Treacherous Traitor, 50 Cent Betrays his Black people for Money to support Trump. Why we should dismiss and ditch this low Traitor

50 Cent, that seems to have a 5 Cent-like mind, wrote on Twitter a very despairing tweet. That contained a thinking of treacherous traitors. People of no feeling or value of being human. “I don’t care if Trump doesn’t like black people” he said. And his frustration was on the fact that Biden would tax the rich more than Trump! Ridiculous! In Albanian old laws…

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The Daily Mail, a QAnon-Like Newspaper, Returns to HATRED: “Gunman Shouting Allahu Akbar” It says, instead of saying, “Teenager Equipped with wrong ideas”

First of all what happened in PARIS shows how far that young people, who are equipped with the ideas of intolerance and hatred, can go. Secondly, this shows how the QAnon-like newspapers, like the Daily Mail, stand by waiting eagerly for an opportunity of death to happen by people. Who are part of minority backgrounds. And afterwards, they, the wolves, to attack all minorities and…

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Covid-19 – We have tried all the ways of thinking. So what shall we do now, herd immunity, national lockdown or something else? Dr ACactivism explains

The rhetoric of the U.K government seems to be moving towards another national lockdown with new restrictions coming into power to deal with the Covid-19 this Saturday 16th Oct 2020.  And the monopolistic media as always acts as the mouthpiece of the government to prepare the public opinion in line with the government thinking.  Now, with the Sancho Panzas in government, Matt Hancock and Boris…

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Why Depression is caused by Political Injustice or Oppression? Dr ACactivism explains it through philosophical thinking

“We need to reverse the privatisation of stress and recognise that mental health is a political issue.” Mark Fisher, Why mental health is a political issue. 

In 2018, a total of 6,507 suicides were registered in the UK, 686 more deaths than in 2017 when there were 5,821 deaths (11.8% increase) according to the Office for National Statistics. (

While according to another trusted website, Mental Health First Aid England,, there were 602,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19 in Great Britain. 

And the same academic website says that we have 24% of women and 13% of men in England that are diagnosed with depression in their lifetime. 

Now, these stark and depressing statistics make up a considerable amount of the pain of today that call for thinking. A pain, that I as an author live myself, and that dare to call it into question.

And here in this blog I intend to explain this pain that we live. That is, depression. And show why Depression is caused by political injustice or oppression. 

As an author, I have written many blogs on Depression. But I haven’t published them because I wanted to know more of it. 

 Being both, the person who suffers from depression. The oppressed citizen, who is barley able to breathe from the oppressive system of today politics. And the philosopher who is curious to know what depression is. And what causes it. And how to deal with it. So we can find a solution.

So, for years, I kept learning both the practical and the philosophical world. Living in the capital of Europe. Where the extremes of wealth live close too each other. Having only a slight difference between them, of course. 

That is, the poor is down begging, while the rich walks by the poor, who is down, disgruntled for having to see his existence. And not having his slave services at all times and in all circumstances as the rich would want the poor slaves to be. 

And the rich instead of doing us a favour and giving a part of their wealth to support the homeless and those in need of housing or in need for employment and opportunities in our social world.   They even dare to complain for having to see the dehumanised homeless, who have fallen to as such level because of oppression of all forms that have created the conditions for them to fall. 

Now, in between the very rich and the very poor of this corner of the world, here also live the oppressed working classes who exist with a foot in the grave and one in their warm houses. 

That means, that if today employed working classes lose their jobs, they can also end up in the street. And be trapped by depression, anxiety and all forms of mental disorders. 

And it is this subconscious fact, that lives at the back of the mind of the employed people, that equalises the pain of the working classes, that feel anxious and depressed at all times. When they think of what they may lose if they lose their jobs. With the pain of the unemployed people, or the reserved army of Das Capital as Marx would like to call it, who are anxious and depressed of what they may never win. That is employment.

So, I ask, what’s the problem here? Why have mental problems, and particularly, depression, become a national problem in the U.K? 

Let us first of all define, the idea of depression and then see how politics created and still create the perfect conditions for depression to be created in the soul or mind of humanity. And thrive like never before in the human history.

The WHO organisation, World Health Organisation, for example, calls depression, a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. 

And it does not explain to us what is this “complex interaction.” A complex idea, that WHO explains only superficially. And it even replaces the concept of depression with a phrase called, “complex interaction.”

So what is depression then?

Depression is an idea that goes beyond the employed and the unemployed people. And it affects all walks of life. While depression weighs more down the very oppressed of this society. It affects all walks of life in a society that is designed to serve to the very few. 


Hence, Depression as a concept is no more and no less than mind being ove...

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On Social Media Censorship! The Censorship of Free Speech can be Swallowed but only from Pigs. Dr ACactivism Explains

The judges of today want to judge us without referring to a specific law! And without referring to the idea of Justice and Freedom at all!

So they judge us. Judges judge with an imperialist style in the courts of peace. Judges judge in the same way in the studios of the media Monopolies. And judges do the same in the heavens of social media Monopolies.

So judges judge and we hear without being able to have our voices heard. Drowned out by them. And suffocated by their social power. So, like pigs, we munch what they serve to us!

However, there is something to be pointed out. For we, the oppressed who dreamed and still dream to see a better world, remain dreamers. We remain dreamers who dreamed to be able and to take our rights.

Rights, like the right of being heard with ideas. And the right of participating with ideas on the studios of the BBC or the ITV or Sky News and mainstream media in general.

However, this dream and these human rights were impossible to be achieved by us, the oppressed. Simply because they didn't want you to be heard with ideas. And didn't allow you to be heard in their media studios with ideas.

Nevertheless, now we found this dream. We found this big social dream on our social media. A "magical place" where we all love to see this full dimension of human participation. And creativity.

But still, even here now comes out of nowhere a Big Brother, that has been produced out of the laboratory of money and power, to tell us what to say and what

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Alas, have pity for the 209,271 deaths from the American Working Classes. As the richest and Donald Trump have an army of Doctors caring of them

Alas, 209,271 people have died in America. And many of them have died alone, uncared for and neglected by the money-driven hospitals of America. Simple people who have been unable to have a test at the right time. Or have the right medication at the right moment. So to alleviate the deadly power of Covid-19. And get well rather than die. And thus, it seems that…

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British Papers are a BRITISH Disgrace. These Brat Journalists are educated with GREED and have no Respect for TRUTH! They describe Boris Johnson’s dad as a wife-beater!

British Papers need a hammer to be smashed to the ground. And these brat-like Journalists to be sent for re-education. For they have no respect for TRUTH. In a recent story about Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley, the big newspapers of Britain cover the 80-year-old man as a person who once beat his wife. And is a one-off wife-beater! Actually, what happened shows Stanley act in…

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It’s a Pity! Donald Trump and his Melania Test Positive for Covid-19! Now it is time for Bleach!

DonaldTrump and his Melania reported on Twitter that they have both tested positive of Covid-19. What a pity, eh? For months Trump avoided wearing masks, went against the advice of health professionals in many cases. And suggested to people false medical advices. What a president that he is, isn’t he? Now, I guess would be the perfect moment for Trump and his Melania to try…

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Presidential Debate! Donald Trump was a Disgrace – As Joe Bidden Destroyed the sick EGO of Trump. Dr ACactivism explains

“This is a president who has used everything as a dog whistle, to try to generate racists hatred, racist division. Joe Bidden, first Presidential debate 2020 In the first presidential debate, Joe Bidden  was measured, calm and self-controlled in his speeches. Showing us that he is the president that we really want. And a president that cares for people and for people’s jobs, values and…

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