CORONAVIRUS Crisis – The EGO of Western People goes from eating Yemen, Syria and Palestine to eating each other


We heard about the war in Yemen for years. Millions of people displaced living in the worst conditions possible. People being starved to death by the British, French and American coalition led by the Saudi Arabia. 

Children women and men left without food by the very educated governments of France, U.K and the U.S.A. And so in this war, hundreds of thousands of people were killed by air strikes of Western politics or left to starve to death.

Still the westerners do not care even though France, U.K and America were and still are directly participating in the creation of the war. And bombing the hell out of innocent people. And killing people for nothing worthy, but precious natural resources.

Now let us move on into Palestine.

Palestine continues to be oppressed and Palestinian people used as secondary citizens in Israel. And all of this we know that happens with western support. For Israeli politics on its own can never ever achieve the oppression of a people in Middle East.

Now let us please have a quick look into the recent refugee crises.

Tear gas and live ammunition were used against refugees of Syria trying to enter Europe in the Greek-Turkish borders. 

Quick question here, please, educated citizens, “Who chopped up Syria and created a mishmash in a nation, that is comparable to 1984?”

I will answer to this question with questions, “Who supported the opposition in the Syrian war? Who created the civil war and sent people into the fury of revolution against Assad?”

It was the same western politics, that let them down, right?

Still despite all the evil that has been done so far by western politics, we see no and have never ever seen serious protests against the evil western politics in Middle East.

What I said, also shows that no one really cares in our western world for the ideals of justice and freedom. And a few people who did care were oppressed or drowned out the giant media monopolies, anyways. 

Mate, why don’t we party and have fun when the world burns with the taxes that we fund our evil western politics?

In the same time, when Yemen and Syria were burning down by the evil western politics, the future, the young of the western world were partying hard in VIP clubs across EU and USA.

The wise old people, on the other hand, were enjoying their pensions and watching the news media daily. While the highly-paid journalists of the western media, like the U.K and the USA, did everything to drown out a few voices that spoke about them. And one of them was myself. 

Now the CORONAVIRUS, crisis? What do you think of it and the Western people?

Now the coronavirus looks to be sent by a just god, metaphorically speaking, to test the ego of western people. 

For I go into the supermarkets of London and all I see is but empty shelves. And hungry people searching like lost animals with empty stomachs in a deserted place. 

Why so? Poor you, western egotistical people?

Because, you and me know now, the greedy and the anti humans in London and elsewhere in our western world have stockpiled every commodity that supports the basic needs of human existence. And left millions of others without nothing to keep their souls alive. 

What goes around comes around, perhaps, Karma?

Thus, the same pensioners, mean barbarians, who had nothing to lose in raising their voices against western politics, now are left hungry. The obedient young, who follow as always, the education of those in power, are left isolated and depressed. And hungry as well.

Panic buying effect?

 Consciously the educated citizens of the U.K have been stockpiling, emptying the shelves of the supermarkets and leaving other people with nothing.

Where is thy humanity, mate? Did you perhaps leave it or lost it in Yemen and Syria killing innocent people?

 You see the, “Consciousness does not presuppose, goodness,” does it? Consciousness does not presuppose, humanity, does it?

Perhaps then, here is something wrong with the thinking of western people, eh?

Here let me be clear, we have something that is wrong with a way of thinking of a people, a continent and a western world in general. Here is selfishness. Here is hatred at play. And here is western greed that has followed since the end of the WW2. 

In the case of Yemen, we showed to be selfish, full of hate for others and greedy. And somehow we enjoyed the killing others through our defining and abhorring forms of silence. In Palestine our silence was the same, in Syria but the same again.

I ask, where is our western humanity? Where are these renowned and notable and famed professors and writers and academics of the western world that do not raise their voices loud enough to make our western world shake from the ideals of truth, reason, peace, humanity, justice and freedom?

Now, excuse my bad grammar, but I think that “Coronavirus” clearly shows our western Sick EGO, no?

In coronavirus, gentlemen and you gentle ladies, there is no Yemeni people to kill, no Syrian people and no Palestinians anymore. In the coronavirus crises, we face each other in the empty streets, in the empty supermarkets and at the doors of closed coffee shops, pubs and clubs. 

And it is in these places and in these streets and in these western world countries that hideously and manipulatively, we show that our EGO wants we to eat each other.

And our EGO here is not yet honest, but hidden. For we stockpile necessary commodities without telling to others that we are doing that. Still facts show to be crystal-clear that our EGO is sick. And we have lost our humanity as western people.

We showed that we have lost our humanity in Syria, in Yemen , in Palestine and elsewhere. And that that was a “show off” against others.

Today we are showing that a people or humanity that loses its humanity against others, it has no humanity.

For now we are turning against each other. And we showed again and again that we have lost our humanity. And these signs and these facts have been showed in the above facts that I told you. Empty supermarkets, panic buying, and dod eat dog eat way of thinking.

So I appeal to you, Think about it. Think about your ego, think about being a human, you silent anti humans.

You silent anti humans that make me sick. And who overvoted and gave power to war criminals like Boris Johnson. 

The conclusion….

Now, me, you and every one sees why we should have a universal soul and raise our voices when humanity is hurt, when war breaks out, when dictators murder. And when western imperialism divides, incites wars and kills innocent people with our taxes. 

Long live our human ideals like truth, reason, freedom, peace, humanity etc.

For above sick dictators, murderous politicians, hypocritical queens, brain-dead princes and corrupt media stand our human ideals.

Read, share, and raise awareness!