Entertainment Revolutionary Ideas


I introduce “Fair Sharing” idea as a revolutionary movement into Entertainment Industry.


  Why fair sharing? Because like everything else in Das Capital everything belongs to the few. Radios belong to the few. The decisions to give opportunities to those who have ideas belong to the few, politics and media to the few. And everything else belongs to the few. Good, isn’t it?


But out there are millions of talents? And capitalism does not presuppose isolation and oppression. It presupposes movement and creativity. However because of the eternal human greed, now things look quite unfair.


For neo-Nazis who grabbed some social power by groveling, honoring and worshiping those who were previously in power. Now they are saying to us “Creators” that we don’t have the rights to express our ideas for a fair world!


But for these ideas we work with blood. We work for years through listening, learning and creating for what is best for our world. So, how comes then that when we want to show our ideas, we are not even allowed to express these very ideas of blood? Hello humanity!


So, that’s why I think that in whatever that we do we must have some kind of fair sharing. Why? Because power corrupts, my dear. It corrupts you when you occupy a chair in big politics, And it corrupts you when you control the big media too.


 However, before showing to you my ideas, let me introduce myself, I am a professional DJ/MC and Philosopher.

 Now let me begin with a question. How do radio shows or radio programs work?

 Answer; first, let me say that Big Radios are rotten to the core. Why do I think so? You may ask.

 For instance if you want to create a show, the BBC radio commissioning says; “If you wish to pitch ideas to be made into a BBC radio programme (if you are not an independent Production company), we suggest that you approach a production company or team who (if they like the idea) can develop the idea into something which can be pitched at the next commissioning round for a BBC network radio station.”

 However, all the production companies that I have personally contacted don’t even bother to listen to my ideas.


All of them say that they have their “OWN WRITERS.” Or they just don’t bother to answer. For they think that the right to create and give opportunities belongs only to them!


But, here is a contradiction isn’t it? It is the contradiction of the truth that they give opportunities only to those that they know.

For the facts show that they are not open to the new ideas. And they have created a closed and isolated society where only those who work on big production companies or big radios make sense! But this is unfair and unjust, isn’t it?


Therefore, I think that we must find a way to give opportunities to the public. And when I say “the public” I mean those who have ideas. Those who think that they have what it takes and can tell to the world how it works to introduce, Dj or produce.


And the best way to do that is to create yearly completions for Djs, producers and presenters. And so give the opportunity to him or her to express his or her ideas through a big media outlet.


Why so?


Because to exist means to move and create. For we are moving spirits and moving souls and not dead bodies nor bloodless and passionless machines. And therefore it is innate in us to flow like waters do in the rivers or waterfalls. And not stay still like in stagnant swamps. And that’s why I think that we must push the world towards these two ideas, That is movement and creativity.


And one way to do that is by creating opportunities. And to create means to give. For like that old saying goes, “The joy of living is in the joy of giving.”


 However, as you see and we can see the Big Media in general does not like to give opportunities. Why is it so? Because the facts show that they are corrupted.  Do I have facts? I showed you some facts above.

But bear with me, for I will show you more facts in this essay. And tell you how corrupted the Big Radios are.


Why Do Big Radios Play Only Famous Artists?


During the summer 2016, I called Capital Xtra and said; “Is it possible that you can play my new tune?” A haughty reply came from the producer on the other side of the phone saying this; “We do play only the tunes of the famous artists!”


 Now let me explain to you why they do play mostly, if not only, the famous artists. Like the producer of Capital Xtra said to me. And for this answer we can have a look at this online article, called “How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts.”


This article speaks about the tricks that big recording labels make use to rule the music industry forever. It suggests how corrupted are the big music moguls. And it says why one should promote his music through “payola”. Which is a medium that you pay DJs and big radio stations to play your music in high volume.


And a similar “means of corruption” was also told to me by the promoter of DJ Charlie Sloth. Because he texted me on my mobile phone during summer 2016 and said to me to look for “W Pluggers.” W pluggers are promoters that take thousands of pounds to promote you to get radio plays!


Also, there is one website called radio Pushers. And they charge you “$2000 for your tune to be played on MTV2, on BBC etc.!”


Well, but shouldn’t there be professional people who work on the big radios to make things fair? And so we will see get radio plays not only those artists who have promoters and pay. But we will see get radio plays and those who don’t have money to pay.


A question. You may say, why shall they do that? Because they are profiting enormously from the artists and the people. So then it is their duty to make things even and fair for everybody.


Further, there is the point of the conflict of interest. @TwinB that is a DJ/Presenter that works for the BBC Radio 1Xtra, he also is A&R Director for @AtlanticRcrdsUK.


What’s the problem in here? The problem is that he may play at the BBC the artists that record and produce for the Record Label in which he works. You can’t be the DJ/Presenter of the most influential TV on earth and also work for an independent Record Label. It must be the one or the other.


And the reason is because we want to see fair things happening. That’s why I am raising my voice and campaigning with ideas and movement. For, I think that a fair human being don’t want to see corrupted Big Radios that support one another and make violence and unfairness their priority.


Well you may say that out there is BBC Introducing for FAIRNESS!

 Excuse me? You mean that Jihadi John, the famous terrorist that had a Rap tune all about hate and crime was more of an artist than me? For I rapped a tune called; Dream To Change The World or Wolves and Sheep. But I never got a single opportunity from them. While the tunes of Jihadi John were played by the DJ/Journalist Charlie Sloth at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. And he was even glorified by the latter great mind!


You see then? Their fairness makes one puke. For how can you support a terrorist and silence the voice of somebody who speaks of change and innovation? But of course that it makes sense at the bottom of thinking and doing. Why? Because the  rap industry brings forward the violent characters as a means to an end. That means that through their violent characters and violent lyrics, they catch the attention of the people. And in catching the attention of the people, they mean to sell their CDs or records.


And the more they sell, they more money they make. Thanks their fairness and goodness then! All about the money. As humanity and fairness must be thrown to the dogs! So they think the thugs and drug dealer who control the big radios.


 Therefore, we can not base all the importance of fairness on a platform called “BBC Introducing. When out there we see an entire Big Media that is corrupted.


That’s why then, I think that BBC Introducing is corrupted too. Because in there are working people like DJ/Journalist Target that have made big radios personal. And DJ/Journalist Target won’t allow my tunes, for instance, to be played at BBC Introducing, because I have opposed his thug life ideas. You see? It makes sense.


So first of all, as you see, it is the fact that a few powerful wolves have made entertainment only for themselves. And for the famous artists only!

However, this is only a drop in the bucket of what I am about to say.


 Secondly. It is the fact of my experience in London. And my experience shows that entertainment is “tell a friend to tell a friend that I am his friend who want to get him famous!


For instance, these rappers like Meridan Dan who has been preaching violence and hatred in London. Or like Stormzy and Mic Rightous. Or Jihadi John that was terrorizing London but that Dj Charlie Sloth played his tunes at the radios of BBC. All these rappers were the friends of the friends of the Djs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra. Like Charlie Sloth or Dj Target etc.


 So the phrase; “tell a friend to tell a friend that I am his friend who want to get him famous,” works perfectly at the radios of the BBC and to other big radios.


So then, the Djs of the BBC and of the other big radios make drug dealers and thugs famous on purpose. They keep them on their mouths every day on purpose. And the purpose here is to catch the attention of the people with thugs and sell their records – as many as possible. For Walter Benjamin argued that in a media-saturated world art must shock its audiences to get their attention.


So you see, here the war is about attention. And violence catches attention. So hurray for violence and terror then.


 But the truth is that be treated like a hero when you are a thug and use the reputation of the big radios for that. It literally means to MAKE A CRIMINAL APPEAR AS A GOOD MAN through Sophistry and reputation.


 Thirdly; It is the other fact that if you criticize these people, they silence your voice by force and reputation. Like the rest of the Big Media does…. They have done that to me for many, many years. And that is a fact.


For instance, On December 2014, Rob Littlejohn, the editor of the BBC Radio 1Xtra, sent threatening massages on my phone. When I criticized him about the thugs that he was making and still makes famous.


And when I told him that these thugs are terrorizing Europe. He wrote to me; “If you mention one more time “My Name,” you have to deal with the BBC legal team and Police. So then, this message was but a pure threat. Because due to this I kept my mouth shut for about a year.


Also I have sent thousands of emails to the Djs and presenters and journalists of the big media. I have done that for the purpose of taking an opportunity to express my ideas and pain. I have done that on behalf of revolutionary ideas. I have done that for a better and fair humanity.


But I never got a single opportunity to express my ideas and pain on big media. And yet I see thugs all day talking on big screens about senseless comedies and having a ball!


So what do these journalists, djs, and presenters of the Big Media think when they silence the voice of some and highlight some others?


They think that if you don’t grovel and kiss their dirty feet then you must be SILENCED. Thank you very much! This is their philosophy, basically.


So then, these facts show that these people who work on the big radios have enormous power. First because they can turn drug dealers and thugs into heroes. Secondly they can silence you if you oppose them. And thirdly and that is more important, there is no fair share.






 Charlie Sloth for instance, does 18 hours per week at the BBC. And during this time he turns thugs into heroes. And he never invites me in his shows at BBC 1Xtra. And he does the same to the other artists who oppose his ideas. But does that sound fair though?


And once, he also lied me on Instagram. He messaged me and said “I will invite you at fire in the booth to rap your tune “Dream to Change the World.” But he never did that. The hypocrite. But why? Because he doesn’t want to make the world aware about their evil doings. And he wants to keep his social power by force and terror. And that’s their philosophy.


So despite the facts that I have been protesting in front of the BBC for one opportunity to be heard.

Still I cannot take five minutes time to express my ideas and pain for a revolution into entertainment industry. Or for a revolution in a Hip-Hop violent culture. As Charlie Sloth and his thug-friends are all day at the BBC! And they also silence my voice on purpose! What do you make of this?


 Because to a human mind, I think that their actions are not only UNFAIR but UNJUST and criminal as well.

For they neither spin my tunes nor accept to sit down and talk for a fair entertainment industry. They don’t like to talk about my revolutionary ideas that I have for entertainment industry and hip-hop. They like the corrupted way that entertainment is. And so they oppress my voice and ideas through media’s reputation and security forces.


You see then what the meaning of justice and fairness is in our today world? It’s but preposterous to treat someone who has ideas in the way that those who control big radios treat today people of ideas.


For with my experience and pain I represent all the present day artists. Because this is the way that I have been treated. And this is the way that others are being treated by the big radios. So in telling my story and pain, I reflect the present day doing and thinking in entertainment industry in general.



Another Revolutionary Idea




 The truth is that these djs who work for the BBC and big radios do not only control the big radios. But they also control all the jobs and the respect that is in the entertainment industry.


 For instance, DJ Target and DJ Charlie Sloth go to play music all around Europe. And they are invited all around UK and the USA. Just because they work for the BBC. For here is the reputation of the BBC that is worthy more than a million talents. For like Charlie Sloth out there are millions. And yet it is only Charlie Sloth and a few other on big radios who take almost all the opportunities in Entertainment Industry.


 But isn’t this unfair then? For I have more skills than Dj Charlie Sloth (and there are others who have more than me but that don’t have a philosophy like I have). And I have a million more ideas than him. But still I cannot even take five minuets time to speak at the BBC!


 As these djs of the BBC, however, are introduced as djs and presenters of the BBC all over the world. For everywhere they go, they carry with themselves the banner of the BBC. And at the end they silence the voices of anyone that opposes their thug-like ideas or their brutal way of treating art and the artists.




 So my facts that I mentioned above show that the Entertainment industry is rotten to the core. Therefore, I introduce the idea of better sharing the time among Djs and presenters on BIG Radios. And this is what I call, “Fair-sharing philosophy,”


For instance if DJ Charlie Sloth does 18 hours per week, why not give 5 hours per week to DJ Charlie Sloth. Give me, as a DJ/MC an hour per week to create a positive Hip-Hop Show. And give to a few other djs the rest. That is, create competitive shows. Make the world create and move. And end the stagnation by giving opportunities.


 So let’s make entertainment industry fair first. And then through fairness and goodness and positive creativity create a REVOLUTION. For what I said is in itself revolutionary. I am still being silenced by these people who work on the big media.


So to bring change into entertainment Industry, first means to make it fair. For this “qualitative value that is called fairness” is the one thing that is missing more than in any other field into entertainment industry.


For the corridors of power in the entertainment industry are ugly and disgusting. They are making real thugs and drug dealers famous and telling to us that they are artists!


Well, they may have had a thug life in the past. But at least they should change their attitudes when they achieve fame and money. But no. That is not the fact of the truth.


These rappers like Meridan Dan, Krept and Konan or Mic Righteous that the BBC radio 1Xtra made famous. They were speaking about drugs and guns in the past. And they are still doing it. They are still spreading violence and hatred all across Europe. Because DJ Charlie Sloth, DJ Target and their cronies never criticize them. They treat them like being heroes when they are drug dealers and thugs. And that’s the bitter truth of the today world.


Further, let’s be honest the entertainment industry mostly is all about music and djs. In respect to music its essence is contained in its etymologic meaning. Music means to move and it makes you move. For it contains rhythm, melody and poetry. But are poetic these lyrics of famous rappers that are mostly about “drugs and guns? And all about a gang life?


And is this culture of gang life creating a gang life in our streets? Because I see gangsters of NW London listening all day to the lyrics of the famous rappers and the tunes that famous djs spin.

For youngsters of today start listening from age 5 and even earlier to the Hip-Hop lyrics. And when these kids become 14, 15, 16 and 30 they are real gangsters. And so they make our world a dangerous jungle. And we thank Big Djs for that. That’s the hypocrisy of all hypocritical actions.



So then, who is to be blamed for a degeneration of our social life? Who is to be blamed for these gangsters that forever grow in numbers in our streets? Who is to be blamed for spreading violence and terror in our streets?


And how comes that I can’t be heard despite being for many, many years into entertainment industry?That tells me about the reputation of the BBC that rends rocks. That tells me that people follow the BBC and the big media religiously. That tells me that big media is people’s god; it is people’s religion. And those people who appear on the big media praising one another are people’s heroes.




 I Suggest Other Revolutionary Ideas in Entertainment Industry


My other revolutionary ideas that I suggest into entertainment industry are as following. One, to be demanded a better lyrical content from the artists in general and from the hip-hop artists in particular. For they are influencing are world for bad through their negative lyrics. They are having the name and the fame because of the people. Because of our world. So then, let’s put on them some responsibility.


And also to be demanded from the artists a positive creativity mindset that thinks of positive ideas. For through positivity, creativity and responsibility, I think that we can bring more positivity in our world.


 Secondly; I think that these Djs of the big media have a big influence over the youth, in particular, and people, in general. So I demand a better sharing. And FAIRNESS. That is more competitions among djs. And sharing better the time on big radios.


Why should a DJ/MC, like Charlie Sloth keep 18 per week at the BBC Radios? As I, as a DJ/MC, to not be able neither to make a show nor be able to express my ideas on their shows! Isn’t this evil, unjust and unfair?


That tells me that, first they are corrupted. Because they invite in their shows only DJs and rappers that they like. And secondly; that tells me that out there is not fairness. And thirdly that tells me that entertainment industry is controlled by mafia and thugs.


How else can I explain this oppression that they have imposed on my ideas and my heart and my head and my soul? For the fact of the matter, here is myself. It is my experience. It is my pain that I ask people to stop respecting thug-life. And respect the good of humanity.


For if all people are evil. Then out there remains but only one thing. And it is called “SUICIDE.”


For truth be told, these silent people of the today London do not tell or show me to be good or active enough. Or perhaps they are sleeping and they need to wake up.


 And, therefore, my role as a creator is to wake the people up through awareness of ideas, facts and creativity.


 To sum my ideas up; without fairness and positive creativity entertainment industry is in tatters. And people who are at the top of it are feeding on the blood of the present day people and destroying our world with negativity. And negative ideologies of drugs, guns and gangs. Therefore, I think that fairness and positive creativity are necessary into entertainment industry at this moment in time.




Dr A.C




David Cameron said in 2006; “I would say to Radio 1, do you realise that some of the stuff you play on Saturday nights encourages people to carry guns and knives?”

 Well, but at that time, David Cameron was looking forward to seizing power. As I, at that moment I was looking forward to being heard by those who controlled the entertainment industry like Tim Westwood etc.


However, David Cameron came to power and gave up power. Tim Westwood was replaced by his fan “DJ Charlie Sloth,” but I still can’t take one opportunity to express my pain on the Big Media!


I mean this is just ridiculous. This is horrible. This is an OPPRESSON OF UNREAL PROPORTIONS.


 But who are the oppressors then? The oppressors of the ideas are those who control the main means of mass communication. Those who work on the Big Media. And they are Djs, Presenters and present day JOURNALISTS.


Thank you very much!






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