Creativism Religion – What is our Philosophy?

What is Creativeism Religion? What is our Philosophy? Where is our Temple?

Let us begin the philosophy of this religion the fathers of all religions were creative writers.

And with this I do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone but simply state the truth. And the truth even though sometimes hurts, it must not be a shame. For truth is a value of human existence, and without truth there is no human existence in its meaning. But a barbaric existence based on lies, manipulation and murder. 

So the truth of our history shows that different people believe in different religions. And different religions have different ideas. But all the people believe in something. All the people, polytheists, monotheists and atheists, believe in certain ideas. And the reason of why people believe is to give a meaning to their meaningless lives. 

For if we plunge deep into meaning and thinking, we see that Human beings make no sense whatsoever. And hence, religion is a way of making sense.

Thus  by believing in a certain religion one clings to something as a last hope on earth. By believing in a certain religion, one gives a meaning to their meaningless lives. And at last by believing one thinks that one makes sense in this way.  

And let’s be honest, even atheists believe in atheism and have their own atheist ideas. 

So then religion is hope, religion is meaning, and at last religion is a way of making sense or giving meaning to the meaningless existence of the human being.

So What is our philosophy at Creativism Religion, then?

We at Creativism Religion have a philosophy too. That means, we want to give a meaning to our….

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