ChristChurch Shootings in New Zealand: Dr ACactivism Explains why today every Muslim must blame the Preachers of Death, BBC and Western Media in General who Used their Global Power to Spread Global Hatred and Islamophobia


“Anti-Muslim rhetoric often associates Muslims with terrorism and extremism, or portrays the presence of Muslim communities as a threat to national identity.”

OSCE, Bias against Muslims.


 So today, the terrorist actions that happened in New Zealand speak louder than the facts that we are going to say. But it is our facts that we are going to say that make the link in this wave of global hatred against Muslims.


We have seen actions of violence all across the world after the attack of the Western Media, and particularly of the BBC, CNN, Fox News etc., on Islam.

In Myanmar (Burma), for instance, the houses of Muslims have been burnt down. And innocent humans have been killed by monks and incensed mobs for nothing.


In India, Muslims have being hated for being Muslims. Brutally beaten and killed. Muslims again have been trapped in no man’s land on indo-Bangladesh border and so on.


“But why do we have too see or saw in the recent decades all of this hatred against Muslims? This is the question.”



Now here comes my answer. And the facts that we are going to say here speak louder than our words.


First of all, “The last decades have shown and proven that we live in the days of “Cultural Imperialism.” And what I said has been proven by many academics and thinkers.


Secondly, in the recent decades, in order to justify the war on terror, the Western Media has linked subtly the idea of Islam with the idea of terror and terrorist.


But the justification of the war on terror has not been the entire philosophy of today Western Media’s hatred against Muslims. The clickbait, internet age day, where media monopolies fight against each other over news monopolies or who fight who would be the strongest to monopolize INFORMATION, has been another idea that has spread hatred against Muslims. For they, the Western media, has used “Islam” as a clickbait for their audiences.


In short, I want to say that in the last decade at least the Western MEDIA has spread hatred against Muslims for two main reasons. First to justify the war on terror. And secondly to attract attention and invite visitors to read their hateful ideas and pay for their subscriptions.


Now we pass from the idea of spreading Hate to the idea of Inspiration.


What I said means that the hatred of the Western media against Muslims has inspired only hate crimes against Muslims across Europe, like OSCE factually has written in their website. But not only that. For “this Western media hatred against Muslims” has gone viral. And it has become global. In short it has become global hatred against Muslims.


But how is the link made?


The how is very simply proven in the link that the Western media has made between Islam and terror. Like by calling people of Islam terrorists. Extremists. And not discerning between the person who sees religion as his faith and the person who sees religion as political power. Not discerning between a religious person and a terrorist. And so by mixing the one with the other, they link Islam to terror. So they sell millions or Newspapers and online subscription,. And get away  with “hate preaching.”


Andrew Neil, for instance, called Islam  subtly a “Squalid death cult religion.”

(Video link : Andrew Neil – Islam “squalid death cult” )





Western media is heard everywhere in this planet. And Particularly the U.K and USA media is seen as the leader of the media across the planet. And their ideas are not only heard but also followed. Because they are seen and taken for people of good and justice and wisdom. They are the western media. And people across the world hear and follow what they say.


Here then we come to what I said in the beginning. And to the idea of today Western “Cultural Imperialism” that has become global. And their hatred against the Muslims has been global too.



So through what I said, we come to what OSCE said at the beginning. And we come to the reasons that have led to bias against Muslims.


Hurray the for those then who kill you during the night and come to cry at your coffin during the day. This is today MONOPOLISTIC, Corrupt Western Media or Preachers of Death.