Dear 2016. I want to Make a Wish Upon…



I want so much to make a wish upon the brightest star in the sky, not a personal wish, but a public one. I want to wish publicly to the world to have a ‘Happy New year.


Precious, brightest star of the blue sky, I want the planet to have a good 2016, with love, peace and harmony. Please make this wish come true.

Also, I want to take the opportunity and make a wish list in the same time.

Sorry for that though.

I want to tell to the world what I want. I want to let the world know what I want from you – dear 2016.


Dear year 2016. Dear unbeknownst future, more than anything else I want understanding. To understand means to put yourself in others’ shoes and see from someone else’s eyes in someone else’s heart and mind. Therefore, I want to wish a wish; ‘May 2016 bring more understanding on the planet earth.’


I know what the animal human want. I have been there. We are born animals not humans. And one becomes a human through overcoming his or her animalistic side. So, through the method of overcoming and becoming, one becomes something bigger, better and greater, and aims at becoming a human. So I wish this wish too; ‘May 2016 bring more overcoming and becoming on the planet earth.’


The animal human wants wealth, money, property, alcohol, drugs, the entire planet to be his or hers and to hate everybody else also. The animal human wants hatred. The animal human wants to misunderstand other fellow humans, to exploit them, to enslave them, to pity them, to spit at them and to kick them out of their houses if possible. The animal human wants GREED. So I want to wish another wish; ‘May 2016 bring less greed on the planet earth.’


So I wish and want from you dear 2016 that the animal human overcome its animalistic side and become an enlightened human. An enlightened human is he or she that says that violence is not peace, freedom is not slavery, ignorance is not strength and that hatred is not love.


So dear 2016 please make aware these fellow humans about humanity and its values. I wish that you would give to education, culture and awareness a go and better things this time.


Above all, I want awareness upon humanity. I want enlightenment upon them. I want reason to prevail on the planet earth not cynicism nor hypocrisy nor wars. So I want to wish this wish also; ‘May 2016 bring less cynicism, less hypocrisy and less wars.



I want dear 2016 that the Big Media Call a spade a spade also. They are representing Muslims as terrorists. In doing so, they open everyday a new grave for Muslims. We see from the news how rhetoric gets physical. We see how rhetoric turns into violence in the streets.


But terrorism has no religion, isn’t that so folks? Terrorists in Middle East, Europe, Africa or anywhere on earth they do not represent Muslims, nor Christians and nor Buddhists. That is a fact not illusion.


So dear Big Media call a spade a spade please and represent terrorists as terrorists and Muslims as Muslims.

A terrorist has not specific nation nor specific ethnicity nor specific color of skin.


This path that the Big Media of today is following can be comparable only with the path that Nazis followed when they began their war on Jews. But we do not want history to repeat itself, do we? Perhaps the Big Media want it. Because out there is lots of interest involved. I say that because A journalist of the Sun or of the New York Times or the BBC or of any other Big Media Mogul that is good at hating, is paid off with salaries of six figures and more for doing just that – showing hatred and being good at it.


So now I want to add a few other wishes in my wish list; ‘May 2016 convince the Big Media Magnates that what they are doing is wrong. May 2016 convince them to give up this kind of rhetoric that is endangering people’s lives day after day and that is bringing chaos on the planet earth too. May 2016 convince the director-general of the BBC, Tony Hall, to refer to Terrorists in Middle East as Daesh, but not as Islamic State as he has been doing so far.

We know why Tony Hall does that. And he does that because he hates Muslims in general, but not terrorists that are repulsive. His problem is to name and shame Muslims for doing nothing, but not terrorists in particular for terrorizing. May 2016 bring some light of intelligence to this Powerful man of the BBC that lives in the dark too.


Also BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra continually glamorize a thug and gangster lifestyle. They make drug dealers famous at BBC and spread hatred and violence around. BBC has a reputation that rends rocks. That is so. We all know that. And as a matter of fact in 2013 DJ Charlie Sloth made famous at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio1Xtra, Jihadi John. At this time Jihadi John, a.k.a., L. Jinny was terrorizing London. But no one from the Bigger Media has ever criticized this action or asked for a resignation of DJ Charlie Sloth and the editors of the BBC. So my next wish is; ‘May 2016 bring some honesty and truthfulness at the BIG MEDIA’s hearts and eyes. May 2016 tell to the Big Media to not sweep the terror of their pals under the carpet just because they are friends with one another.


So to sum it up; Ladies and gents I wish you a Happy New Year, – happy 2016 folks.


And I hope that this year will be a year of peace of humanity and for humanity. I hope that this year will be a year of love and understanding. But not a year of politicians and politics and hypocrites and wars.


Happy New Year Folks. I made my wishes – may the holy goodness bless you.


Thus speaketh Zarathutra to thee world.


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