Citizens are entrapped in a vicious circle of beurocracy and mean Council People. From 8 a.m to 9 p.m thrown like “Dog meat” between the intrigues of Westminster Council and the Refusal of Kensington and Chelsea – Sick and Tired from the Abuse and lack of work ethic in the London councils that costs human lives

I feel sick and tired of intrigant people of London’s council. I vomit from the struggle that I face and the intrigant people with whom I deal and ask for an ounce of human dignity.

How can you ask for human rights or human Dignity people who have never heard these words?

How do I feel? You may ask.

I feel deeply hurt. To a point where Pain cries out loud. Over depressed. Over anxious to a point of experiencing a heart attack. As panic attacks have become common. Entrapped by the irresponsibility and the abuse of power of the Councillors of London councils.

Let me tell you what my struggle has been today.

I have been all day trying to contact a lady called Modupe Meadows, a Housing Caseworker, that was as intrigant as the characters of Shakespeare.

I spoke to her and told all the information. And it had not been the first time that I had sent my information to her. As I had made a homelessness application since 3 weeks ago at Westminster Council.

But now as Westminster had not responded. And as Hammersmith and Fulham Council shocked me with their decision. And threw me in the street. I also  made an application with Kensington and Chelsea.

And when the Kensington and Chelsea Council asked me if I had made any other application with any other council. I Said I made an application with Westminster a while ago. But they didn’t reply.

And here it is how I put myself in a vicious circle. You can’t make yourself 100 % honest when you live among abusers of power. And people who are the machines of the system.

So, the caseworker of the Kensington and Chelsea then cried. No she should reply, she said in a frenzy. Send me her email. You, need to take her decision first.

But she does not send her decision. I said. No she should. She said.

So they put me in he middle. Kensington and Chelsea refused to take my homelessness application. While Westminster refused to Give its decision. So I could be free to work with another council.

The inhumane abusers.

So I contacted again this heartless character, Modupe Meadows and asked her to send me her decision. She said I will do. But continually refused to do so.

As I had been all day waiting her phone calls and speaking to her. She also said that she will not leave work without updating me. And asked me to send her some bank statements. But she said I will do this via email. So to be fair and we to not change our statements.

Now it is a pity and painful to find the intrigues of Macbeth in many councils of London. But as a matter of fact she didn’t do what she said to do.

So, as I was waiting for the Modupe Meadows to reply to me. I learnt that She had left her shift and made a note for the out of hours team. So to make sure I don’t get a housing for tonight.

I contacted Konstantin. And we agreed to send 5 years of bank statement. However, he did not do that. So read Benn a message left by her.

What she had said was not true. She said me I will let you know what else is needed.

The entire issue here was she to content her EGO and leave me in the street. While abusing her power as a case worker. While changing the statements. And making notes to clear heraself of her responsibility.

So to blame me with her intrigues. What a day. Another struggle and another moment to see the pain first hand. And the mental pressure and abuse that you get from these abusers of power.

Unfortunately Modupe Meadows did not know that her phone call had been recorded. She maybe thought that by lying she will go far. And she went too far with her meanness, for I felt close to experiencing a heart attack.

As I was left without support for the 4th day. Thrown between Councils like a piece of meat.

Unfortunately I see that we, oppressed Citizens, are Entrapped by Evil and vicious people who work for the Councils. People who don’t have any human value. But who are well aware of intelligence to cause harm. Like by lying and creating mean plots for the citizens to fall.

Another painful day as homeless person, another struggle. Another lesson and another whole in my heart from the Abuse and maltreatment that I get from these irresponsibile and abusive Macbeths and hypocrites of London councils.

For is horrible. What we today citizens live. And we live our own oppression. Entrusting our abusers.

At the end, while drained of energy. Shelter contacted out of hours of Westminster. And told them of the advice of the minister to get people of the streets. So they booked a living place for one more night.

However, they had refused all my phones calls to book accommodation.. Hypocrites. And abuser of power. Entrapping the citizen and abusing our rights shamelessly.