Democracy is not one Idea. It is not one Value. It rather is a Complex of Ideas and Values.


“If our generation fails to do its duty not only do we defraud our children of inheritance which we receive from our fathers, but we blast the hopes of the friends of the liberty throughout our continent, throughout Europe, throughout the world to the end of time.”

Edward Everett’s Oration July 4, 1848

 Well, but what is our today task? Or the duty of our generation?

Isn’t it first to defend the liberty and democracy for what our forefathers fought with their blood? And secondly to make the world feel like one? Like it deserves to be. That is in peace and a planet where all conscious animals are free and equal.

But, with Brexiteers wining in Britain. And because of this political disaster Nigel Farage and his greedy cronies are laughing up their sleeves. With Donald Trump winning in the USA. And with many neo-fascist movements cropping up throughout Europe and USA, Democracy is on the losing side. Or perhaps it has lost for the time being.

Well but one may ask, “What is the problem with Donald Trump winning in the USA and Nigel Farage and his cronies winning in Europe?

Here is the plain and fundamental truth at stake. Because they do not stand for true democratic values. They do not stand for what we as people, as humans and as humanity stand for. That is so simple to be comprehended.

 Because democracy is not a word. It is not an idea. It is not a single concept. It is not a cup of coffee and nor a pint of beer for Nigel Farage to enjoy in the pubs of London.

 “Democracy is a complex of values and ideas and concepts that comprise the essence of humanity.”


And the essence of humanity is in truth, goodness, freedom and equality. The essence of humanity is in the great values of humanity.

And if we think of Democracy as a human body, then truth is its heart, freedom is its lungs, reason is its head and other great values of humanity are represented by its blood.

However, here is a great point, Dan Brown said that Knowledge is a tool, and like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user.


So, the masterminds that see the world as a market where humanity can be sold and they can collect the large sums for their big pockets, they use knowledge for evil. And they use their power to corrupt the uneducated human mind as well.


 For instance, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, may see the world as “a utopia of surplus-value” for the few at the top of the American and British ruling class to profit. So they don’t see the goodness of humanity as David Bohm once said; that the Good is an idea where all humans fit. But they see it as an idea where the few control the world by force and sophistry. And forever so.

Therefore by thinking in this way they lie the people to accomplish their greedy goals. And so make their evil stamp on earth eternal.

For the historical People can be misled. When you feed the minds of the people with a gale of lies. When you promise to the people the heaven. Then people love the heaven. They have loved the heaven and the slaves in all their history. For truth be told, we cannot deny the fact that many people love some more money in their pockets at the expense of the others.

However, what when you promise the heaven and give them the hell? When you lie them? Don’t you betray the essence of democracy then? For first of all the democratic essence is founded on truth and not on lies.

Secondly, when you appeal to people’s prejudices and not to people’s values, don’t you again betray the essence of democracy that is to treat all people equally? That is to respect your nation and other nations and not feed on other nations’ blood?

But the promises of Donald Trump to build a wall in the border with Mexico. To ban Muslims and expel refugees from the USA. And all his profanities and arrogance.          Then, aren’t all these false values or filthy political attitudes that smear the essence of democracy and humanity as well?

“So you see then that Democracy is not just a word.”


Now let me give you some ancient ideas. For who knows, through them we may heal our today sickness. And why not, show the meaning of a true democracy.

Plato said at his deed, the Republic, that a great defect of oligarchy is the inevitable division. Such a State is not one, but two States, the one of poor, the other of rich men. And they are living on the same spot and always conspiring against one another.

Well, what do I want to say with this?

I want to say that this is our today world. On the one hand you see powerful capitalists representing the rich. As on the other hand poor working classes living for their food on the table. That is a proper oligarchy.

Sure this happens with an exception though, that the poor have a right to get rich. But Camus once said that for the few to be the masters there must inevitably be the many who will be the slaves.

So where is the democracy then? Do you call democracy a world of masters and slaves? You may as well call this form of government, a democracy. For many a thinker have done so in the past. And still they are doing so to protect their own interest. And that is called but sophistry!

How democracy comes into being?

Plato said, “Democracy comes into being after the poor have conquered their opponents, slaughtering some and banishing some. While to the remainder they give an equal share of freedom and power.”

Well I am not saying to do what Plato says in the first sentence. But I agree with what he expresses in the second. That is that for a true democracy to come into being, there must be an equal share of freedom and power. But the latter also means that we must see a kind of revolution to bring this change of air in our world.

You see, but where is the revolution?

And Socrates says that democracy seems likely to be the fairest of States. And he compares it with an embroidered robe, which is spangled with every sort of flower.


Further, he also says that democracy dispenses a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike.

 “And I think that in equality is the power of a true democracy.” For it is the reason, the head and the soul of the people. Equality is in our blood and toil.

For we come all from the same earth. And we go all to the same grave or mother earth. Therefore we must be equal in front of nature. And the human power on earth must be shared and distributed equally.


That is that democracy means not to centralize the power on the hands of the few. A philosophy that has been on the rise from the birth of capitalist mode of production 500 hundred years ago. But rather Democracy means to de-centralize the power of the few. And distribute it on the hands of the many.


For democracy means the power of the many. Not the power of the few like it is in the today world.


 Furthermore, democracy etymologically means that it is the power of the people. That doesn’t mean though that democracy is the power of criminals. When we say the power of the people, we mean the power of humanity. The power of equality of truth of goodness. And the power of doing and thinking based on our great values.

So, I think that from the true meaning of the power of humanity, we must draw the meaning of democracy.

However, what kind of power is that, that people have?

Today people have only the power to vote. So when you as a leader violate the first principles of democracy by stashing hatred and lies in people’s minds. Then you as a leader have first betrayed democracy and the people have been misled.

So, again you see that Democracy is complex. It asks for leaders to be true to humanity and true to power. And it also asks the cunning, like Einstein called citizens, that he is properly educated and doesn’t see the other citizens as objects where he can step upon. Nor should he see the other nations as slaves that must work for him. Nor should he think that he is the only man and citizen in the world.

Then what I said means that democracy asks the citizens and the leaders of citizens to act and think based on the values of Democracy.

And when the body of values that comprise democracy is betrayed. Then the world is betrayed and humanity is let down.

This has been 2016. Let us hope for the better and most importantly act for a better 2017.

Anyways, what I said was just a wish. I haven’t finished yet. Let me carry on with my dialectical reason a bit more.

Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. But this saying is as irrational as the other forms of government that have been tried so far.

For Churchill also once suggested in 1944 that the idea of democracy is represented on the man who fights for those who sent him to war, keeps a wife and goes to vote for those who will lie him and enslave him to death. Hello?

No. What Churchill said is not democracy. Because democracy is not a word. It is not an idea. And it is not a bad one. It is the real and true human way. For it means power for the people.

But the truth is that we never had a true democracy on earth. And we still don’t have democracy.

Russell Brand said at his Revolution, “Democracy is what we want, but we don’t have a democracy.”

And that is the real problem of today. That is that true democracy is what we want. But we don’t have it.

So to create a true democracy on earth means to give power to the people first. It means to share the power equally and act based not the great values that we didn’t find written in the sky. But that we created in order to guide us and to show the way to the entire humanity.

However, in the today world, we see that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We see cheating and manipulation. We see power on the hands of oligarchs and criminals. So the question becomes, “Is this then, what you mean by the meaning of Democracy?”

No, I don’t think so. Today world is a proper oligarchy with some exceptions here and there.

So let us work for a true and real democratic world then!


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