DONALD TRUMP Thought as the worst Putin in relation with Kurds


Donald Trump has always showed love for Putin’s THINKING. And what TRUMP did to KURDS of course that it was exactly a Putin-like thinking.


For first Trump betrayed Kurds. And allowed Turkey to murder innocent people. Then, a few days later after many people were killed and traumatized from bombs and war, he suddenly showed off as a good person or a good guy to sign “Sanctions” against Turkey!”


Wow! What MURDEROUS politics that we see.

But how can we have our western politics be so obviously treacherous to the ideals of humanity, and still we to be so silent? Isn’t this evil?


A tweet by Dean Gloster explains better what is going on.

Dean Gloster
Retired 4-star Marine General: “There is blood on Trump’s hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies,” and the current murderous “ethnic cleansing” was “totally foreseeable.” #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpGenocide #TrumpGenocideForPutin
Here at last, I ask, “Where is humanity to stand for what is right, good and just on earth? Where? Unfortunately, I don’t see humans around anymore…