FACTS show that British people wake up only if you take their SOUL, Food on the Table or MURDER them. But U.K is an Imperialist power, so?

Hashtag #ShockToTheSystem is trending today on twitter.

The reason is because the Bureau of investigative Journalism, on Twitter called @TBIJ, had made an investigation. And it had found that 94% of the homes in the UK are unaffordable to people on benefit.


The Bureau of investigative Journalism said, “The Bureau has found that councils have been increasingly encouraging those facing or experiencing homelessness to try renting privately, rather than wait for a council house.”


However, the Bureau found that most landlords won’t rent any form of property, room, flat or house, to benefit claimants. And so they had found that just 5.6% are actually affordable on benefits. Good god! How the intelligent create the graves for the weakest of this society.



So somehow people in London and in the U.K are pushed intelligently towards homelessness. The weak are pushed to fall by the powerful that control today social power. The powerful that has created a jungle-like world where the fittest and the strongest survives only.


Here, however, a question comes to light, do the British people wake up oonly if you take their SOUL, food on the Table or MURDER them? And if so why do the British people fall asleep like being bears?



The fact that we see twitter on fire and people speaking up only when as such cruel facts come to light, facts like “pushed to become homeless, being stabbed or killed or terrorized, this means that BRITISH people only wake up if you take their SOUL, their Food on the table or you Murder them.



Now another question comes to light, “Why do the British people fall asleep like being bears?”


The answer is MEDIA. Media by controlling almost 90% of information keeps the people ignorant and happy. And so the British wake up only when “cruelty and barbarism or great injustice hits them.”



The problem here is these people that I call “NEW NAZI ARTISTS.


Happy and highly paid U.K Media journalists are only after the protection of the media monopoly interests. So they block truth from coming to the people and murder it.  And they protect the media from outside ideas with a religious fanaticism of the Middle Ages.


The bosses of media, on the other hand by employing as such New Nazi media journalists, they are making billions. And they have found a great way to control people.


But a media that does not value fair participation, ideas, truth, human values, then what does this media value? This media then values murder, oppression and oppressors.



That’s why we see a crises on homeless people. Murder of women and children in Middle East by U.K imperialist politics, oppression of the weakest. and still no RESPONSIBILITY falls on the powerful of this country!



What shall we do?


We must not forget that the U.K is a Powerful Imperialist Empire. And people must be vigilant to the Thinking and doing of their Politicians. But how? Information is Controlled.

So we must make a media revolution. Change the media and media journalists. We need to bring some form of change in the way media is being controlled in the U.K.


Nothing makes me more sick than U.K MEDIA JOUNALRISTS who work for media monopolies.


For nothing makes me more sick. Nothing on earth makes me VOMIT more than a British journalist that works fort the U.K media monopolies. And that has become a soldier and tool of the powerful. Nothing makes me more sick than as such creatures who by controlling information are passing INJUSTICE for JUSTICE.


And as such intelligent people even getting away with murders. Such as the murders of innocent people that have been caused recently in Yemen by a direct British political involvement.


Who are the worthy people in the today U.K here?



Little by little. Step by step. As such people and as such organisations who think of the most oppressed of this society are worthy in U.K.


They are only a few. The giants. The hypocrites. The mean, the cruel, and the egotistic work for MEDIA MONOPOLIES

So as a final sentence I WANT to say, Keep up the good work to @TBIJ and to organisations and people who think and work like you.