Donald Trump is Projected to win over Joe Biden – 280-258. Shame on the Greedy and Racists of the American Germans of the WWII

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The coming results of the US elections have made me with headache. For I couldn’t sleep for hours. And I couldn’t even focus to write or read something.

And it seems that Trump is on the way to achieve a convincing victory. With 22 electoral votes over Joe Biden.

For as the coming results show, we may have 280 electoral electoral votes for Trump. While Joe Biden shows to be achieving up to 258 electoral votes in maximum.

Anyways, “Why bother, and why the headache?” you now may ask.

First of all what makes me bother here, it is the pain of “today impotence for independent thinkers.” Where you can’t be heard and do something for your world in front of the corrupt giant media monopolies.

And this ghastly form of injustice twists and turns your being beyond anything imaginable.

For when you have the most corrupt and the most unjust mouths hold captive the information of the world. Then how can there be any form of justice coming out of these corrupt big mouths? I ask.

Secondly, the fact that I had to watch millions of votes cast for Donald Trump threw every nerve cell of my head in a whirlwind.

“For how on earth can a people vote for a racist, xenophobic, and unstable person, who has showed over and over again what a cunning, egotistically sick and anti-human character that he is?

For Donald Trump has showed us for four years what a racist, xenophobic, hateful, and new nazi leader that he is. And thus these big amounts of votes, whether Trump wins or not, was just a show of the greed and racism and hatred and xenophobia. That the majority of the American people live in their everyday lives.

Hence, there is nothing to say here more except, Shame on the Greedy and Racists of the American Germans of the WWII.