Emmanuel Macron under mob’s fear calms down the French Animal Farm by Promising to them more Food…. Cruel, Mean and Evil Politics.

The history of the European politics has turned somehow like at the animal farm of George Orwell. Animals rebel to overthrow their oppressor. But shortly after achieving their goal, animals realise that they have elected but another OPPRESSOR! The European animal family, however, has this big problem that again and again it does the same mistake. That is, we forever elect oppressors!

But why so? Don’t all politicians seem like they are sincere and good guys before taking real political power in their hands?


The answer consists on this fact that is that power corrupts those in power. And so historically people all the time feel to be let down by their political leaders. And so they are always on the search for a true politician and true political party that will for once think truly for the oppressed!


So it was before and after the French revolution. And so are the politics of today.


Nevertheless, as animals continue to dream for their true human leader that will think of them and treat them equally, they forever elect a crueller, meaner and eviller one. The one who always thinks to oppress the oppressed in different manipulative ways and support the rich and the powerful in different manipulative ways.


So what France and Europe has in common with the Animal Farm of Orwell is the idea that animals unite and through a lot of struggle, they overthrow their oppressor at the end. “Oppressors in our time, however, are the laws that are made by never-changing politics that forever seek subtler and meaner ways to oppress. So we the European animal family show to change iron-made laws with a lot of struggle historically.  For it is laws that oppress us always. Laws that are made to oppress.


So it comes to pass that the European animals always elect a crueller, meaner and eviller political leader and therefore political party. And that’s why so little or nothing changes.


British politics after the French Revolution got scared, and only under the fear of the masses did they change their 500 years old laws that imposed slavery on the working classes.


So Emmanuel Macron just showed that he is not different from his cruel, mean and evil predecessors. And it was only under the fear of the people that he changed his views. That were from more oppression to the French animal farm to less oppression to the French animal farm.




But what did Mr. Macron change, anyways? He promised to the French animal farm to increase the minimum wage by 100 euros per month from January. And to scrap a tax hike on poor and low-income pensioners.

That meant more food for the French animal farm. And therefore, this way of thinking and doing show how Cruel, Mean and Evil Politics of today are…

“Why do I think so?” I think so because today oppressors, like all past oppressors think and act to support the oppressed only under mob’s fear or shortly fear! And this truth shows itself again and again in each decade through the arrogance of the oppressors and their fear after the oppressed mob rises up to protest in unison.

Well, but now that we are at the protests and justice. What about when France supported the dictator of Yemen and singed business deals with Saudi Arabia when the latter was killing innocent people in Yemen? I mean, did any French Citizen rise up against this injustice and protest?


So as a conclusion, the reason why the French remain an animal farm is that they rise up and make a big noise, like the yellow vests or gilets jaunes did, only when people’s OPPRESSORS take people’s food out of their mouths or tables.


However, the French and the Europeans never rise up to make a big noise in EUROPE against war and for JUSTICE. So who are these today Europeans then? What is their name or colour of face or way of thinking? They seem to have no name, no colour and no way of thinking except a greed for more grass or food on their tables. These are the yellow vests or gilets jaunes. They want more food, but no more HUMANITY.



Hence, until the French and the Europeans begin to make a big noise for JUSTICE and against war in Europe, every time war and injustice happens, they will remain an animal farm.


And all political leaders who will come will try different ways to oppress them. Not because I say so. But because real POWER in politicians’ hands will make the latter corrupt and think to oppress. Just like historically all politicians have done so far.


And when political leaders will be faced with the mob protests, petitions and a big noise, that burns the city and fights against police, then they will promise to the animal farm more FOOD. And so calm them down like Emmanuel Macron did calm down the Yellow vests protests.


But this way of political thinking and doing is CRUEL, MEAN, and EVIL. For it thinks and acts only under MOB’s FEAR.