Americans are not Welcome with Donald Trump

Why do we care of American politics? This is the question.  In the today American politics depends the fate of the world. And therefore to have unjust American politics means to have an unjust world.  To have a bully president at the top of the most powerful continent in the world means to have someone who will bully the world through his politics. For we…

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Macron don’t be a Nazi, don’t be “Mr Hitler” – The problem is FRENCH MEDIA. The problem is in the teaching and promotion of our Values not in the Religion of Islam – Dr ACactivism explains through philosophic thinking

Whenever there happens something or any form of crime from a person of the islamic faith. There are the monopolies of the French and Western media in general ready to link Islam to terrorism. And then after the sale of billions of newspaper articles and online blogs, there is a lifelong silence. Until another crime happens. How good is that? So, here I ask, where…

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Melanie Trump or Borat’s Daughter? Why Unkind, Feelingless Melanie Trump behaves like Borat’s daughter character towards Trump

There is nothing more cursing to a man than having an unkind and feelingless wife or girlfriend.

And you must be blind to not understand or read the gestures of kindness and unkindness between Joe Biden’s wife and Borat’s daughter character or Melanie Trump. 

For example, after the final presidential debate, Biden’s wife goes up to Biden and gives him a kiss and a hug. Showing affection and love. A simple gesture of kindness that makes one a human. 

 While unkind and callous Melanie goes near to Trump and stands in front of him as cold as ice. Giving an example of an uneducated and greedy woman that is led by a sick ego. And that doesn’t know what kindness and affection is.   

Then Trump tries to say something and catch her hand, but she forcefully pulls her hand, like being Borat’s daughter. Spoiled. And brainless.

One may say here that she does it for a show. To catch the attention of the media. And tell us who is the boss!

Or one may say that she has a right to refuse to hold Trump's hand and refuse to give to Trump a hug.

That’s true. She has a right. But she hasn’t got a right to come up there in front of the world and give us a lesson on how unkindness and...

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Shame On You! Brits cry at the UK Government on Twitter! Not because of a new Law that Authorises Murder and Torture but because they can’t cook for their own Children!!

It must be a pleasure to cook for your children. Especially nowadays that many people are out of work. But this is not the case with the Brits of today who have turned into a petulant, ill-tempered and peevish people. Who don’t know what is good and what is bad. A people who think to extinguish a candle but ignore the forest fire. So Brits…

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FASCIST! What the hell does a FASCIST character like Keir Starmer want in the Labour Party? Why Keir Starmer is a FASCIST character and should resign?

“People gave themselves chiefs to defend their liberty and not be enslaved by them.” Jean Calas Rousseau, On the Origin of Inequality. What Rousseau says above is not without wisdom. For the Labourites gave themselves to Keir Starmer to defend their dignity, their values and their liberty in the U.K parliament. And have a strong opposition against the Bully, Boris Johnson. But Keir Starmer, cunning…

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Hate Speech is not Free Speech – Why all those pro-Trump Campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile are doing “HATE SPEECH” and need to be brought to JUSTICE

The inspiration of writing this blog I took after seeing some revolting and sickening photos. That a man called Rogan P’Handley had manipulated and created to smear, slander  and defame Joe Biden. 

Rogan P’Handley is called @DC_Dario on instagram and has 1.6m followers in it. And he has 312k followers on twitter. And is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. That according to website, he has left a lucrative legal career to fight for Donald Trump on social media! 

What form of a Don Quixote can do that? Maybe a form of Don Quixote who is greatly paid behind the scenes to support Trump and smear his political opponents?

 For based on his retweets, likes and social interactions, to me he seems to have real followers. That have been achieved by throwing big money into promotion of his ideas, of course. 

For he is not any form of creator that stuns you with his creativity to absorb that form of attention.

Nevertheless, my problem is not to tell how much money he has thrown to buy his followers. Or who pays him to support Trump. Or who pays all pro-Trump Campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile.

Rather, my problem is the sick ambition of as such people that use “Bought Social Media influence” to create calumnies of a different level. And link pedophilia to the democratic candidate Joe Biden and democrats. And spread hatred towards others.

 And my problem is to tell them that what they are doing is HATE SPEECH. (See the screenshots below to see how the ideas of as such paid Trump supporters spread hate. Full screenshots will be uploaded at the end of this blog. )

Well, but how comes that a person like myself, who has always written in the support of Free Speech now speaks of Hate Speech? 

Here let me clarify my position. I am not speaking of censure. But of accountability. 

For one is free to say whatever one wants to say for as long as one does not show intention to harm another with what he says. And for as long as one bases his reason on truth.

In other circumstances, again one is free. However, one must be held accountable if he shows to hate or intend to harm others with his thinking. And again this person must not be censured from social media. But be punished by our laws. 

So, I have always written against social media censure. And I still hold the same position.

Because it is not the keepers of the public parks that should hold citizens accountable for their crimes committed in public parks. But rather it is our laws that should judge and hold accountable people who do make crimes in a public parks.

That’s why big tech should simply give the money to “Independent organisations” who enforce our laws. For even in hate speech it is not them, Big Tech, who should penalise us. But our laws. 

So?  What is hate speech, or why those pro-Trump campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile are doing “HATE SPEECH? And why should they be brought to courts by our law enforcement agencies?

First of all allow me to say here that hate speech is first of all hating others by showing intention of....

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Treacherous Traitor, 50 Cent Betrays his Black people for Money to support Trump. Why we should dismiss and ditch this low Traitor

50 Cent, that seems to have a 5 Cent-like mind, wrote on Twitter a very despairing tweet. That contained a thinking of treacherous traitors. People of no feeling or value of being human. “I don’t care if Trump doesn’t like black people” he said. And his frustration was on the fact that Biden would tax the rich more than Trump! Ridiculous! In Albanian old laws…

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The Daily Mail, a QAnon-Like Newspaper, Returns to HATRED: “Gunman Shouting Allahu Akbar” It says, instead of saying, “Teenager Equipped with wrong ideas”

First of all what happened in PARIS shows how far that young people, who are equipped with the ideas of intolerance and hatred, can go. Secondly, this shows how the QAnon-like newspapers, like the Daily Mail, stand by waiting eagerly for an opportunity of death to happen by people. Who are part of minority backgrounds. And afterwards, they, the wolves, to attack all minorities and…

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Covid-19 – We have tried all the ways of thinking. So what shall we do now, herd immunity, national lockdown or something else? Dr ACactivism explains

The rhetoric of the U.K government seems to be moving towards another national lockdown with new restrictions coming into power to deal with the Covid-19 this Saturday 16th Oct 2020.  And the monopolistic media as always acts as the mouthpiece of the government to prepare the public opinion in line with the government thinking.  Now, with the Sancho Panzas in government, Matt Hancock and Boris…

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Why Depression is caused by Political Injustice or Oppression? Dr ACactivism explains it through philosophical thinking

“We need to reverse the privatisation of stress and recognise that mental health is a political issue.” Mark Fisher, Why mental health is a political issue. 

In 2018, a total of 6,507 suicides were registered in the UK, 686 more deaths than in 2017 when there were 5,821 deaths (11.8% increase) according to the Office for National Statistics. (

While according to another trusted website, Mental Health First Aid England,, there were 602,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19 in Great Britain. 

And the same academic website says that we have 24% of women and 13% of men in England that are diagnosed with depression in their lifetime. 

Now, these stark and depressing statistics make up a considerable amount of the pain of today that call for thinking. A pain, that I as an author live myself, and that dare to call it into question.

And here in this blog I intend to explain this pain that we live. That is, depression. And show why Depression is caused by political injustice or oppression. 

As an author, I have written many blogs on Depression. But I haven’t published them because I wanted to know more of it. 

 Being both, the person who suffers from depression. The oppressed citizen, who is barley able to breathe from the oppressive system of today politics. And the philosopher who is curious to know what depression is. And what causes it. And how to deal with it. So we can find a solution.

So, for years, I kept learning both the practical and the philosophical world. Living in the capital of Europe. Where the extremes of wealth live close too each other. Having only a slight difference between them, of course. 

That is, the poor is down begging, while the rich walks by the poor, who is down, disgruntled for having to see his existence. And not having his slave services at all times and in all circumstances as the rich would want the poor slaves to be. 

And the rich instead of doing us a favour and giving a part of their wealth to support the homeless and those in need of housing or in need for employment and opportunities in our social world.   They even dare to complain for having to see the dehumanised homeless, who have fallen to as such level because of oppression of all forms that have created the conditions for them to fall. 

Now, in between the very rich and the very poor of this corner of the world, here also live the oppressed working classes who exist with a foot in the grave and one in their warm houses. 

That means, that if today employed working classes lose their jobs, they can also end up in the street. And be trapped by depression, anxiety and all forms of mental disorders. 

And it is this subconscious fact, that lives at the back of the mind of the employed people, that equalises the pain of the working classes, that feel anxious and depressed at all times. When they think of what they may lose if they lose their jobs. With the pain of the unemployed people, or the reserved army of Das Capital as Marx would like to call it, who are anxious and depressed of what they may never win. That is employment.

So, I ask, what’s the problem here? Why have mental problems, and particularly, depression, become a national problem in the U.K? 

Let us first of all define, the idea of depression and then see how politics created and still create the perfect conditions for depression to be created in the soul or mind of humanity. And thrive like never before in the human history.

The WHO organisation, World Health Organisation, for example, calls depression, a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. 

And it does not explain to us what is this “complex interaction.” A complex idea, that WHO explains only superficially. And it even replaces the concept of depression with a phrase called, “complex interaction.”

So what is depression then?

Depression is an idea that goes beyond the employed and the unemployed people. And it affects all walks of life. While depression weighs more down the very oppressed of this society. It affects all walks of life in a society that is designed to serve to the very few. 


Hence, Depression as a concept is no more and no less than mind being ove...

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