Dog lovers; Have you got a Dog’s Consciousness or a Human one? Read this Article and Learn it.

Let’s say for instance, when I sit down in a park reading a book, listening to some old school or new school tunes, drinking a beer, kissing my girlfriend or playing guitar, I never ever, ever, ever jump on one’s personal space nor do I cross their personal space kissing one’s girlfriend or snatching one’s book, shoes or clothes or whatever. But, a dog, educated or not educate, does that thing very often and it is as horrible as our time and human existence in general is, due to the high-development of capitalism and exploitation’s top level that has made folks love dogs more than humans and hate to death the latter as well because of the pain that capitalism has inflicted on them so deep, deep inside.

Thank you dog lovers and capitalist lovers…

Wherever I am in the world, in London, LA, New York, Africa, Asia or Middle-East, many dog lovers have the same attitude, the same way of thinking, and say that common saying that everyone does, ‘Parks are for dogs, so if you don’t like parks or dogs then go away, run away, move away, or kill yourself, right.!’ Their sentence rumbles usually from a low-pitched tone of voice to a high one, ending up with screams and shoutings that are intertwined with the loud barkings of the dogs that stand faithfully near by them and protect their owners with loyalty and faithfulness like French soldiers did protect Napoleon in his peak of success in France, at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century. As regarding the aforementioned sentence it is appalling, stressful and disturbing, and this is the reason why because parks are not only for dogs but for all of us, therefore keep your dogs with leashes and start taking some responsibility for goodness’ sake.

I feel always frightened and scared when I walk in a certain park because I don’t know what dog and of what size and at what moment in time is it running towards me with that fast-paced run of a giant reptile that looks forward to engulf and destroy whatever has in front of its very animal ego.

And many times, these many irresponsible dog owners, dog lovers or whatever, make my life look like living in an abandoned jungle and not in the centre of the Capital of Europe that is London.

Remember a human does not encroach in your personal space without asking you and human being has a consciousness that makes him or her think about it, but a dogs hasn’t got as such capability, ability or consciousness, and sorry for that though, therefore keep your dogs on leashes and respect all of us, otherwise leave the law educate all of you.

A dog can injure a person not only by biting, but by other means, and under certain circumstances the owner, keeper or harborer of the dog can be held liable. Thank you.

Dogs can injure persons a number of ways, not just by biting. A dog can bite, scratch, trip, knock down, or frighten a person, causing injuries. For example, dogs caused 88% of the 86,629 fall injuries sustained each year during the period 2001 to 2006, and treated in emergency departments. Thank you.

Now time for simple logics’ calculations.

First statement;

If you keep your dog on a leash then you’re a human and respect all of us.

Syllogism; you respect yourself and think about others, and to be honest with you, it seems that you have a human consciousness with freedom and responsibility sense and essence.

Second Statement;

If you keep your dog unleashed and your dog jumps every now and then in others’ personal space, and your dog charges at others every now and then and you do not get that, and you don’t understand that how horrible that thing is, how horrible and unacceptable that it is, then you are neither fish nor fowl, your are with a consciousness equal to that of a dog, unaware of life, love and other living, human beings.

Your mind simply doesn’t work, because to understand others you need to show some empathy and put yourself in others’ shoes at this moment to put yourself at my position and the way I feel when your dogs charge at me, full speed.

Yes, my heart rate pumps up, my blood pressure crosses its limits, my entire nervous system is in a total chaos, and my mind is in a state of fight or flight effect of a full-blown disorder and shock.

Therefore, dog lovers, if you have a human consciousness keep your dogs on leashes and so make our lives easier.

Think about it, because your dog respects you it doesn’t mean that it is going to respect others as well.

A dog always loves his owner. Many Thanks.

DJ MC Keen

Zarathustra The Giver


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