Covid-19 – We have tried all the ways of thinking. So what shall we do now, herd immunity, national lockdown or something else? Dr ACactivism explains

The rhetoric of the U.K government seems to be moving towards another national lockdown with new restrictions coming into power to deal with the Covid-19 this Saturday 16th Oct 2020. 

And the monopolistic media as always acts as the mouthpiece of the government to prepare the public opinion in line with the government thinking. 

Now, with the Sancho Panzas in government, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson, and Sadiq Khan, the Don Quixote of de La Mancha in the London town hall, we have nothing good coming. But irresponsible forms of restriction of movement. And oppression.

So what do I think that the right course of action should be?

First of all, doing something that it is hasty, I think that it is wrong. Still doing something that is reasonable for the one side, but that kills human lives from the other side is wrong too.

For this way of reasonable thinking does not consider humans as a whole when it intends to protect humans.

So how can REASON proceed here, when the majority of us decried the earlier government policies for herd immunity? Shall we go into a new national lockdown, then?

Well, the thing is that at the beginning we did not have experience with the virus power of destruction. As we were not sure of what may happen from a mass infection. Because China had not been honest in releasing their data about the Covid-19 deaths.  

So, personally, I am against “herd immunity.” For mass infection means that the masses of people would being infected. And therefore that would be a total chaos in our U.K.

And I guess that the majority of us, old and young, love our loved ones. We love our people with or without disabilities, old and young.

However, we also love mental health. We love people to not be pushed towards isolation, severe depression and suicides. 

So, what I think that we have to do is not overload the NHS with herd immunity. Because in this case it is logical to say that many people may die from the lack of care.

However, considering the psychological pressure and the mental loss that “ISOLATION” creates in a social world. Where the fresh air and naked beauty of nature are miles away. And instead sky scratchers have taken its place.  Then I am against a second national lockdown.

Therefore, as a conclusion, I may say, that we should be allowed to have pubs and restaurants and cafes and sport centres, like public parks and stadiums, open. And do this for the sake of the mental health of our people. 

For sometimes trying to stop the current of flooding from one side, and ignoring the other, may bring higher and worse consequences for the village.

So let us think about it, for we, the oppressed, are in the same boat. And as always, the oppressed get hit more than the rich. For the rich have many skilled doctors standing at their heads.

And we saw this fact happening with Mr Trump who didn’t feel the pressure of the Covid-19 at all.

So let us not shut down out social life for the sake of mental health that can bring bigger and even higher dangers than the Covid-19 itself.


Dr ACactivism