are all in the same boat in regards to hatred and wars. And the world makes no sense with wars and hatred. Hence, we should say "STOP and NO" to David Cameron why is saying that war is peace so obviously and so openly.

For it seems that Cecil Rhodes, the past famous warmonger of Britain, is still alive. And he is passionate about war and invasions. And this Cecil Rhodes is called but, David Cameron. 

To be  honest, nowadays U.K Politics and Politicians" are doing to the world almost exactly what Orwell predicted at 1984. And almost exactly what Lenin said at his deed Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Capitalism. That meant, that the bigger powers will share the world between themselves.

And like Orwell put it at his dystopian novel 1984, Oceania and Eurasia and Eastasia fight to share the spoils in between. And these spoils in between big powers here, as we have seen have been so far, have been the Syrian people.

For we have seen, on the one side American Politics backed up by European politics. And on the other side Russian politics backed up by china and Iran and other little warmongers. So the big powers pulling and tearing up the poor and wretched people of Syria. You get the pain of our time? This is the now, gentlemen. 

Also, we have seen Ukraine to become the same kind of war hotspot. Palestine has been as such "war hotspot" for a log time. Africa has been a prey of Westerners for a long time too and so on.

Hence, Merry Christmas to this category of thieves and bloodsuckers and man-eaters too. Merry Christmas to the evil politicians and evil politics of the now.

Now, the last in line that enter under the category of thieves is the category of prophets.

So it seems that Jesus Christ is on his way to earth, and on his way to preach death. As the prophets Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand and others are teaching the way to death. For teachers and preachers of death enter under the category of thieves in my story here. 

For these teaches and preachers of death lie today people and steal not only their money with their fake books. But even their honor. They steal even that little dignity that every human needs to have. The right to live in peace and forget about preachers of death and pain.

So it seems that these teaches and preachers of death leave people with nothing. For they steal every ounce of human dignity and of human value out of the hearts of the human beings.


The Category of Prostitutes of London.


 The Second Category is the Category of Prostitutes that have inv...

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Why Altruism? Why selflessness? Why Self-Sacrificing? Why Do We Bother About the World?

Well, I made all the questions of my ideas on the headline of this composition.

So now all what is left here is to take these questions one by one. And express our thinking by putting these questions on the table of philosophy. And thus explain as such ideas, like people of wisdom do. That is through thinking and creating.

Hence, I ask, Why altruism? 

Here, first of all let us indicate what do we mean by the word 'altruism?'

The concept of Altruism comes from the Italian concept of altrui, that means someone else. And that is derived from the Latin concept, ‘alter.’ That means, other.

So, altruism is an image or idea that brings in my mind the image of Jean Paul Sartre, and his philosophy of “The Other.” That in certain points of the meaning of his thinking says, 'I'm the other and the other is me.” A philosophy that is somehow like that famous expression of Buddha that says, “One in all and all in one.”

Now, at this point of thinking, we see that the East and the West become one through altruism. For, the Western philosophy of the other of Sartre and the oneness of Buddha of the East here, in the altruist thinking or philosophy, become ‘one oneness’ within another oneness in the oneness of the oneness of nothingness within the nothingness of somethingness.

So I ask, “Is the other I and am I the other?

Here, by making this question, we intend to penetrate deep in the human consciousness. Deep in the mysteries of the human mind. And deep in the unknown and philosophy. For at this point of thinking, we enter into the inconceivable that is only slightly perceptible. And we enter or dive in the slightly perceptible thinking that looks like ‘the imperceptible.’

And I say that or think so by withdrawing my reason from this question that ask continually my thinking mind: Can I be like the other? And can the other be like me? Can we be one in all and all in one in any way of thinking?

My answer is this.

I think that we are...

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The Good is Dead, But…

Do you remember that value that our forefathers and our ancestors praised historically so high? That values that they raised up to the skies and glorified heroically and with great heroism. That value that they compared with the gods of the beyond worlds and the light of the bright stars. You remember it, don't you, dear folks of the today?

From Zarathustra of the East to the Socrates of the West, from Aristotle to Nietzsche and from the latter till now all these great humans of the past times have spoken with such a great pleasure, great love and great virtuosity about the

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Conditions and Circumstances Annihilate the Freedom of Choice – Why we, Western people, have turned into mass slaves without a freedom of choice?

Western philosophy for centuries has asked itself, do we have a free will or god commands us to think and act as god likes?

Now even though many rational philosophers came to the conclusion that we have a free will. And therefore we can choose what to do with our lives ourselves.

Still, they did not consider the conditions and the circumstances of our lives that had predestined our wills and our choices by the gods of earth. That were those who controlled the social power of the time. And told people what to think and what to do.

So, today western men and women think that they have a choice. They think that they have a free will. And therefore they can choose what to think and what to do! And no one can tell them this. Right?

They think that they can choose to work or to rest. They think that they can choose their companions based on love. And they think that they can choose their careers based on merit! 

However, here I like to ask, you who think so, do you ever consider the conditions and the circumstances of these choices? 

Do you ever think that you chose your career because of merit or because of luck and because you grovelled well, and did what they told you to do?

Do you ever think that you really choose your companion because of the feeling of love or because of one's social status and perhaps because of a predefined cultural thinking? That in turn controls your con....

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Slavery Is Abolished in the UK. Is it?

Slavery Is Abolished in the UK. Is it?

History tells us that slavery predates written records. And it has existed in many cultures, many places, many countries and amid many tribes and many races. Beautiful. How beautiful that it is. Isn’t it, dear folks?

However, one who works in Britain for £6.50 per hour, like I do, may say "that I’m not a slave. He may say it with a lazy London accent ‘nah!’ As another one may say it in a strict foreign accent ‘no!’ Or in a mediocre slow-motion, swollen, puffy accent ‘no wayyyy man! That’s not true, no, not at all man, I’m not a slave!’ One among many different people of London may say!
And I wonder, can we change their minds if we tell them a few things about the evil genius philosophy of the wise and of the clever that use antique but unique mirrors to reflect the past and create the present?

If we tell them that human history is all about master and slaves, all about the oppressed and the oppressors, the exploited and the exploiters and nothing has changed?

Can we change their minds if we tell them how today masters coax the simple people out with £6.50 per hour, when £6.50 costs a bottle of water in some shops, bars and pubs in London town and around? Then…
Let me tell you that the incomes of the working class people is only enough to survive in London. For high bills, high living standers, broken dreams, broken hearts and modern slavery is all what we see. 
 So sometimes I think that it is a beautiful thing to be a thinking subject. To think and reflect being. And especially, it is beautiful to desire to reflect in the within and in the without your being.

 For we need to think and reflect and wake people up. For slavery is a historical problem.

And history tells us, that slavery was prevalent in more or less every ancient civilization, and society, including Sumer, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks, Assyria, the Hebrew kingdoms in Palestine, Ancient China, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient India, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas.

Well, now we know that slavery has been...

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Creativism Religion – What is our Philosophy?

What is Creativeism Religion? What is our Philosophy? Where is our Temple?

Let us begin the philosophy of this religion the fathers of all religions were creative writers.

And with this I do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone but simply state the truth. And the truth even though sometimes hurts, it must not be a shame. For truth is a value of human existence, and without truth there is no human existence in its meaning. But a barbaric existence based on lies, manipulation and murder. 

So the truth of our history shows that different people believe in different religions. And different religions have different ideas. But all the people believe in something. All the people, polytheists, monotheists and atheists, believe in certain ideas. And the reason of why people believe is to give a meaning to their meaningless lives. 

For if we plunge deep into meaning and thinking, we see that Human beings make no sense whatsoever. And hence, religion is a way of making sense.

Thus  by believing in a certain religion one clings to something as a last hope on earth. By believing in a certain religion, one gives a meaning to their meaningless lives. And at last by believing one thinks that one makes sense in this way.  

And let’s be honest, even atheists believe in atheism and have their own atheist ideas. 

So then religion is hope, religion is meaning, and at last religion is a way of making sense or giving meaning to the meaningless existence of the human being.

So What is our philosophy at Creativism Religion, then?

We at Creativism Religion have a philosophy too. That means, we want to give a meaning to our....

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Overcoming and Becoming

And life confided the secret to me: behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself. 

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Many people live through subconsciously rather than consciously. For what they have learnt in life has fed their subconscious thinking with things that they did not consider important. 

However, when these people come to the fore of social interaction, all what they show is what they have learnt and that they did not consider important. But that however, as such form of knowledge invaded their subconscious thinking. And slept there for ages.

But also, even those who live consciously and are always in the action of learning what is new and different make mistakes. 

And absorb wrong and prejudiced theories. And this is evident with authors who take certain books and authors as absolute truths. And soon fall into the trap of prejudice themselves. 

Hence, I think that in all walks of life and in life itself, there is always something to overcome. 

And it is overcoming ourselves that presupposes becoming ourselves. 

Nietzche said, for example, that  man is an animal that must be overcome. 

And this does not mean that man is an animal. More exactly Nietzche meant that in man is the animal value inside.

Like for example, the animal feelings, the brutality of man, the arrogance of man, the hawkish pride of man, and so on with other negative values of man.

Hence, to overcome a bad feeling, a....

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Entry into My Philosophy

Imagine yourself naked. With no clothes whatsoever on you. No strange hats, no glasses, no pants and not even tree leaves to cover your private parts.
So, who do you think that you are? A human being that is made of elementary particles like all other animate and inanimate beings in being?
That's honesty of thinking. To know yourself as a natural man in a natural world. Man that is made of flesh and blood, body and mind. And man or human that is mortal. That means, born to die. 
Ancients were not without wisdom that wrote it in the temple of t...

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