Ideas on the Creative-ism Movement


Creative-ism is an ideology for the free spirits that long for love, that long for life and creativity. But it is not for those sluggards and laggards like those demagogues who write conspiracy theories and stupidities like Mark Dice and Dawn Brown and other trick artists like Russell Brand and his cronies.


Creative-ism is, to put it in the words of Nietzsche and his Zarathustra, for creators and fellow-creators and harvesters and rejoicers. It is for those who inscribe new values on the new tables. It is for every one who wants to create. But more it is for those who seek and long to create. Creativity is for those that love Knowledge and it belongs to them.


Still, I say that as long as you are a human being, as long as you have the power of thinking, as long as you have the power of thought and reflection. And as long as you are a creation yourself, because you have been created, then you can become a creator and create the world just like it created you. You are creativity and you need to create in order to make sense. You need to come to the being of beings. You need to come near to creativity.


‘I love him who works and invents’ thus spoke Zarathustra.


Therefore Creative-ism Movement is a goal that has as an essence and as basis creativity and that intends to inspire the whole of humanity and move towards one way.

But, not one way of whatever it is, but a way that makes sense and that is called; Creativity.


Remember, I make no sense, you make no sense, we make no sense, but creativity makes sense. So we need to create in order to make sense. And this is what means to take counsel with thy reason. It means to be aware of the very fact that you have been created and therefore your essence and very meaning is to create and compete in creativity with what created you – nothingness.


Therefore Creative-ism Movement Philosophy is a new goal for Human-ism.


My father, a book lover, used to say to me all the time this thing, this piece of advice, ‘Son’ He used to say to me, ‘I can advise you. I can explain you the world and how things work, I can show you the way and everything. But still I can’t give you my mind, I can’t give you my mind…’


This is what my father said to me. And this is what I want you, as a fellow-creator and as a tomorrow creator, to bear into your mind wherever you go and whatever you do. So who knows one day you may call yourself an individual mind like James Joyce put it or a creator like Nietzsche said, – You understood?’


So, I mean whatever that I say, I like my father that couldn’t give his mind to me, so it is with me, I can’t give my mind to anyone. But, I can tell to the world one idea, I can tell how it works, what it takes and how it goes with the Human power. I can tell what is the best way and the way that I perceive and conceive and bring it on to lighting of life and existence. The way that I expose and lay out for the living human beings of now.


I make no sense, you make no sense, we make no sense, but creativity makes sense. So we need to create in order to make sense.


And we create based on positive creativity. We create based on humanist ideas – on goodness and truthfulness of the being of beings.


Hence, the meaning of now is creativity, but not spirituality. And if you want to make sense into your life, then you need to create.


That means to take Creative-ism Movement Philosophy as a new beginning, as a new way of thinking and as a new consciousness of now. As a new world within a world that forever creates itself out of itself.


Then what? – Let’s pray to, in, on and through creativity.




The purpose and goal of the movement


The purpose of my movement is that I want that my idea of Creative-ism Movement to become like a guiding star for every man or human on earth. I want Creative-ism Movement to become a message of inspiration and a principle of life and love and humanity.


I want Creative-ism Movement to become a goal of humanism, a goal for humanity, a goal for our existence and a goal that give us as humans a meaning. That gives not one whatever meaning though, but a true meaning.


I want Creative-ism Movement to become the beacon and heart and will of those who want to walk in light. I want creativity to be part of those that desire to lighten every kind of darkness and make it bright like a shinning and dazzling sky. And step by step make it brighter and brighter every day the more.


Creative-ism Movement Philosophy means, to listen, to learn, to create and in creating to give back to the earth and to our mother nothingness that gave us life. And to give back through this grand idea that is called – Creativity.


David Bohm loved creativity and physics and everything. But his idea remained unfinished and insufficient and done by halves. He didn’t show us a true way that we can make sense as humans. Because he said that the essence of humankind is movement, but what can movement be without creativity?


I’m telling you my brethren, it can be walking and wandering madly and wildly all over the place. It can be walking and hanging around wilderness madly and wildly and without a goal and without a choice and without knowing your way, and that means – lost.


Therefore, the very goal and the very choice of humanity is to create and that’s how the action of ‘to create’ becomes creativity and creativity becomes the action of ‘to create. Creativity turns into human movement and the human movement in turn turns into creativity.


As a consequence, Creative-ism Movement Philosophy is a true goal and a true choice of Humanity and for humanity.


‘While the old-fashioned folk are tending their flower-pot crops,’ said Lenin at his deed, What is to be Done, ‘we must prepare reapers, not only to cut down the rates of today, but also to reap the wheat of tomorrow.’


So, I mean we should prepare ourselves like Lenin put it. And so be the reapers of today and the reapers of the tomorrow. We should awaken our spirits and our human powers. And in this way we should expand our consciousness, expand our thought, expand our thinking and move forewords with the greatest idea of humanism and that is – Creativity.



Therefore Creative-ism Movement Philosophy!



To be continued….


By DrACactivism

Dr A.C is a philosopher, activist, online presenter and the author of seven eBooks that can be found on amazon. He currently is working on his eighth book that is called "The Workings of the U.K State MAFIA." And that can be pre-ordered on amazon. Also Dr A.C is presenting a weekly online show that is called, "The Freedom of Ideas Show" and that is about the freedom of ideas, social justice in general, truth, reason, the right of being heard and the right of participation. 

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