Emmanuel Macron Visits Lebanon to Cover his War Cr…

“What are they doing to us, please help us,” a distressed citizen is seen appealing in an online video to a war criminal politician called, Emmanuel Macron.

Imperialist politicians who create suffer and pain and wars across the world are seen as heroes by the oppressed. Who in pain cry for help to the wolves in times of great disress or disaster.

The pain of calamity twists our feelings. And we feel confused. So instead of standing strong and working to build again our world with our hands. We appeal to the very oppressors and murderers to help us.

Arms deals of France with Saudi Arabia. And war tactics, that have been given to Saudi Arabia to kill thousands of innocent people in Yemen, have created a million times more suffer than what we see in Lebanon.

So, Macron is not in Lebanon because he feels the pain of the people. Rather he is there to show the power of an Imperialist WESTERN country. And cover his war crimes with a small gesture of humanity.

Distrust this Hypocrite. And pray for healing to the people of Lebanon. By donating and supporting the people of Beirut with what you can.