Don’t Give Publicity to Close-Minded Terrorists. Dr ACactivism explains that Truth is divided in two levels, “One level of the Logic of Truth is the Truth of human Existence. And the second level of the logic of Truth is the truth that….














Many people here may ask: “What do you mean by that idea, do not give publicity to close-minded terrorists, are you telling us to not tell the truth?


Well, to these simple-minded people, that probably have a journalistic background, I will answer. What is truth for you?


So here I will answer instead of them thus: “The first level of the logic of truth is the truth of your human existence. For example, I think therefore I exist as a human being. And it does not matter if I am Turkish, English, Chinese, Albanian or African etc.


Now the second level of the logic of truth is what happens while I exist.” The second level of truth, however, is the truth that happens at a moment in time. Whatever one thinks or does at a moment in time, past, present or future.


But with what truth are we concerned here? With the truth of the human existence? Or with the truth of what I think and do as I exist as a living being in time?

The western media journalists, who do everything to catch human attention and sell millions of articles and subscriptions, seem to be concerned with and emphasise on purpose the first level of truth. But the same media ignores on purpose the second level of truth too.


What do I mean? Here I mean that the first level of the logic of truth has to do with descriptive ideas like, “with the origin of a human being, that exists in time. It has to do with the country of birth, family origin and any descriptive idea that deals with a human existence in general.


While the second level of truth has to do with the thinking and doing of a human being. And this is a truth that belongs to the truth of media and journalism. And the first level of truth is more philosophic and scientific. That means it has to with human existence but not with the thinking and doing of a human that exists. And what one does with his life.

As a result we see a Western Media that is divisive and hateful on purpose. A media that highlights one’s origin and existence on purpose to catch attention, create enemies and scapegoats. And finally, the crucial point, the highlight the first level of truth to make big money by selling millions of subscriptions.


For, Are we stupid? We all see why the lords of the Western Media create all the divisions and make our existence so toxic and suicidal. The western media controls information by a few rich people. And wants to continue to do so through evil means. And forever.


But all this Media Publicity of terrorists is an unnecessary truth. We all can see it. And it has nothing to do with the importance of truth, that is what one thought and what one did.



And therefore “this divisive form of Western Media truth” can be avoided if we focus to what happened and how to avoid it. And not focus on one’s origin or one’s beliefs. For the latter way has proved to make our world more toxic, more hateful and more divisive.


The last question is for all the journalists “Do you want a better world with less money and less attention on your media or a worse world and more money and more attention on your media power? You choose. But we must never stop telling you what is right.