EUROVISION 2019 Explains to us the ADOLF HITLER-LIKE ARTIST versa the KARL MARX-LIKE Artist

“…Right at the heart of the murk were France’s intellectuals and artists. Even before the war, their German and Soviet counterparts had been largely silenced, imprisoned, killed, or enlisted as totalitarian propagandists.

…everyone knew that cultural life in occupied France amounted to much more than a “show.”

The New Normal by David A. Bell written at The New Republic on February 2011.


History books have told us that at a time when Jews were being butchered by the German Nazis, the French went to Theatres and Operas. So the French entertained themselves when they should have done all what they could to save human lives.


But what I said above was History. On the other hand, we have also psychological books that tell us a lot about the consciousness of humanity.


For example two American thinkers, Jack Rosenberry and Lauren A. Vicker wrote in their joint work in 2009 that, “Exposure to violence in the media can lead to desensitization. People exposed to many violent portrayals over time will come to be more accepting of violence.” (Applied Mass Communication Theory by Jack Rosenberry and Lauren A. Vicker)


 Their philosophy was based on the idea that exposure to long violent portrayals in the media can desensitize people. And turn them violent through disinhibitation.


Nevertheless, I will use his ideas indirectly to make my point here. For today many people do not understand the silence of people when evil happens. And many people do not understand why people participate in evil thinking and doing and go against their own human kind. And against their humanity.


For example, it seems that the violence against a people and the human loss in Palestine, the death of thousands of innocent people in the recent years by the brutal Israeli snipers and Israeli army and the abuse of an entire nation, that has been portrayed and expressed by Media, seems to have desensitized people.


So somehow participation in evil comes through desensitization. You are desensitised, dehumanised and animalized and robotized.


And the consequences of the logic that I EXPRESSED above bring silence and acceptance of murder, oppression and brutality.


That’s why the majority of the people today seem to not care at all of what goes on. For they have lost their noble feelings that make one a human being. They have lost their humanity. That’s why coffee shops, bars and dance floors are full. But protests and demands for change, justice and freedom are scarce.



So these silent, dehumanised and animalized humans live to work today and eat today. They live to sleep and to wander around without a purpose bigger than eating and sh… And as such people are no more and no less than basic animals or feelingless robots.



However, here we must not ignore those groups of people who have appealed for a boycott of Eurovision 2019. And who fight for freedom and justice in small groups here and there around the U.K, Europe and Western world in general.

For they are the real humans who still can think and feel like humans not like greedy barbarians.




At this point, now we must ask, “Why are the sensitive singers or artists joining this show of apartheid in the Eurovision 2019 and support apartheid and a murderous political state, like today Israel, with their participation?


These facts, like the fact that you may own certain natural vocal cords  and skills to sing or skills to paint, or skills to speak and write, or skills to grovel for power by being a great yes-man or sycophant and so on, do not mean that you are good or bad.



So it is you as an artist, with artistic skills and knowledge in your hand, who decide to create for good or for bad.  And that’s why I chose two big artistic figures in the human history, one artistic figure, Adolf Hitler, who created and spoke for the bad of humanity, and the other, Karl Marx, who created and spoke for the good of Humanity.


So now at this time, I will explain to you the Adolf Hitler-like and Karl Marx-like artist. And maybe you will understand the deep dark desires of humans. And at last understand why these sensitive or assumed sensitive artists are participating in a show of the strongest and of the abuser.


Who is the Adolf Hitler-like Artist then?


The Adolf Hitler speaker, the Adolf Hitler writer, the Adolf Hitler singer, the Adolf Hitler actor, the Adolf Hitler politician essentially is the intelligent Adolf Hitler or the intelligent human being.


Do we all agree on this fact that it is the intelligent who murder more than the stupid? Or are all human historical facts wrong?


I will leave the answer of the last question to the reader here. For I do not have here space and time to mention all the wars of the world waged by the very intelligent of the very powerful countries.


So these artists who have an ability to sing, and are eager to capitalise on this Eurovision opportunity to achieve fame and social power, are no less and no more than the ADOLF HITLER-like Artist.


They would oppress your voice in certain conditions, and stab and murder you in other conditions if they had social power in their hands. And you were the one who opposed them and their ideas in this case. Or if their career and social power was about to be ruined because of their corrupted thinking in this case.


This kind of evil are the intelligent of the Adolf Hitler-like artistic side.


This form of intelligent people use intelligent means to achieve social power, control people through social power, and oppress the same people from whom they get this social power.


And these type or kind of artists of which I spoke above have no humanity and recognise no humanity above their greed for fame and money and power. They are hypocrites and grovelling worms who dream one day to become giant crocodiles.


And let me ask you, “Is anyone here who still makes this question that art is not political?”


For let me tell you that art is political. And the politics of a certain time contain but the entire thinking and doing of a certain time.


For it is the silence of the German people that made Hitler a mass murderer. And it was the ego of Hitler to achieve his goals at all costs and by all means that made Hitler, the Adolf Hitler that we know.


Politics means but the affairs of a certain country, certain continent and the affairs of our world in general.


So the will for money and fame and greed and social power, that these means artists will achieve by participating in the Eurovision 2019, are but political.



For these hypocrite and mean and barbaric artists are greedy and hungry for social power. And they are participating in the Eurovision of this year to have their song being shown around the world. To become famous. And make money. These are their goals.


So isn’t then this political?


So the actions of the singers or artists of the Eurovision 2019 are not apolitical. They are political.

These artists participate, compete, win money and fame and social power, and at last represent a country.


Hey but you as a sensitive artist, do you ask yourself where are you going? What organisation or people or political body are you supporting with your voice? What do your actions mean or express? Do they do self-introspection at all?


Now let me sum up the ADOLF HITLER-like ARTIST.


The Adolf Hitler-like is that artist who wants power, wants glory, wants money and fame, and he demands to achieve his idea at all costs and by all means. He is the Machiavelli one.


The Machiavelli one would oppress, manipulate, stab, kill or do whatever is possible to do for the sake of achieving certain goals, money, fame and power over others.




What about the Karl Marx-like artist? Who is the Karl Marx-like ARTIST?



The Karl Marx-like artist thinks then acts. He balances his demand for participation with the demand to create and make good. The Karl Marx-like artist does not participate in evil. He does not grovel for social power.


The Karl Marx-like artist is the opposite of the Adolf Hitler and Machiavelli-like artist.


In short, the Karl Marx-like artist uses his intelligence to make good and put a brick on the wall of goodness not support evil and violence against their own human kind.


The Karl Marx-like Artist is the Artist who is aware his freedom, human freedom and the world, the nothingness and thinking and doing in general.


The Karl Marx-like artist is the artist who is aware that he is a god with good and evil in his hands. However, he uses good and makes for the sake of a better world and a better humanity.


So whoever wins the Eurovision 2019 and whoever participated, please give the the ADOLF HITLER-LIKE ARTIST AWARD. For they have collaborated and participated in evil for GREED and SOCIAL POWER. And whoever resisted, protested and appealed for a boycott of the Eurovision 2019, please give them the KARL MARX-LIKE ARTIST AWARD.


Yours Dr ACactivism


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