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ChristChurch Shootings in New Zealand: Dr ACactivism Explains why today every Muslim must blame the Preachers of Death, BBC and Western Media in General who Used their Global Power to Spread Global Hatred and Islamophobia

  “Anti-Muslim rhetoric often associates Muslims with terrorism and extremism, or portrays the presence of Muslim communities as a threat to national identity.” OSCE, Bias against Muslims.    So today, the terrorist actions that happened…

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The Bully Imperialist Pig, Fascist British Artist, Charlie Sloth, from BBC Radio One to Beats One! Now invading Internet! Pigs go Higher and Higher by first grovelling, then controlling and oppressing other Artists’ voices

If you don’t have a good song, but have ideas for change and innovation does that mean that your voice must be silenced? Your artistic power is not restricted strictly on one field. As an…

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Another 14 Year-Old Boy Stabbed to Death in London. Why Sadiq Khan has become like a brain-dead Widow that Mourns the Dead unconsciously and Met Police U.K like a barbaric Institution?

The MEDIA MONOPOLIES of the U.K control every ounce of today informative power. One cannot enter into the studios of the BBC, for instance, to express ideas of change, leadership, socialism, humanism etc. For “News…

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