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Tolerance and Humanity equal zero for some English Fans that turned Violent because their feelings were hurt – Imagine if they were oppressed and had their rights abused for 10 years by the U.K Media Monopolies like Dr ACactivism has?

The atmosphere of the delayed Euro 2020 was amazing in London up to a certain point. For people were cheering, drinking, singing, dancing and having a great time up to the moments before the final…

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Armend Xhika. One Albanian is murdered. Yet U.K Police has left the suspects Free! Albanian community live in fear of U.K State revenge. So Justice for Albanians when we are hated, murdered and prosecuted is not possible.

Five arrests have been made so far over Armend Xhika’s murder. Yet, all of the suspects have been released pending investigation. Further, there is no news at all about Armend Xhika’s death at Met Police’s…

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Sarah Everard Speaks the Hypocrisy of our British People who Idolise their Mind-Controlling Monsters of Media Monopolies or Crocodile Journalists. Media speaks, people write on Twitter. So, I ask: Can we please raise our Voices before someone dies?

Sarah Everard went had been reported as a missing person since 3rd of March 2021. Yet the attention of MEDIA Monopolies was on #PrinceHarry and #MeghanandHarryonOprah! Alas, we see that our people are lied daily…

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On The Verge of Losing my Mind and on the Brink of Suicide from a wicked form of Oppression and Abuse of Power created by London’s local Governments – Like Hammersmith and Fulham Council. I cry from the bottom of my SOUL – Murderers.

London has a cancerous disease that is worse than all viruses ever heard or known in the human history. And this is the corruption of the today local governments in London. Local governments, like Hammersmith…

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People, who rushed to leave London just before tier-four restrictions came to power, share a Value with British Journalists. Read!

Suddenly, on 19 12 2020, just before the new laws of tier-four restrictions came to power, large crowds of people were seen at St Pancras station rushing to leave the isolation that London is serving…....

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UK Lockdown – The Poor lose again badly! As the Rich barely suffer of anything. Read!

Many of us may have thought that a pandemic will equalise all social structures. And make things equal, finally.

But, let's be honest, unfortunately, this thinking is not the case of the reality that we see.

Below is a picture that shows the rich fleeing London for a better life! For more peace, more luxury and greater harmony in their lives!

(the rich usually are visionary, they think ahead of the Poor! At the end, the poor do not dare to think like this! For it costs a lot, right?)

So, why would rich people suffer in as such times? I ask. What do they lack? What can make them suffer?

We see that their needs are treated with the utmost care, they travel a lot. Live in luxurious mansions. Have plenty of space around them. Slaves keep them happy in keeping their places clean and tidy. And they can go anywhere they like with the money that they have.

Farewell poor people!

So, I ask, is here anyone who is ignorant enough to say that the rich and the poor are sharing our today pain equally?

What about poor working classes, what would happen to them?

Let's be honest, working people can barely afford a ....

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Trump New Level of Thinking is Using Twitter to Incite Violence – Dr ACactivism Explains

In a recent rant on Twitter, Donald Trump wrote out of fury and anger, that characterizes his character, this ungracious tweet:

"ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally," he said "because those people aggressively fought back..."

Trump supporters attack an Anti Fascist protestor

Here Trump shows clearly to use a language that incites violence. And use twitter to achieve to content his sick egotistical and anti human goals.

For example, his phrase "ANTIFA SCUM" is a phrase that...

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Think Different – The Journalists of the billionaire U.K Media are Bullying Dominic Cummings, like they bullied Caroline Flack, for a reason… Read and Share!

Once you stop doubting the thinking and doing and the innermost intentions of the rich of your time, and of the corrupt. Of the hypocrites of this society, of the mind-controllers of this society, and of the intelligent manipulators of this society. 

It is then and there, that the rich, the corrupt, the mind-controllers and the intelligent manipulators have achieved to brainwash you and control you as a people like a puppet. 

So, I suggest to never stop doubting the thinking and doing of the rich and those who are paid by the very rich – their lackeys. 

For one VALUE that the lackeys of the rich, media people in this case, left, centre and right, demand to have and that they never had, in their writings and speeches, has been and still is, – “HONESTY.

Be patient, please. For I will be short and simple. And make you think different if you as a reader believe in human values. For if you don’t believe in human values, then please stop here and go in your way. 

Maybe here is a case of much ado about nothing?

So, scores of media journalists had door stepped Dominic Cummings, crossing his personal space and bullying him with their high screeches and screams and vicious vitriol like they did to Caroline Flack. And even more than that. (Watch the media videos and photos to see it for yourself here.)

Dominic Cummings door stepped and abused by Media Monopolies.

So, first of all, here the journalists themselves had to be held accountable for flouting the lockdown rules. 

For they were obviously not keeping the social distancing while photographing and making questions to Dominic Cummings.

 Or are the today journalists different from the rest because they work for a billionaire U.K Media?

Secondly, the fact that Dominic Cummings is part of the government that makes the rules didn’t make him excepted from these rules. For he was responsible to a law for his actions not to media monopolies. And Dominic was reprimanded and questioned by police. And this had to be left there. 

And if the police had acted in an immoral and corrupt way, then this matter had to be taken with the police organisation. Not with Dominic Cummings. 

Further, when the British guns and British war tactics, used behind the war scenes of course, were killing innocent women and children and men in Yemen and Syria and Palestine. Then here I ask: “Was any media organisation or journalist door stepping David Cameron, Theresa May and… (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog.)

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“Are we going to continue to Harm Children to protect Vulnerable people?” The ITV NEWS prepares the mood for mass deaths with a clear Nazi Question to end Coronavirus lockdown

With the suffer of oppression that I have lived in London, all created by this monstrous media power, I could have imagined that I will also live this day. A day where human attention is brought back to us. 

And we are not blaming others anymore. So now we have to blame each other. No other option left because of Coronavirus.

And because of Coronavirus we now can blame the weakest part of our population. End the lockdown. And carry on with our lives with blood or without blood in our hands. 

How could one even imagine this day, when until yesterday we were blaming others anyways? Others, eh?

At the end, if you as a thinker of the time in all your life have seen poignant writers of media monopolies drive human attention away from the things that matter. And do anything possible to control us like sheep. Then what would you think in a crucial moment like this?

Then wouldn’t you think that there will come also one day that will show the true colours of the talented and skilled writers, who made possible all the evil on earth for the sake of their Media power?

A day where they will make Nazi questions. And appeal for cannibalism for the sake of their EGO and impatience?

For if in the past British media, through its silence, left Yemen to be butchered by British politicians and left Palestine oppressed, today they appealed for us to eat each other in a clear-cut Nazi way.

Bear with me, I will explain my reasons to you. 

So in a blog written on 05 Apr 2020, the ITV said,

“In broad terms are we going to continue to harm children to protect vulnerable people, or not?"

But why is this question a Nazi question, you may say.

It is a Nazi question because the ITV seems....

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The Actions of Boris Johnson are compared with the actions of Adolf Hitler by the very British People

TODAY, 28/08/2019, many twitter users are comparing the action of Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament to the actions of the Adolf Hitler at a time when he came to power.


History books say that when Hitler came to power, he set the REICHSTAG, the then German parliament, into fire in order to control public opinion by blaming communists for this. And he did this on the 27th February, 1933.


And philosophically speaking, Hitler with this action intended to kill two birds with a stone. That meant, to seize more powers and show up to the German people as the new “defender and leader of the oppressed and of the poor.”


So somehow twitter users and the British people are right to make this comparison. For the action of Boris, that is to prorogue parliament, is comparable to the action of...

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Why David Lammy is a New Che Guevara who courageously, fearlessly and factually compares Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg to Nazis and Hitler

Why is David Lammy a New Che Guevara?


In this blog, I intend to express why I think so.  So let me begin explaining my thinking.

In an interview with Andrew Marr, David Lammy factually accused Boris Johnson for being close with Steve Bannon. Mr Lammy said, “We do know that Boris Johnson is with Steve Bannon who is a white supremacist.” And that was a fact.

David Lammy also showed facts and accused with facts Jacob Rees-Mogg for supporting the far right in Germany.

He said “We have in the ERG and in Jacob Rees-Mogg someone who is happy to put onto his web pages the horrible, racists AFD party. A party that is Islamophobic and on the far right of the German system.” And again what Mr Lammy said here was a fact.

Further, Mr Lammy said: “We do know that there are links between Viktor Orban and Salvini and others. And that is a fact too.

So then, allow me to say here that through this form of factual speech and reason, Mr Lammy showed with facts that Europe and USA is supporting a New Nazi way of thinking that is comparable to past Nazis. And therefore his appeal was for justice and unity of humanity at the very bottom.

And what Mr Lammy said here was first courageous and secondly right. Because we all see the rise of New Nazis across Europe. So shall we deny the...

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ChristChurch Shootings in New Zealand: Dr ACactivism Explains why today every Muslim must blame the Preachers of Death, BBC and Western Media in General who Used their Global Power to Spread Global Hatred and Islamophobia

  “Anti-Muslim rhetoric often associates Muslims with terrorism and extremism, or portrays the presence of Muslim communities as a threat to national identity.” OSCE, Bias against Muslims.    So today, the terrorist actions that happened…

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